Different Product Types for Hair Growth

Hi~ I’m Roger, again. I’m Wulan. And welcome back! From this week, we’re gonna start talking about… Hair! I’ve got nothing to swing with though. So we’re gonna talk about the differences between hair tonic, scalp essence, and also hair growth formula. I cut my bangs myself, and now it’s kinda hideous, right? And it grows really slow. Which product should I use? Probably the hair tonic? You’re probably going to want to use the hair growth formula or the scalp essence. But it’s difficult to know the differences between hair tonic, scalp essence and hair growth formula. It’s even more difficult if you have never used any of it before. Because using the wrong product can actually cause thinning or hair loss. But before we get deeper about hair products, you can probably try pushing the little red button here and subscribe us if you’re interesting more about Japanese products because we’re reviewing a lot of stuff. And you can also request which product you want us to review. And if you’re interested in visiting the drugstore, let us know, we’ll take a trip down. It’s really near! Let’s talk about our first category of products: the hair tonic. Yanagiya is one of the standard products that we often use. A lot of people think that hair tonics help hair grow, that’s yes (AND) no. Stop swinging your hair! Hair tonic is like, I would say, a lotion for the hair and scalp. as you have face lotion for your face, but it does not help hair grow. What it really does is sets up the scalp to be ready to be healthy. So it helps to remove discomforts like dandruff, any itchiness, or oiliness in your hair. So ultimately, hair tonic is really just setting your hair, your scalp to be ready to be healthy by removing all your discomforts preventing you from losing hair or having your hair thinned. The second category that we’re gonna talk about is hair growth formula. What is that? As the name suggests… … it’s to grow your hair! Yea, that’s like “duh”. In Japan, the ingredients are approved by the Ministry of… Can I get this right? It’s a long name, so… Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. You got it! Yea, I got it! Yea, so it’s approved by that ministry and a part of quasi-medicine. So it’s a kind of medicine but you don’t have to get a prescription from a doctor. They have certain standard of what is called “Hair Growth Formula”, and what’s called “Hair Growth Formula” is what applies to that standard. Only only approved ingredients (in the product) can be called “Hair Growth Formula”. Now, we’re going to cover the third and final category of this range of hair care products, which is the scalp essences. Now it’s kinda similar to Hair Growth Formulas, as we mentioned just now, in that, first, the goal is really for hair growth. Two, only approved ingredients by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare can call themselves “Scalp Essences”. But there’s a slight difference between the two in that: scalp essences are called cosmetics, instead of quasi-medicine. And also, there are products that call themselves “Scalp Essences”, even though they do not contain the forementioned ingredients. Now, this is actually quite popular among people. There’s an increase of number of people going for scalp essences because some them don’t feel any results from Hair Growth Formulas, so they turn to the newer technology which is contained in the new scalp essences. Yay! Now we understand more about the differences between these products. I think my dad actually should watch this because he tried the hair tonic to grow his hair back! He’s still bald. You should remember the difference between hair growth formula, hair tonic and scalp essences. And always remember we’re always here to answer your questions, so if you have any, drop them down in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon possible. And with that, we’ll see you next week! See ya! Quasi… What? Whaaat?? In American, it’s “kweh-zai”. So you have this doubtful face, “Nah. Scalp Essences. Tch.”

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