Dandruff | How To Get Rid Of Dandruff (2018)

Dandruff | How To Get Rid Of Dandruff (2018)

Dandruff there’s a 50% chance that
you’ll suffer from it sometime in your lifetime but if you already do then fear
not because there are ways to combat it so I’m in London this week because I’m doing some work for Reckitt Benckiser but before we begin this week’s video I’ve
received a lot of messages to make a video on dandruff which is why I’m doing it but some of them have actually been quite upsetting to read so I just want to say if you suffer from dandruff which a lot of people do it’s not contagious, it’s not because you have poor hygiene and it’s a natural process so if anyone says anything to you please don’t let it get to you remain positive and keep on being amazing now that’s better, so dandruff is surprisingly caused by a
fungus which most of us have living naturally on our skin and it causes
problems for about half of us the fungus is actually quite difficult to pronounce it’s called Malassezia globo.. (Laughter) Malassezia globos.. Malassezia globo.. it’s the
globosa the globosa Malassezia globosa which feeds off the natural oils on our skin and hair and it produces something called Oleic acid which always reminds me of that Nike advert I don’t know if you remember it had Ronaldinho in it he used to do some skills and he kept saying Ole! yeah if you do remember that advert leave a comment below and make me feel better now the Oleic acid can irritate our skin
causing that itchiness and in some people it can actually set off an immune
response causing a rapid turnover of skin cells dandruff usually appears as
small round white to grey patches on the scalp it’s usually most severe in the
winter when it’s colder and mildest in the summer background done now let’s move on
to treatments so my first tip don’t add oils to your scalp it’s not really gonna
help and it’s just a waste of your money remember what I said earlier about the
Malassezia globosa it feeds on the natural oils on our skin
and hair so washing out these natural oils is far more likely to help there’s
also an antifungal shampoo that can help kill those pesky fungus and it’s
effective for treating dandruff it’s called ketoconazole shampoo and it
can be purchased from any pharmacy now my top tip for anyone using this shampoo is
don’t use it like a normal shampoo so normal shampoo you
rub it in your hair smells great wash it off but with this rub it into your scalp
and leave it in there for five minutes before you wash it off that’ll give it
the best chance of working and as always make sure you read all the information
that comes with it so you can learn how to use it and also to make sure that you’re
suitable to use it now you may find that after a while the effects of the
antifungal shampoo begin to wear off which is why it’s important that you
alternate it with different shampoos to prevent this from happening here’s a
quick breakdown of the different ingredients found in shampoos and what
they do I think I’ll be useful for you to know as you can then tailor it to
your needs coal tar shampoos can slow down the skin turnover but it may
discolour fair hair salicylic acid shampoos can help get rid of flakes and
shampoos containing zinc or selenium can also target the fungus so there’s a wide
range of solutions that you can try but before you do so always speak to your
amazing pharmacist first so they can give you more advice and tips and to
also make sure that you’re suitable to use these shampoos so to summarise try these shampoos for a about a month to see if there’s any improvements you may need to
try a few different types of shampoos to see which one works best for you but if
you still see no improvement then see your doctor so they can exclude
any other potential skin conditions hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay
up to date with new weekly videos background done now let’s go to treatments Malassezia globosa.. no? other shampoos to
prevent this from happening here’s a quick da.. AGHH! (Frustration) Malassezia globo.. it’s the globosa the globosa

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100 Replies to “Dandruff | How To Get Rid Of Dandruff (2018)”

  1. Howdy, Random Pre-reg student here just to say thank you so much ! Keep smashing out the videos – they're super helpful!

  2. Just try cutting shampoo out all together and only wash with good conditioner.it worked for me and my hair is nice and clean with no dandruff obviously it won’t work for everyone but if your here looking then your probably willing to try anything because it really could just be that any shampoo is the problem for you (like me)✌🏻

  3. Ketaconozole shampoo
    Coal tar shampoo
    Salacylic acid shampo
    Any zinc or selenium shampoo can target the fungus

    Just listing down don't mind me
    Malassezia globosa

  4. Do you know any recommendations for African Americans? Or anyone that felt with this. Cause we have different skin texture 😕

  5. The shampoos are useless!! They're not on the scalp long enough to do anything! The product that is left on the scalp the longest is what does the work. Rx's usually just make our scalps drier and more irritated. I've been dealing with this for 30 years and the only thing that has started to work is Living Proof's Restore Dry Scalp Treatment. I hear also that Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Shampoo is great as well.

    If someone could really figure out how to fix this once and for all, they'd be the richest person on earth but there are more important things happening on the planet. I think it's more of an internal / stress issue than a topical treatment issue; however, you'd think there would be a better fix by now. I've had derm's recommend mixing alcohol and Listerine mouthwash and saturate the scalp with that before.😄

  6. I m using that ketoconazole shampoo 🧴 it’s fell nice after using it . No inching on head i use it alternate days but If i missed my alternate shampoo routine so it again start the itchiness on head and while shampoo some hair fall

  7. Yeah,I have dandruff and it's embaressing. And for camp the 1st of july they will do a " dandruff check" and I need to get rid of it soon .

  8. My sister had a problem with dandruff. She suffered a lot due to dandruff in her scalp. He tried various shampoo, medicated shampoo but do not get rid of this problem. Then her friend suggested her to use ayurvedic formulation by "Planet Ayurveda". She tried them and she is now happy with her hair.

  9. dandruff isn’t something that I get often, but just recently I got it really badly, and I wanted to tell you guys exactly how I managed to get rid of it super quickly. Dandruff, aka a flaky scalp, can feel a bit embarrassing as it’s so hard to hide, especially if you have dark hair like mine, it’s really obvious!

    The thing is, dandruff is super common, and there are a ton of things that can cause it; from too much stress or new hair products to not washing your hair enough or the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus. Some people are more prone to it than others, but most people will experience it at some point in their life.

    in this article http://evassmat.com/Z04x will find some of the things I’ve used to get rid of dandruff, which have always worked really well for me.

    have a nice day

  10. Hey man…
    Im 20,
    Thanks for recommending Benzoite Paraoxide 2.5% soap,cream Which helped me to get rid of acne in just a month. but problem is scars are not fading away…Any suggestion or recommendation for that.

  11. anyone living in Uk just get Tesco's anti dandruff shampoo work for me all the time but if I stop using it, the dandruff start to form again

  12. Best dandruff shampoo for me is neutrogena t gel. It does smell a bit weird, but it works well. My dandruff is intense and makes my scalp bleed. My hair is either always greasy or always dry. This shampoo fixes my hair and you don't need to use it everyday.

  13. As soon as I turned 18 I started getting dandruff like damn once my life begins lol but thanks your accent is very soothing (=

  14. Guys if you have LOTS of dandruff then don't use head and shoulder. If you have little dandruff, then use head and shoulders.

  15. I've had dandruff since a kid and I fricking hate it. Always scratching my head and flakes falling off. My head has so my blood scars cause I itch so hard my scalp bleeds then dies. Nasty right.

  16. I’ve never had dandruff my whole life… up until I got into a car accident. In that same week, I got dandruff— really severe dandruff. That might not be the cause but I hate it so much 🙁

  17. My fucking scalp is leaking dandruff from this drought. Buy this head lotion if your black shirt is covered in white head shit. @t Everything they say about dandruff is bullshit. It's because your head is dry!!!!! The head lotion takes the dandruff away.

  18. Guys what I did "for short hair" I messed around with my hair until I couldn't see anymore and wash my hair with anti dandruff shampoo and did it 4 or 5days out of 7

  19. I hate my life. I gotta walk my dogs every day because we don't have a fence around my backyard, and if i just leave them out, they'll chase anything they hear. And knowing that it's always hot outside during the summer, the sweat is there like 👀 and then my scalp is like oh shit oh fuck.

  20. does cutting my hair a bit short (not like bald or near to bald but like clipper number 2) and doing these things will be helpful? it's just that I can't stand the itchiness and its'really worse. and I kind of am starting to lose my hair more coz of this itchiness. so what should I do?

  21. Can you believe that I finally found the shampoo I needed for my scalp and sure enough a few months later it gets discontinued. Like, why?

  22. Another way to not have dandruff.

    Shave off your hair so it doesn't get tangled in your hair.
    Or just cut off your head so it's impossible.

  23. Hey man I have a question, I have scalp psoriasis and I wouldn't say it's severe but it's definitely annoying and I lose much more hair everyday. I know there's no cure for it, however I was wondering if you got some tips on how to treat it and what products you recommend. I'd appreciate it a lot if you'd answer thanks 🙂

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