Dragon Ball Super- 3 Forms of Female Broly?!

Dragon Ball Super- 3 Forms of Female Broly?!

Hey guys, a new scan got revealed where we
a see a base form Female Saiyan Character, and she is most likely The Legendary Female
Super Saiyan better known as Female Broly we see in the opening. In the scan, it’s pointed that even though
she is supposed to be Saiyan she doesn’t have a tail, her Universe is still kept vague. It’s mentioned she is from Universe 6 or
7?! From different hints that we got up till now,
Female Broly is most likely from Universe 6. She has a lot of similarity with Cabe, in
terms of looks and even the attire she is wearing in the opening. Besides, till now only 6 is confirmed to have
Saiyans other than our Universe. This is however not to say that only U6 and
7 can have Saiyans, but there’s an additional hint that we got in Episode 85 that she is
in fact from Universe 6. As a frustrated Champa ordered Cabba to find
a stronger Saiyan from his planet. Also, she doesn’t have a tail, while U7
saiyans are naturally supposed to have it, but U6 Saiyans have evolved past that phase. In this scan, she is in her base form, and
looks totally hot. I think her hair looks more Saiyan like than
in the opening. That’s one difference between the opening
and this scan, her hair looks different, and also the outfit is different. It just could be that, she dressed with different
attire, and styled hair for the tournament. We also saw her in what looks a normal Super
Saiyan where she is slim, and not monstrous. I think she has 2 transformations, one is
normal SSJ, and the other is when she completely loses her shit. The Legendary Super Saiyan transformation. There’s some confusion though, as in the
last tournament Cabba said he never saw the Super Saiyan transformation before. So, either this female saiyan always had the
potential, but was only able to unlock after having seen Cabba or her powers were kept
a secret by her or her guardian because of how dangerous it is. Now, that The God of Destruction has demanded
it, they can’t but reveal it. How do you think she will perform in the tournament? Comment and let me know. I think she will make a statement; she will
be very dominant and display her power. We for sure will realize that she is a big
deal, but at the same time. I don’t think she will perform too well
in the tournament. That is she will not go too far. Because the battle royal is more about strategy
and power, but from the traditional idea we have about this legendary form, it’s kind
of all about power, and the mind is most likely out of control. She will either get tricked out of the stage,
without getting damaged or it could be like she ends up killing someone and as a result
gets disqualified or eliminated. If I were in charge, and if I had to hype
her up for a future arc, I would make her accidentally kill 3 fighters at the same time,
and get disqualified for it. It would totally grab everyone’s attention,
and the fans would be waiting eagerly to see more of her in the future. So, basically the most likely case is this
scan picture is indeed the base form of Female Broly, we also know she has a normal SSJ form,
and of course the Legendary form. She is from Universe 6, she is strong, she
will be significant, but let’s say will not be a top 5 or 3 material of the battle
royal, as the format is not suited for her. Now, let’s check out some of the unlikely
possibilities mostly brought up by the fans, the first is that she could be from Universe
11. Based on the fact, that she has been highlighted
along with other U11 fighters in the openings as well some other promotional materials. That’s probably not the case, but something
that can be kept in mind. Another thing the fans mentioned is that the
mysterious that will visit Tien’s martial arts dojo might be the one, but then again
why will a Saiyan show up in Tien’s Dojo. That just doesn’t make any sense. However, some fans also brought up the point,
that she could be any other female Saiyan from Universe 6, maybe like Female Broly’s
mother, but that sounds wacky. So, let’s stick with the more likely prediction. What do you think? Do you find this character interesting? How far do you think she will go in the battle
royal? Comment your thoughts and opinion down below! See you in the next, Dragon Ball Super video.

17 Replies to “Dragon Ball Super- 3 Forms of Female Broly?!”

  1. I prognosticate right NOW !! She's not from U6 but is from U11 .. let's see who's here to have a debate

  2. What about vegeta's brother tarbel who appeared outta nowhere(some difference dimension or universe!) in search of help by his brother vegeta.

  3. This is what i would love to See female broly goes to Universe 6 reking all sayjans and After that goes to Universe 7 and get rekt bei either vegeta or goku

  4. bro there is ni female ss.. fuckup!!! planet v. destroyed not showing there is fem. ss. bro. u7??? in real there is no ss. BUT THERE IS ONE WHO IS MORE LIKE IT. BRO, WNNA SEE REAL THING LIKE THAT? DESTRUCTION? IM NOT KIDDING… TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE ILL TELEPORT WERE YOU ARE. NO JOKE. JUST TRY BRO… TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT IN YOUR HAND

  5. Hey Fan guy I think they r both different..NOTICE the EAR RING…I think the legendary Saiyan cud be from universe 11… remember the previous opening,wher the other shy girl in red transforms….this girl on the other hand looks confident…this cud be a normal Saiyan from universe 6. wat do u think Fan guy???

  6. Frieza to beat uses super Saiyan 1
    Broly and cell to beat uses super Saiyan 2 Broly is ssj2 because other Saiyan that are ssj1 have there power to Goku

  7. I personally hate that they created a female broly. Keep it male because broly wasn't canon to the series. Make it where caba has a big brother who looks like broly. Having a female broly is quite…..weird. No offense all females watching this. To me, a monstrous female like that is just gross. Bring back a male broly!!

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