DIY Hair Hacks! 12 DIY Hair Accessories & Hairstyles for Girls

DIY Hair Hacks! 12 DIY Hair Accessories & Hairstyles for Girls

Headbands with ears are one of my favorite Accessories to wear and they make any hairstyle way cuter all you need is any kind of plastic headband and a pair of fluffy pom-poms Apply some hot glue on the pom-pom like this Now stick that ball of fluff on one side of the headband I got these pretty hot pink pom-poms as a part of a keychain for less than a dollar I love the color and the size is just perfect for this DIY project I love the way this ear headband turned out And I will wear it all the time guarantee make it for yourself or your besties. This is a perfect gift idea as well Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe it’s not that bad Healthy fail at the hairdresser’s we’ve probably all been there before right if you want to give your hair some funky color transformation But aren’t sure how it will look on you a great idea Is to die temporarily first and guess what to do that you can use your regular eyeshadows? I know it’s hard to believe that you can dye your hair with eyeshadows, but trust me They work like a dream grab an eyeshadow of your choice I went for blue because you know it’s my favorite color take a hair strand press the eyeshadow against it like this and start moving Down towards the hair tips look at this color payoff isn’t it completely mind-blowing Let’s try it with purple as well grab a strand and press the purple shadow Pull the eyeshadow down and check this out wash off hair sprays are super expensive and hair Chalk is quite hard to find, but we all have eyes shadows at home already And they’re so affordable this life hack is perfect for parties festivals carnivals Halloween or just everyday when you wash your hair the color will get right off It’s great if you want to switch up the color of your hair But are not sure which shade will look the best on you in no worries. This totally works on darker hair, too Just make sure to use very pigmented eyeshadows go grab some eyeshadows and let the fun begin Here’s how you can transform an inexpensive plain hairpin in a stunning hair clip using little pom-poms I’m starting off with a green one First you want to cut away a small part of the pom-pom to make it flat on one side We’re doing this so that it will stick easily and more securely to the clip apply some glue of your choice and place it on The pin add more pom-poms and you can stick with only one color, or go a little bit crazy like me I like to use it to clip my hair at the back of my head This is perfect for school or work because it keeps my hair off the face plus it gives a gorgeous pop of color What a great hack when you’re in a hurry, and you need a cute hairstyle in a minute Some hair elastics can be harsh pulling and breaking your hair an amazing life hack is to make your own hair Elastic from an old nylon stock cut the top edge of the sock And you have the softest and most gentle elastic that your hair will love finally. I’m ready to do some cycling First let’s make this cute wired headband. We’re gonna need some fabric wire Flyers scissors and a glue gun Start by cutting 30 inches long and 6 inches wide piece of fabric I’m just using this body that I got on sale for a couple of dollars I love the fabric so I took the large one and now I can make a bunch of DIYs out of it Apply the glue along the longer side of your rectangle and fold the edge inside this way you’ll get beautiful clean edges without sealing Once that’s done fold the fabric like so and cut the shorter sides Diagonally unfold the fabric and make the neat edge on the sides as well Time to take a wire and cut a piece of the same length as your fabric Curl the ends with the pliers to get rid of that sharp edge All we gotta do now is apply some glue along one half of our fabric place on the wire and fold the fabric like that Wait for a few minutes so that the glue dries completely, and we’re ready to rock this gorgeous wired headband Here I decided for a simple hairstyle with my hair down But this headband looks so cute with ponytails help updos messy buns It just makes any hairstyle 100 times more fun and cute and when you’re late for school You can just grab it and you’re out the door with this awesome headband you can make a great hairstyle on your way to school or even when you arrive because it just takes a second I Love those plastic swirly elastics, but they stretch out way too quickly and my ponytail ends up looking like this luckily Here’s a great hack to make the elastic look as new again simply put it in a bowl filled with warm water You can see the elastic getting its shape back. It’s like a magic trick so cool There we go my elastic look is just as new and I’m super happy about it Plastic headbands are so easy to wear here. I’ll show you how to make this beautiful threaded one We’re gonna need a plastic band embroidery floss scissors paintbrush and some glue Apply your glue on a two inch section of your headband Take your thread and start wrapping. It around the band Make sure the loops are close together, so you can’t really see the headband under Foreign it looks thick the thread ends on the bottom part like so Apply the glue on the section next to it and start wrapping another color of thread you can also use thicker thread or yarn You’ll finish quicker, but the headband will look just as pretty as this one. I promise Here I’m working on my third color Which is this beautiful emerald green? You can make your headband using just one color of thread or you can go a bit crazy like me I don’t really have much pattern floats in my closet, so this will add a nice fun touch to my solid outfit Continue wrapping your thread around the band until it is completely covered Stick the thread ends on the bottom, and we are all finished with this pretty headband I Like to wear mine with all the hair pulled back this gives you so much volume and looks kind of retro Which I love to add an even more relaxed and fun touch to the hair I’m also taking a small section of hair from behind my ears, and I’m making a little braid secure with a clear elastic and make the same on the other side How happy and relaxed it is hairstyle right? I love it. Oh and anyone noticed my DIY shirt I love that one too. I’ve been wearing it loads This happened looks great with half of those as well Did you know that you can make a cool headband using a nylon sock this one is so simple Grab an over knee or at least knee-high sock and tie the ends together using a simple double knot Hawala this literally takes five seconds and the best part is that when you don’t need the headband anymore You can still use the nylon sock as a sock such a handy and convenient hair and clothing hack While I’m washing my hair Let me share with you the most important hair hacks Apply your shampoo only on your scalp because this is where the hair gets oily and needs a proper plan from your ears down apply the conditioner to hydrate your hair Rinse with a bit colder water to diminish freeze and to make your hair look shiny and pretty When it comes to drying your hair try to use a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel it works wonders in diminishing the frizz most Of the days I let my hair dry naturally but when using the hair dryer always put it on the cold air set a great tip for getting more volume is to flip your head upside down when Blow-drying this gives you so much volume. It’s crazy normally I have my part on the right side and my hair looks quite flat that way for the days when I want extra volume I Make my part on the left and boom comes the volume sometimes I like to pin my hair to keep it off my face But I don’t have any pretty pins no problem because here’s a super easy DIY That will make all your bobby pins look amazing all you need are some plain hair pins and nail polish You know how pretty bobby pins are so much more expensive than the plain ones now you can buy them for cheap and then customize Them to your liking if you want to make dotted bobby pins simply dip a toothpick or dotting Tool into the Polish and make dots all along the pin now Tell me if this isn’t the best DIY you’ve ever seen so useful and done in seconds I got kind of obsessed and made a bunch of this try using metallic and glitter polish to your bobby pins will look amazeballs Next let’s make this beautiful braided headband You will need three different colors of fabric scissors and a hair tie for the fabric I’m going to recycle three old shirts cut about 15 inch long and one to two inch wide piece of fabric Note that the wider the strip’s the thicker the headband you’ll get Cut the same pieces from the other two shirts For my husband. I chose pink yellow and minty green. I think these are my favorite colors at the moment I love how you can make this headbands using different patterns and materials to match your outfits Give the strip’s a nice tuck to get rid of that freshly cut look Take a hair elastic entire fabric strands on by making a simple knot Now it’s time to start braiding, and I like to place a heavy object on one end to keep my work in place Anyone remember this candle from my DIY room decor I love it so much. I don’t even want to burn it okay Once your braid is finished all you have to do is tie the loose ends to the elastic Make the knots close together and here it is a beautiful braided headband Here’s an idea on how you can rock it take the hair at the crown and temporarily secure it on the top of your head Place on a headband take the front section of your hair and tuck it under the headband like this and do this on both sides Let the hair at the crown fold down and you have an adorable hairstyle for school You can also use this one in a GM with a braid or a ponytail I love the cute little detail this headband adds to the otherwise plain hairstyle And what’s great is that it keeps your bangs out of your face which is always helpful for school Next I’m going to show you how to make your own flower hair clip All you need is some glue a flower a clip and 30 seconds of your time this one is very straightforward We just need to attach the flower onto the clip apply some glue on the back of the flower and place on a hair clip Leave to dry and voila a beautiful hair accessory that transforms any hairstyle into a pretty and romantic Masterpiece I like to make a deep side parting and clip it on the side where I have less hair You can then just leave your hair down like me or make a braid aside pony whatever you do I bet you will look amazing

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