CysterWigs Wig Review: Wren by Estetica, Color: RH12/26RT4

– Hi there, wig-lover! This is Heather from and this is Wren from Estetica Designs in the color RH1226RT4. Now, full disclosure. Estetica sent me this for the
purpose of making this video, but it’s not really
going to sway my opinion one way or another. I make sure I point out
all of the negatives associated with all these wigs, even if the wig was sent to me for free. Let’s address the elephant
in the room about Wren. There are lots of styles
that look like this, that are, you know, mid-length,
a little bit shorter. You know Sweet Talk by Gabor
comes to mind instantly. Maybe January, by Jon Renau. So what makes this Wren any different? Well, for one, I love the name, but that’s neither here nor there. I think the biggest difference between Wren and those other styles is that this one is not nearly as dense. This wig is not as poufy. Okay, of those three, January by Jon Renau definitely has the most hair on it. It is a very full wig. And then followed by that,
I’d probably say Sweet Talk is kind of in the middle of those three. She’s got a lot more volume
on top than Wren does. Wren has the least volume
of any of that kind of wig, that I can think of, aside from maybe Carlotta
SF by BelleMadame. That one has even less body,
but it’s also a shorter style. So let me go ahead and
do a 360 with Wren on so you can kind of get a look
at what I’m talking about, and then we’ll do another
deep dive into this. (funky pop music) It’s a darling cut. It moves really well. But as I play with it, you can probably see that
this has a lot of layering, especially here, on the sides because the layering in the
front is about the same length. See? But up here, the layers are much shorter, and they’re done in very small sections, which is what keeps the volume down because it’s not being
cut in big sections. So all these layers are basically
cut at different lengths. It sort of helps thin
out the hair a little bit on the way down, so it almost looks like a
little cascade of curls. This is a little bit more
of a shattered corkscrew than what you’ll get on
January by Jon Renau. It’s definitely a smaller curl than what you’ll get on the Sweet Talk. You can probably see that, especially if you own either
of those other wigs right now. See how all of the ends point down? That’s something that
all of these Estetica Summer 2018 styles have in common, with the exception of the straight styles and Jett, of course. But see how they all point down? That also helps keep the volume down because it’s not gonna
pouf out quite as much and everything is sleek at the bottom. This wig does have a lace front and a monofilament side part. You can tell that’s a really
nice side part, by the way. Let me go ahead and take this off so I can show you more detail. This wig has a
temple-to-temple lace front. The lace front ends right
above the ear tabs there. We have open ear tabs, which are really great
if you wear glasses. We’ve also got an open extended nape. Estetica caps are all really stretchy, so this is a very generous cap. It’s very comfortable on
me and my big old noggin. That mono part up here. There is permatease on the
side, opposite of the mono part, but there’s not a lot of it there. It’s mainly there just to sort of obscure the tracks on the opposite end and give it just enough body to sort of set off the cascade effect here. But you can probably tell
when I put it back on that it’s definitely not a poufy wig. And it does have a hook
enclosure back here. And I’m gonna go ahead
and clip that into there. Woop, woop, woop, woop, woop. If you are afraid of that coming
undone throughout the day, just go ahead and use a single stitch with a needle and thread
to sew that into place. (funky pop music) The front is quite long and
face-framing at 10 inches. The sides are 8.25, but they’re
all cut at different lengths so definitely take these
side and back measurements and the crown down measurement
with a big grain of salt. I think that the most
important measurement, aside from the front, is
the nape, which is 4″. Because this is a curly style, it’s gonna be a little bit
shorter on most people. I’m 5’8″ and it fits
right at my shoulders. So I’m Heather. I’m from That’s C-Y-S-T-E-R W-I-G-S dot-com, and this has been the
beautiful little Wren wig from Estetica. Hopefully, I’ve helped sort of explain where this fits in among all
the other similar styles. I think this one’s very
cute, and it’s a great choice if you’re somebody with a big head. Just keeping it real. All these Estetica wigs
are extremely roomy caps. They’re very comfy on, but you may swim in them a little bit if you have a petite, average,
or slightly smaller head. You may wanna kind of steer
towards their petite styles, if that is the case. Thanks for watching, everybody. Have a great night, and
be sure you subscribe. Bye-Bye. (funky pop music)

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