Diamond Canvas Kit Version 2.0 Unboxing – Extended Version

Diamond Canvas Kit Version 2.0 Unboxing – Extended Version

hello dreamers welcome back to our
Channel and today is a really really exciting day and I cannot be happy that
it’s finally here yes I am talking about the new unboxing of 2.0 our new canvases
and guys you are in here up for a treat before we start our unboxing I would
love to help you kind of navigate this channel because not everybody know that
we have up there on the top of the corner you can hit a notification bell
also there’s up there on the bottom under this video and this corner has
subscribe and also well so if you click on it it should turn yellow make the red
color and that way you will not miss any of our new video the YouTube will notify
you when your video is come on our channel life so as I said we are going
to unbox today our new diamond paint and 2.0 and if you follow me on social media
you probably saw that I keep teasing you a little bit by a little bit as I was
working on one of this project so watch this video to the very very end because
I will reveal to you not only one can mr. day but to one as we gonna unbox
right now and one that I already finished and I wanna show you that whole
canvas how this looks like with new diamonds and soon as this video goal
life it should be another video for you with the canvas the develop reveal for
you on my own channel across forever so up there you will see also close-up
unboxing drill with me and I hope you will like it guys
also I know this that not many people know how to navigate YouTube channel so
many of you are asking for certain if you look up there down under the
video you will see it says show more if you click on you will see the link that
go to our store and all social media that we own a streamer design Facebook
Instagram Pinterest private groups you can join us up there so there’s lots of
fun so please look around everything is here and upon your hands you just have
to look for so as I say this is gonna be is treat unboxing and I have it here –
canvases one of them is old release our very first one and this is 40 by 50 and
this one is big and the size of this one is 80 by 60 but the way you see this box
is not exactly how big that is this is much bigger canvas and you will see when
we gonna unbox but also we’re gonna compare two of this designs the canvases
and what difference is and I’m gonna tell you that this canvases is loaded
with so many good quality extra tools extra help for you though I’m not gonna
spill oh right now you will see as the unbox also guys we gonna cure canvases
4550 as we have before this box and also I have another box but I’m not gonna
tell you what image that is as you can see they are the same and this image is
40 by 50 from old release this is new release and the same size box but don’t
be fooled by the size of the box this canvas guys are 120 by 40 centimeters so
I’m telling you this is like heaven we’ll love new diamond paintings so
without further ado let’s start unbox and see what we have in this box so I’m
gonna open right now next right in this shot because I really
like tuned just gonna grab my scissors I want you to see the link of this canvas
when we open and then we will see more closed shots so we can see all that
goodness what’s inside of this box is close to you and I’m good
light now the box with different is we have let me just open this clear sheet
first so we have a last glare from the light ring first of all it’s really
beautiful and attractive box it looks the same but the difference is on a
diamond color up there is a picture and also new release I have this iridescent
shift beautiful coloring that it’s play and I sound like a rainbow
it just presentation as a present will be really really beautiful also as the
other one have a handle so you can care on the go wherever you go and I’m not
will not tell you yet what kind of image or artist this is fill the open box and
I did not see this image yet I just saw the picture on online now guys I would
love to ask you also a favor because this new images it’s just releasing on
our website but I already see them being sold on other websites as a stolen image
and that’s really kind of painful to watch so if you find the image that is
belong to dreamer design please report to three my design about
the image and so they can resolve this problem by contact them and tell this to
the artist so no image stolen would be somewhere on another our website like
I’ll Express or any other websites and I did contact already one of the stores
and asked them kindly if they would please take the after images because you
know it’s just not nice to do so guys the first thing but we remember with the
older list it was on a plastic rock canvas in here in fact we have beautiful
recycled web that you can grab like this you see there’s a little string in here
purple color you can just grab and well not exactly like this but you can grab
with you and go to to your friend and diamond thing together so it’s kind of
handy fabric bag it’s I’m sure it’s a vegetable as well and it’s a beautiful
to store even after you finish your diamond painting you can put ready
drilled canvas and inside until you find your frame that maybe you’re looking for
certain frame also when you frame your diamond painting you can reuse this back
to for example put your crustacean up there maybe you didn’t finish yet and it
scroll down and there’s so many uses you can use for this and I love this because
plastic we just throw away and it’s up there somewhere in the field the bag we
can definitely reuse it so what’s a mister and iron inside of this bag I
will show you close-up but for now I just wanna unroll and reveal the Big
Shot for the new canvas because this is the most exciting thing ever
now did you watch my two two of my last videos that I posted there was a reason
for I did tutorial with the extra tool and
have to work with the canvas so I kind of prepared you for this video for this
unboxing so if you didn’t see those video tutorials please watch because it
will help you when you receive their diamond paintings now what we see in
here it’s a beautifully ruled canvas with the bow tight purple ball as a
color of our company right everything is purple
so let’s reveal what we have in here I should open before probably because now
it’s going to be a little bit stepped we have in here papers and stickers for the
color they will go look close up and there let me show you the size of this
canvas now if I can just unroll okay this is huge guys I will straighten up
to show you more clothes of course because by sitting in the box
it’s a Roland right now I have to leave a maybe for another 5-10 minutes to
straighten up and I will be right back and show you this image as you already
probably recognize this is Elysium remember our canvas Elysium bridge well
you could say this is the same thing but it is different this called dreams of
Elysium by Ann Marie bone now this image is the most the bestseller of Emory bone
and we are lucky to have this image to give it to dreamers designed to produce
diamond paintings because you know when artists have permission to do for
somebody else if I understand that artists don’t have
your permission to sell this image for themselves because company now own this
image if I’m run run please correct me but we all look the stew canvases and I
will compare for you that canvas that we already have which is similar what we
have here before but we gonna see the difference and compare them to together
so I will be right back here is the wonderful bag that full of goodies and
we will unbox very shortly but I just want to show you the fabric what it’s
made are it’s kinda like a mesh that reusable and you can store your stuff
after you complete diamond painting I love that they put logo after company on
it and it’s really good future instead of using a plastic and you have in here
two strings to close tight and store somewhere on hook maybe behind even your
door ah take with you from work to your friend okay and roll together so let’s
see what we have on the inside and I’m just gonna kind of slide the canvas i
already unroll so we can straighten up a little bit i’m gonna pull out of
diamonds and we have lots of diamonds in here so now let me switch the little bit
camera position and we will see what we have on an inside first i would love to
show you tools what we have in this kit and drills we will see on a very end
after we look canvas first and then I will open this back and show you our
square diamonds now let’s see this tool kit because it looks really beautiful
another beautiful future it’s this gorgeous very very soft back you can see
it’s like touch the clouds okay with the logo again it’s a beautiful
reusable bag you can put even some gift and give to somebody it just very nice
touch and this canvas this everything this kit
is low that with such a good stuff guys so let’s see what we have in here I’m
just gonna put everything in here and the little start first we have lots of
bags to put your diamonds and this is all the slots in here should be enough
for your diamonds if you don’t have any storage okay
now we have in here our to dreamers designs trace and I think that color a
little bit different I believe it was more purple in our ultra list this one a
little bit pink one nice – one for you one for your friend or your family
member to drill together now we have in here two grips that will help you to
keep your fingers nice and comfortable when you work with your drill pants so
simply you just place this one in here one on another side also you always see
me when I drill I have one favorite pan that I put two grips on each side and
then I use my attachments and then I can use from one drill to switch and have
another attachments already here and another grip from my fingers to have a
comfortable diamond painting so we have in here to grips also we have two stylus
pen they do have let me zoom a little bit more close to the table
they have a glitter on them if you can see they are Sparkle now we have seven
or six places I always can’t remember I think it’s a six placer now we have trip
laser and then we have the tool that I did tutorial recently and I told you pay
attention to this tool because this is such a good tool to have in your diamond
Tintin stash straightener guys so if you are still new to diamond painting and
you don’t know what I’m talking about with this tool you can push your lines
of diamonds and I believe it’s covered like 10:00 or 11:00 and you can push to
strangers row if your diamond painting a little bit wiggle and dancing around
this is tool to have it’s good for square drills also good for round drills
and it just Lots I did tutorials to watch the tutorial and you will see how
you can drill with this tool to help you to achieve nice perfect straight lines
okay so this is wonderful and then we have of course to wax Cadiz as we have
before and a beautiful containers to keep your wax nice and protected from
the dust all you have to do is to peel one side place your pan straight up a
little bit vehicle and you’re gonna have a box right in here because many people
just start in and do not have to use this so this is the little tip for you
now I close to too much all right now the other future paint that I really
like the dreamers design added is the logo into their twitters
let me find a camera and focus I love this first of all I like the font of the
dreamer it’s beautiful now this is the past Wizards guys that I’m using all the
time it’s really really sharp it’s really precise to place your diamonds if
you like to place diamonds with the tweezers also because it’s so sharp it’s
easy to take some fibers after canvas if accidentally something landed on your
glue this will take the little pieces of fiber of hair or animals fluff so this
favorite favorite treasures of mine I love them and I see they did created
strong plastic so it’s not going to be break easily it will protect your
Twitter’s before we start to compare our canvases
let’s look close a little bit to the boxes they do almost have the same
design instead of this is all the release it has a silver diamond and a
new one we have a purple and in here on the bottom little bit different colors
but mostly it’s the same the new canvas box have this version 2.0 and also you
can see the shift on a box that has those iridescent pearl essence shift on
it like a chrome very very beautiful box so I think it’s very representable if
you give it to somebody as a gift and now let’s compare together this images
that are really similar but also very different so this is our original bridge
and the other one dreams of Elysium so as you can see the colors will be
different it looks like from a different angle the old image was more should kind
of like from the right side this one I think more from the left so you can see
different bushes are still same gorgeous bridge in here but definitely gonna be
different colors a little bit and the size is just different this one we have
40 by 50 which is 50 by 40 and the size of this image is 80 by 60 centimeters
and they are Ann Marie bones both of their designs and this is the best
seller of hers so now let’s check what else we have with this canvas with 2.0
canvases we have only instruction in English and you can learn a half to
Diamond pain by follow these pictures if you are new to this craft also we have
lots of lots of tutorials for the newbies and the other cool stuff in here
that we added all our social media which is Instagram
we have in here Facebook and here’s how to find our Instagram page but to expect
some showcase and look at this guy’s this is surprise three of our creators
YouTube video creators in here vision you have Warren welcome to the dreamer
design community it’s going awesome surprise I was like wow I’m surprised
but don’t worry they did ask me before if they can use my picture for their
company as I am a brand ambassador so no worries about that now the other awesome
future is with this kit we receive a stickers and this is amazing because now
you don’t have to worry of cut and out bags this DMC color now simply you just
peel and stick to your containers to your ziplock bags whatever have you like
to organize your drills so I think this is wonderful and look the amount of the
colors for this one particular design the Google work on it and wait for we
are about for another treat guys hold on hold on stay with me boom do you see
this a big diamonds yes finally we will have a bead diamonds with our canvases
at least one or two depends on the canvas and maybe of the size of the
canvas I’m not sure about that but from one to two a big colors will be on
average each kit that you will purchase from new releases so this is amazing and
I cannot wait to see what kind of colors we have in here for this diamond paint
and so now let’s see what else we have in our bag since we have a good light in
here right now and I’m looking on this box through my
magnifying light you can see the box which is sparkling square diamonds with
a bee essence legally licensed images full trailed diamonds fill entire canvas
and I like this from dreamer cloud canvas I like that
lifetime warranty plus up insurance this really kind of make me get all kind of
funny but what I want to show you guys there’s this beautiful light you can see
the play of this gorgeous box look how beautiful this rainbow colors go all
over this box this is make is such a awesome gift okay so now let’s check out
our canvases and I will bring you to this to canvas is to compare one from
first release one from the new one and you can see already over the way how
much different canvases look like so this canvas first it’s our new canvas
and this is canvas from before do you see the grid first of all now you see
have much smaller and more tight those fabric pleat with each other
threaded through the bodice and that’s why that canvas look more silky looking
also the edge in here if I can push a little bit maybe forward canvas so we
can see better also edge of the canvas is treated and I should use my stylist
maybe to show you this it’s treated in here and you can see that has much less
of this fabric stick as machine cut through the canvas we still can see an
old one in here that has a little bit like a fiber sticking out
maybe we’ll be better if I just grab my tweezers a little bit when you have like
this situation don’t pull a place that just give a try with scissors and cut
but this one obviously just coming out very easily it’s not kind of coming out
it’s the way machine cut fabric and press down this bit just left it’s
already cut out but they left on this canvas but in here because those grades
of fabric much smaller so the machine cut them more to perfection I would say
and now look at size of those grids what we have have smooth that look like and
it’s kind of fallen on our symbols in here on the back but you can see the
difference have the smooth like 1 smooth canvas and here is more gridded so when
we have our symbol before printed on this canvas it would be simple more kind
of spread and went into those holes before it between grids so that’s why
for some of you those symbols look like pixelated now when a symbol is going to
be printed on this canvas it will be more smooth picture so let me change
position of my camera I will flip our canvas on a printed area and we will see
more clothes all the symbols we have up there I hope you really guys
look at the symbols on this canvas look how clear you can see this it’s I just
like I would say music to my ears but this is a more like eye candy for my
eyes and let me just move canvas a little bit to different position on
different colors and I show you the darker for example on dark area also is
very very clear I’m not going to show you on
theirs in here I’m gonna turn around canvas and show you the other dark area
of the canvas with smooth kind of like it’s everything just so clear so
beautiful here’s the top of the tree for example on green colors look how
everything is very visible so I think this canvas will be so much easy to do
so after we see our samples let me show you the glue in here I’m just gonna peel
in here and do you see how shiny that cover is now because it’s a thicker
layer of glue in here because the canvas is very like not deep grids of the
fabric threads so the glue blend more smoothly you see how it looks very
glossy so your diamonds will be placed very like a flowers into the canvas and
let me zoom out just a little tiny bit and we will kind of check
look it’s pulling it’s very very sticky so I think they really did a great job
on canvases this time so I’m gonna zoom out and show you the whole canvas at
once and the beautiful future to this canvas hold now let’s see what we have
on this canvas first first so we can see it’s the image in here printed on a
canvas very beautiful and colorful design size that we have a 80 by 60
centimetres name of this canvas canvas dreams of Elysium by Anne Marie bone so
this is on a left corner as have an hour other designs then in here
on a side of the canvas do you have all the DMC’s and symbols to go with them
and I’m just gonna be slowly showing you the symbols because I do have some
points for you to make and then on the very bottom of the canvas we have the
warranty that if something happens sorry for the camera string if something
happened to your canvas is dream or design can cover that now about the
symbols we have your symbol that look like here could be like a I maybe but be
careful because if you can turn new canvas and work on it like this now it’s
look like H right but then in here on the top of the canvas we do have a
symbol age so watch out depends on which side of the canvas you work and how you
flip your image that symbol H can be mistaken for this symbol right in here
as H if we flip canvas another side right also that opinion here we have
arrow and I was examining my canvas that they finish on the symbols if we have a
similar or not so we have here error but in black and a green background also we
have here error right in here green background but white arrow so just be
careful with the arrows because we have here another one white arrow but this
there is a different background so just if you remember about the background
that you shouldn’t be have a problem to make
your symbols ours also there’s a few symbols in here like a arrow pointing to
the left and I think I saw somewhere arrow was pointing to the other side but
just make sure you remember to check before you start drill and the right top
corner of our new canvases which is really awesome you have all social media
so you never forget we have YouTube we have facebook we have Instagram and
Pinterest also tick tock I believe it’s still running
you can check some beautiful sparkle videos up there and now when we look
into canvas is kinda from the front you can see how much big difference on the
canvas fabric so this is gonna be very very smooth and that’s why simples on
this canvas looks so beautiful now also on other side and the top of the right
corner we have another symbols with TMC coat and as you can see the old place
now in order from smaller DMC numbers to bigger one so now that’s a big big plus
right now to the corner of our canvas in here and the very bottom right corner we
have the same symbols of dreamer design and of course and a very bottom of our
canvas we have this beautiful reminder paint this passion I think it’s
beautiful and now we’re gonna see the whole canvas alright ladies and
gentlemens for the big reveal can we appreciate the
size of the canvas I put my Elysium bridge on a top of dreams of Elise
so you can see the difference on the size and the canvas that they already
drill it’s a 50 by 40 so that was already big canvas and now I look at
this if you compare them two together it looks like a baby canvas now you see how
much bigger now this is just amazing and guys I’m sure you can appreciate the
sparkles with our drills and we will see the more clothes but I’m not telling you
that this is so amazing and to show you a little bit different I’m just going to
be I can’t even show you the same kind of at the same time but we can see in
here the bridges like this one look more kind of close and the other one look
like it’s more further and the tree we can see only kind of like a little peak
of the beautiful blossom up there and here we have a full explosion of the
color I think it’s gonna be so gorgeous now if we look enough water let me put
this canvas a little bit more further like this now we have a big patches in
here of different colors kind of like because it’s only this canvas have 27
colors compared to this one that we have 51
color so now when you look in under water what you gonna drill you can see
there is much more colors in here doesn’t have a big patches of the same
color so this is gonna be amazing and all those oohs in here that’s your a B
colors it’s gonna be so shimmery and sparkly so I think you’re gonna end
Julie with this diamond painting now let’s look on the left side of this
canvas and we can see those tree on the other side of the bridge that now
we can see more trees in here but last kind of those flowers that here go on
the front of the canvas in here kind of go off the canvas this way to the left
but we can see more water flow this way so it’s feel like this canvas finish
kinda by this bush if I’m looking in here to compare them looks like this
flower maybe it’s in here and that’s why we see kind of water flow here and go
the other way so it is kind of a little bit different images but at the same
time look very similar and again if I can show you side-by-side hopefully with
good focus you can see that a new canvas we have a more water flow bigger tree
and a right the bridge much more further and looks like water gonna have much
more colors and more full blossom trees on this corner now that canvas of course
itself looks amazing to show you the grid look how smooth and silky new
canvas look if we can pull this one aside and show you one more time and I
will show you more close later on but I think you can appreciate how beautiful
that look like already there look how glossy the glue symbols are very clear
so let’s continue with our unboxing and just the extra sparkles for you from
this canvas because this is one of my favorite I love the colors just one more
time just wanna show you the full picture one shot of this gorgeous canvas
how they’re gonna look like I think it’s amazing you know
to see some diamonds maybe I think it’s time for us right now to check out this
gorgeous drills look attack colors up there and we are dying to see those a
bit colors right look how many greens shades up there
so because the canvases are so big we have a 2 pack of drills guys
so let’s begin should we check first package with a B colors or leave them to
the end what are you saying I think I’m not gonna make you wait and maybe I
still can catch some sunshine from outside you think you can catch some
sparkle the drill now excuse me for all those noises but I already see that we
have two colors of a B in here and they are together look at those guys here
they are the sparkle is amazing it’s amazing beautiful beautiful colors and
let me zoom close to the table so maybe a light will hit better because you have
to see all the sparkle and I promise I will open these packages for you and we
will see this drills all together on a tray I brought this in years to bring
new trays and we’re gonna put some drills on it in my canvas that I
finished I had exactly same drills like this one and also second color was
yellow and here it’s a green so it’s another treat in my collection square
drills of a bead diamonds look how beautiful
let me try to show you the create the logo on a both side so anyway
we will see them we’ll see them very close but I mean we’ve been waiting this
for so long time and this is the first square a B diamonds that I do own I
wonder if any of you I have before so let’s just check all the colors that
belong to this diamond engine it’s a lot of lots of colors but here we have in
here two bags of 19 20 21 22 23 in this beautiful blue and this one dark blue
and guys I know that you like when I show you diamonds clothes like this so I
hope it’s satisfy you by looking at all this colors and also my apology for
those who maybe don’t like all those noises from the packaging but I mean
it’s so water this is dark dark blue almost looks like
black gorgeous bean this one is like a brown dirty green this one it’s like a
brownish orange color I don’t think I have this color yet it’s a three 3:28
DMC code I wonder that’s a new one and this one of course gorgeous that picture
itself gonna be so colorful and there’s lots of green shades up there same as
pink because of all of those bushes with flowers bloom and garden are so stunning
hmm I cannot wait to start on this canvas now to be honest now this is the
package number one now I’m of course this aside and we quickly
gonna look on the past number two which this one actually was number one and the
other one lots of green here and some of them just stunning and I’m looking at
right now like this with the colors I could just show you just like that but
don’t really want to focus okay it’s focusing now look at this beautiful mint
green oh so pretty Wow the shades are amazing in here and
looks like we have lots of this minty color so let’s just open like this and
show you so this one is number stats starts from one old DMC color and now
guys all the DMC numbers in order just like you wish you are and three
multi-time delivered for you so now all numbers is properly placed on a canvas
which is nice and fast to find particular color that you’re looking for
so many great features in this releases I like that they have all the social
media on a canvas so you always can be you know under your hand and see quickly
put this beautiful gems so Sparkle you can see them through the bag public
playing already beautiful orange right now I’m using my magnifying lamp pants
to help me with the light for this diamonds there’s lots of oh that’s a
different one a little bit better one to fifteen and one of sixty and a little
bit different shade of yeah this one is really really bright looks like we are going backwards so we
have a two colors of 14 1 up 13 sorry for going backwards look at this this
one green are so pretty beautiful logo in here as always now let me put just
one and I think what slack almost this flip left mostly of the green colors
guys the top okay this way maybe because I have a good view and good focus
beautiful beautiful gems so cannot wait to start on it and I already have in
mind tutorial for you about this new canvases a kinda important so after this
video watch out from my new tutorial that will help you a little bit about
this new diamonds oh this new colors are so pretty together isn’t as look at this
eye candy I just had to go outside to show you
those diamonds because the sparkle are so amazing and I hope you will
appreciate look how beautiful they look and here is the other one green stunning
so these two colors if you like to see it the other colors you can check this
on my own channel which has yellow diamonds and please do this after this
video because at the end of this video you will go in for a treat lots of lots
of sparkles they are truly gorgeous very even
beautiful cuts and now guys are you ready for the big surprise that I told
you about on the beginning of this video here it is it’s a huge canvas you can
see already the diamonds plain are so beautiful it’s very big this image calls
led into town from Chuck Benson artist and this image is absolutely stunning if
I can just move a little bit like this around as you can see it’s gorgeous it’s
80 by 60 and I hope you can see because sometimes all the sparkles the gem start
playing and get a little bit darker but also I will show you this image on a
table flat so you can see a little bit better but for now guys if you like this
video please give me a huge thumbs up don’t forget to hit notification bell
there on the top and up there if you don’t have any notification yet turn on
for our channel like this video comment let me know what you think about this
new releases because they are absolutely stunning you will love those AV diamonds
you will love the size of the canvases you will love that details on this
canvases it’s absolutely amazing so I wish you all good day have a Sparkle
life and I will see you in my next video you

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