Dr Pimple Popper Pilar Cyst Spurt

Dr Pimple Popper Pilar Cyst Spurt

We have this lovely mother-daughter duo here. Came down just to get this bump removed on the head. And she already knew the diagnosis because her daughter already knew. DAUGHTER: Yeah, we knew.[INAUDIBLE] everything out of the way. Okay, so this is a pilar cyst, most likely. Make sure I’m not hurting you, okay? If anything ever hurts, you make sure you tell me. So I’m just going to… I just need a little… a little superficial kind of cut on the skin and then I’m gonna just kind of tease around and see if I can’t get it out of here in one piece. It’s always nice when you get it out in one piece. And then we’ll have little stitches there that can kind of… and the sutures can come out in, like, probably, um, ten to fourteen days, here. [INAUDIBLE] That’s weird. See, I can see it right under there. I can see the little pilar cyst. I’m gonna push against you, okay? It should… so I’m just… resist me, I’m not trying to, you know, push down hard on you. Actually, it’s bigger than I… [INAUDIBLE] Have to tease a little bit more. You all right, huh? PATIENT: Yes. Okay, good. Oh, sorry, I pulled your hair a little bit. Just reach out and pull it back that way. Try one more time… See, I can feel it’s under there. I am going to use that little suspension stitch there. Yeah, it doesn’t want to come out nicely. I think I have to pull ’em out here a little bit. So I’m just using the stitch as a little pulley. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you. See if we can get it all out, nice and cute. Aw, darn it! Don’t want to make you… I hope I’m not scaring you. Everything’s going well, I just… sometimes they’re hard to grab and they don’t wanna… This one doesn’t… this one wants to stay here, it likes you! It just doesn’t want me to grab it that easily. Trying to get it out of this little hole. All right, I’m going to have to squeeze it. Sorry, I’m going to have to squeeze it. It won’t let me… Grab the cloth again? Ooh sorry guys, did I get it on you? Oh no, seriously, I just did that. Oh my gosh! We’re gonna all have to go back and take a shower. [OVERLAP] When we have that… it popped in there… Did I get it on you guys a little bit? [LAUGHS] You guys aren’t going dressed like this. No. I think I got it on me. On my arm. ASSISTANT: Should have worn my splash mask today. I know, stand back a little bit more. ASSISTANT: It’s because we were talking about that splashing video, that’s why. See, it’s always with Valerie around. VALERIE: [LAUGHS] I know! You okay, huh? This one is just… a little…it’s actually a little bigger than it looks on the surface, and it was-doesn’t wanna come out of the small hole. Okay. So I had to push on it, and then it sprayed us a little bit, but I’m getting it. Don’t you worry about that. The lesson is, when in doubt, always wear the splash mask. It’s just, I like ’em when they come out pretty and this one just comes out in pieces, unfortunately. Did this one ever get irritated before? No? No. No, okay. Sorry if I’m making these noises, I know, but nothing should hurt, huh? It hurts a little bit? No. You sure? Does that-does that sound that convincing? No, I think she’s good. Okay. Sometimes the women don’t complain, you know? Yeah. I just think it’s a little bit under here. There you go. There’s the little sac there, you see? [INAUDIBLE] that’s the part I want to send in, but let me see what it looks like underneath. I’m gonna take my suture with me, ’cause [INAUDIBLE] Still some in there. Still a little bit left in there. Here, you’re pushing up the sides a little bit to… [MACHINE BEEPS] This one kind of made up its little home here. Once I pushed it-on it, I realized it was moving a lot bigger underneath there, so it’s a little bit bigger than I think I thought it was. There we go! Took out a portion of it. I think we’ve got most of it there. Let’s just double check. [WOMAN SPEAKING SPANISH] Hurting? [WOMAN SPEAKING SPANISH] A little bit? [DAUGHTER SPEAKING SPANISH] No, no. No? Okay. You sure? She said it stings. It stings? Let me put a little more numbing in it. Hold on. I got a little bit more. There’s some pieces there. I think this one was a tough cookie like she is a tough cookie! [DAUGHTER LAUGHS] You know? I think we got it all, though. Let me just do one last little search, and we’ll put the stitch there and you’re done. She’s just got that little fragments right there, just… Just a little fibrous tissue there. One last little dab in here just to take another look and make sure I don’t see anything around here. I don’t think that I do. [INAUDIBLE] better to take one little quick look from this side, just to make sure. Good, okay, good, done. Okay. We’re gonna put a little stitch there, um… And you can remove these yourself if you like to, ’cause I know you guys came from kind of far. I’ll leave them a little on the- we’ll leave them a little on the longer side, so you can see them. They’re blue color, so they’re not quite the same color as her hair. DAUGHTER: Okay. So we’ll leave them longer We have that, yeah, there we go And then you can take them out. You just have to — you know how to remove stiches? It’s pretty easy…. it’s like a tie.
DAUGHTER: Yeah. Yeah. You’ll be able to…I’m sure you’ll be okay. You see how we tie them, so… You just have to pull, y’know, like use a forceps and pull one side up. So you lift it up and snip below that little knot. [INAUDIBLE] And if not, you can go probably to an ER [Emergency Room/Accident &Emergency] or Urgent Care facility [INAUDIBLE] You can come down here too, we’d be happy to see you But you don’t have to. That’s it! All done! Nice and flat! See this sac right here? There’s the sac, right there. See, it was closed. It was probably closed like this. Maybe a little bigger than that. And It was filled with … So when I…it broke open, when I opened it. It’s not that thick of a pilar cyst. The wall’s not that thick. But that’s the inside of it. [INAUDIBLE] Here’s like some of the…. the internal contents. A little bit more of the sac wall right there. It’s like we can piece it all back together like a puzzle, almost. Round it up like that. There you go. DAUGHTER: Oooh.
DR. LEE: Perfecto. PATIENT: Thank you very much.
DR. LEE: Oh, you’re so welcome.

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  1. such an amateur procedure, Sandra you never spill the puss under the skin, never ever, the bacteria can cause infection and rest you know.

  2. all my friends think I'm weird for liking this kind of stuff. Lol I love it. I have a bad back and I like watching your videos because it gives me relief knowing that some people can get there stuff out. I want to come see you one day but I'm going to have to wait. but I will. I will make sure of it.

  3. Where is the fireman. He has thousands of whiteheads. I hope they gave him retin a ,because its over $200.00 to purchase.
    I doubt he had money for it on a fixed income
    We always gave samples. We used to get yuge amts of samples fr drug reps,
    My dil works 4derm
    She always has retin a samples
    Just sayin
    Maybe check on him if u didnt give him a sample

  4. What was this I'm to young to understand what I watched truly can I get a simple explanation? What was it coming out of her head?

  5. Ugh, how on EARTH do people watch this kind of stuff it's making me sick and I–

    *clicks on related video*

  6. I just had the exact same procedure done, in the exact same place on my scalp. This was like watching my own surgery. My cyst wasn't quite as big. My doctor also tried to keep it from popping, but wasn't able to do it.

  7. Dr Lee has so many subscirbers and comments that is no way she could respond to all of them. So, someone with more experience than me comment on my suggestion that she needs to explore/dig around in the wound more with the Q Tip. I know she is the expert but if it were me I would go high and low and around and around more than she does. Also, Dr L congrats on the million subscribers!

  8. That moment when you see you're not the only popaholic. With my boyfriend, as soon as I see a spot.. It's mine! We've even bought are own extractor! lol

  9. Every time I see videos like this I wonder, what would cause like white heads to develop from hair follicles, not just like armpits but even on the scalp and others?

  10. This has become a cult where people could potentially arrange wars to decide which kind of pimple is better lol

  11. So I had a fillium wart removed from my eyelid today. It wasn't very big, but super itchy so it had to go. well it seems I don't numb very well because he had to use 3 different medicines! even after that I could still feel a pinch from the cautery. the whole time I was wishing it was Dr. Lee doing the procedure. And each time he gave me the needle I thought; "Little baby pinch"

  12. I just love the things you say!! Im obsessed with u! I talk about u way too much to my wife that knows absolutely nothing bout makeup! heee heee Anywho LOVE U

  13. still hopeful for the video in which the contents of a cyst/abscess/lipoma/whatever splash RIGHT INTO the camera lens

  14. I watch these almost every night and the only thing that makes me squeamish is the scissors like when she cut the skin and the uses them to like open the hole up more I just can't watch that part for some reason

  15. God that must feel so nice even though they are numbed and can't feel anything! It would be cool to see a compilation of cysts that squirted at you! I know you have made some because I have seen them multiple times. (I'm a huge popaholic) I love your videos!

  16. Some of the Pilar cysts you have extracted appear to be large. Is there a large areas between the skin and skull for these large cysts? Do they encroach into brain area?

  17. My friend walked by me while I was almost halfway through this video, and she gasped, held her hand to her mouth, and screamed, "OH MY GOD!! WHY ARE THEY PULLING THAT PERSON'S BRAIN OUT?!" I swear, I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard! XD

  18. does anyone know where to find the full videos of the pops from The Dr's episode? i need to that gnarly thigh cyst

  19. does anyone know where to find the full videos of the pops from The Dr's episode? i need to that gnarly thigh cyst

  20. A+ for "bedside manner."
    A+ for technique
    A+ for suturing
    B for not using the Dermal Fox Curette more. 😆😆😆 But then, I am biased. I love the curettes.

    Great work Doc!
    Doc Wolf

  21. You should have showers installed at the clinic in case of squirts, spurts, splatters, big poppers, etc. Especially when you get it in your hair and on your clothes.

  22. I think it's Dr. Lee would have elongated the incision then maybe the suspension technique would have worked. But I enjoy the more difficult than expected videos.

  23. Your “girls” shouldn’t have the option about wearing PPE. A RN could lose their license for not using universal precautions! Very unprofessional about the getting squirted bit.

  24. Maybe this is a crazy questions but, why not just make a larger incision instead of struggling ? It won't be noticeable anyway.

  25. Have you ever heard the Bill Cosby routine called oops if you have not that would be quite a coincidence that you just said that

  26. I am a hairstylist and a customer had several cysts on her head, while combing her hair the comb snagged one and popped it. While it was open I squeezed out the crap, but didn't get the sack.

  27. Dr. Lee – how is it possible for a pilar cyst to go deep into the head when there is skull bone right under the surface of the skin?! I just discovered that I think I have one of these – it's a bit tender in one spot and feels like it is growing.

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