Dragon Ball Super Theory: Why Goten & Trunks NEVER AGE!

Dragon Ball Super Theory: Why Goten & Trunks NEVER AGE!

One thing that has gotten the attention of a lot of dragon ball fans

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  1. A lot of people are comparing gohan to goten and trunks, but something you all have to think about is gohan is the rarest case of saiyan breed because he was born with a tail, had fine growth unlike goku but like chichi(Althought it was exceeded a few years because of the time chamber so we can basically say his growth was fine up until the androids showed up so he looks older then he would if he never went) and had his powers exceeded by anger since he was 4, while goten and trunks, were born without tails(because akira forget but i still happened), had super saiyan with little to no training at all, and grow slow like goku and vegeta did(although vegeta is still extremely short so trunks might have a right to be as short as he is while goten just grows slow like goku)

  2. Man, I thought you was gonna say you was gonna say since they fuse so many time their age are getting affecting by it and slowing there aging, that why future trunk grow physically faster since he never fuse and at the end of dbz trunks look about the same physically as future trunk when we first saw the special but a little bulky because of all the training he did… but marketing yeah let go with that easy answer

  3. Teenage goten and trunks can still act childish right? And whats wrong with a teenage gotenks? In my opinion it doesnt make any sense that goten and trunks dont grow up.

  4. I wonder, when? If DB super is placed between Buu saga and final tournament when Goku meet Uub, they are still kids, aint they?

    I feel like I just watched trolling video :- o

  5. You all need a theory for this? Saiyans age very slowly because they were built for battle. Nuff said, stop over complicating shit.

  6. Saiyens age differently then humans, they age slow at first, then they rapidly age to there prime and stay there for a long time

  7. Gohan is pretty much the only one that grew and aged properly. That was one of the best things in DBZ, seeing Gohan slowly change into the teenager/man he became.

  8. Hasn't it only been 2 years since the buu saga. 6 months from buu to beerus, 6 months from beerus to golden frieza and 9 months from frieza to bullas birth. So there just short for 10 and 11 year olds.

  9. First, it seems writers forgot how much old Trunks and Goten.
    Second, Maron is 10 and she still look like a todler.

  10. I want to see teen goten and teen trunks like how we got teen gohan. I dont want it to just skip to how they were at the end of dbz

  11. Honestly feel that the good reason why they have in his cuz they don't want to make the same mistake that GT did. And it looks like that's exactly what's happening because based off everything happened in super they have plenty of opportunities to fight or see that their power may be needed some point in the future. Hetting stronger would be a primary focus or at least enough of a focus to keep them from chillaxing like they did in GT

  12. I wouldn't mind it if only they gave them spotlight cause usually when someone grows up their development has sky rocketed and we would miss the old times but since nothing like that would happen Their won't be enough people to care and right now I just want them to grow up for consistency for the fact they aren't doing anything

  13. besides the plot it might be that present trunks and goten have that sayan gene active like their fathers that they dont seem to age until when they hit the magic number of 18 they are like those at the end of z

  14. Even Friza was questioning it. He thought that he was Trunks's kid. When Trunks killed meka Friza he was a teen. Now hes a kid again.

  15. They will age when vegeta and goku are old or dead. From this point on, they are the protagonists. I would love it. Why Not? I mean we know them for years now and that means its Not risky to see them grow with some adventures. I think the Fans could love it. If you look back to dbz, they jump from Main villain to main villain. Inbetween training and thats it. With these two kids the writers have the possibility to go back to the good old db-like storytelling. Maybe i am wrong but, db was more down to earth. Its about growing up too and Not only about fighting. Besides that, me personly, i wanna see more of what happen in between. I wanna see more character development. Dbz and specially dbs is from my perspective, a movie splitted into over 9000 episodes. The thing is, i can Not sypathize with no one really on a deep way. The possibility to revive anyone back is a fact that makes db inconsequence too. Do not get me wrong i grew up with dragonball. Over 20 years experience and what i See is less evolution. To be honest they turn in a circle. Now we have in view a new transformation? 😑😩 Maybe i am to harsh, maybe to strict, but tension looks different.
    Ok, you can argue, goku is a saiyan and he wants always to fight alright. Really i still like it somehow, but the other side is; for example the situation goku and his friends are in now. They near to extinction and they friends are Not amused. I would be angry as F***. The situation they are in know is all his fault and it Shows us again, that he never grew up. To build a bridge back to the Initial question trunks and Goten and his own ark or possibly their own spin of series; i would say considering the fact that they are half human, the writers could create so much intension from it. Other shonen animes are much better to create tension. I do not like, but i have to mention one peace. Shure, maybe one peace have some issues too, but creating tension and sadness the writers are able to. With the near death situation of roshi(New topic: was roshi really dead? ), the writers went to the right direction, i think.

  16. I find it funny how, gohan was 16 in high school when goten was 8 years old… gohan went to college became a professor aged to about 26 .. and goten stayed 8 years old………

  17. It's because there would be too many powerful warriors if they were to grow up. They made them stupidly strong in the Buu saga and now they can't backpedal on it. If they were to grow – DBS would sufer the the character inflation.

    So basically the answer to that problem, as to pretty much all the other problems is shitty writing.

  18. They did age them in GT. Super suppose to happen right after the Buu saga. GT is around 3 years to 8 years after. You can estimate the age based on Pam. In Super she was not born yet, and in the start of GT she was about 4, and when she started her adventure, she was about 9 years old. An because Trunks went back to the past, the past was altered.
    Basically Burus would not go to earth because almost all of them would be killed already, if Trunks did not change the Timeline. And Goku basically brought back Zeno from a different timeline, when he was told messing with time is a No, No. So GT might be irrelevant in that time line.
    However almost no one aged but Chi Chi.

  19. as much as I like them in the show as is, I would have liked to see them explain this with a wish for slower ageing or never ageing or odd genetics because they where born with no tail or late puberty as goku did sort of age in a vary short time, maybe that is saiyan puberty and would make 2 saiyans that we have seen as kids then after puberty as adults, goku and gohan.

  20. aren't we around the timeline where Future Gohan was still around(or just died) and Future Trunks was twice the size as present Trunks?

  21. goten and trunks goes to sadala goten learns foresight and trunks learns time skip and fight against frieza,golden frost,golden cold and there combined forces vs an army of super saiyans sadala has more gravity which causes them to grow

  22. My guess would have been genetics they could have recieved alot of the non dominant sayians cells of course one they did no get was the sayian tails so maybe they are alot more like universe 6 sayians.

  23. Right when he said hybrid I thought of Goku and Chichi and Vegeta and Bulma Both females are Humans But after all Gohan Grew Up

  24. I think it's more than likely because they're not popular. So there forced to maintain their age as a cheap way of writing them out of the corner. Because the Shonen formula does not work with them cuz they're not the main characters. It's hard to be a stand-in for the readers/audience if they're hardly on the screen. Which supports make during that they're unpopular and possible low merchandise sales. If they actually put forth effort they still could have been childish cocky teenagers.

  25. Omg bruh just because they are still kinda short doesn't mean they didn't age.. first they have saiyan blood so they will age differently and second how many super tall 12-14 year olds do you actually know?

  26. This was answered in the Jaco prequel.
    Saiyans have a very long childhood, they used to use that their advantage to deceive the inhabitants of the planets they planned to take over until they grew up, afterwards their bodies would quickly grow to a size that is fit for fighting and that's how they managed to survive and conquer.

  27. During the future trunks arc it takes place at the same time that gohan died in trunks time line. Look at how tall that trunks is and he looks like a kid who watches dragon ball.

  28. No because on Dbz they were already teenagers. How are they going to go from being teens back to kids??to then grow up again?

  29. Isn’t it because Saiyans just age differently? Goku looked like he was 8 until he turned 20. We also know that Saiyans stay in their prime from around 19 – 80, and only then do they actually begin to age normally. Though Gohan did look a lot older (mainly the muscle mass) when he was 10 but that could easily be because he was training a lot more than Goku, Goten, and Trunks at that age. So I think Goten and Trunks will shoot up around the age of 16 like Goku did.

  30. It's probably going to end up being a side effect of using the Metamoran fusion technique, namely growing older only half as fast as they were doing before they used it.

  31. I think the people using the "saiyans age slower" argument have never seen the History of Trunks. In History of Trunks, Trunks seems to age normally. Notice how different 14-year-old Future Trunks looks compared to 14-year-old present-day Trunks. Also Gohan aged faster than Goku did. I think only full-blooded saiyans age slowly.

  32. I think they just age slower because they are half Saiyans, just look at Goku from when he was their age . He looked like a 5year old when he was 7 and 8 years old

  33. Grand Zeno is already a child like character.. Plus, there’s two of them in the show. And he’s more relevant than Goten and Trunks.
    So it’s kinda unnecessary for them to keep Goten and Trunks as kids strictly for the plot anyway lol

  34. Is it just me or like I watched the end of dbz and goten and trunks were grown up then they got younger during dbz super????

  35. Do you remember how small Goku was in OG Dragon Ball and He was 12 He only grew after He turned 15 and then He shot way up as an 18 year old throughout Dragon Ball Super Goten and Trunks are like what 12 & 13 somewhere in that range so yeah they'll get bigger in no time if Dragon Ball Super continues Trunks already looks like He's starting to grow so.

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