Dragon Ball VS One Punch Man (Stop Motion) EPISODE 3: Hero Assosiation

Dragon Ball VS One Punch Man  (Stop Motion) EPISODE 3: Hero Assosiation

buu!! sir we have a wolf level threat in the
city Agent Gomez, whats the situation? it looks like a bank robery show me the heroes near that area that was easy! im looking for the monsters profiles sir this is MASIOSARE, it is a weird enemy and we don’t have much information about him the big guy is MALAMEN, we don’t have info about his power Level there should be heroes around Do you think the strong ones will come? Im no chief dude, but you´re about to get served Ha Ha too slow dude you´re hungry dude? cause you are about to eat this fists dude im too fast for you hey Donnie, yeah! im with the bald guy I was telling you about i keep kicking his butt -Donnie speaking on the phone- Bro you have some serious practice to do ok i gota save the city dude I´ll see you later did he just not used the door? im a hero for for FUN! Kakarot! how did you loose? i was kicking butt cause im BATMAN! and then this dude came out of nowhere and wrecked my car can you belive it? I´m telling you he is probably super strong so i was wondering if you shhhhhh! hear that? not this again… it only took ONE PUNCH! Saitama Sensei is super strong, more than you can imagine he saw potential in you, so he was testing you, he gets bored so easy guess he though you could endure more than one punch, but no enemy ever does you have a huge forehead, but you still have a lot of hair, train harder and when you get bald maybe you could stand a chance hey dudes turtles! eliminate the damn target fury we´re in possition we are going in cowabunga you are about to recieve the most excelent beat down let me handle this clowns ouch ha ha ha ha miss me? my turn ouch behind ohh bumer hahahaha grrr!!! ahhhhhhh!!!! stupid turtles! lame heroes my power goes beyond these teenage amateurs mmm Im getting bored this are C class heroes let´s destroy more of the city to attrack stronger heroes I got to tell fury about this, Hi! can i speak with the S.H.I.E.L.D director please? No longer S.H.I.E.L.D. kid, more like Hero Assosiation Fury! I think you have some orc situation kid, is this another audition to join the avengers? I just happen to be in the neighborhood Oh, don´t worry kid, Cap is in the area He can handle it wow! you think i can take a selfie with him? I can win some time till he arrives I know he runs fast but… I just crossed the city in five I don’t think you are ready kid no one is thank you so much for supporting the channel if you want to get some special content don`t forget to go to facebook or the instagram page and if you want to help even more don´t forget to go to patreon and become a patron so you can help the channel a big deal and i will be so happy to create some special content for you guys thanks again for watching, I am chino moreno and you will see me in the next video NOOOOOO

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35 Replies to “Dragon Ball VS One Punch Man (Stop Motion) EPISODE 3: Hero Assosiation”

  1. I mostly love your tmnt and transformers videos are you still working on them by any chance?

    I think you did very well with them

  2. I like the attention to detail with their bandanas moving in the wind. One tip though. When they all move in unison like that it looks like the wind is coming from below them. For a horizontal wind, you could offset the movement so that they move in a wave. I also love the way the Jackal reforms from the clay. That looked pretty sick!

  3. If you get broly I think you could have it so him and saitama fight but after a while broly starts to get the edge and beats down saitama or something.I dunno it would be cool

  4. Nah bro disgusting saitamas power isn’t even close king kai said just with SSJ3 With one explosion he could destroy a gala I and saitama with one full power punch just make cloud out of the way goku destroy nearly the whole tournament of power it was made out of the strongest material

  5. La historia se volvió un poco confusa 😕 😕 Goku no alcanzo ni siquiera su estado ultrainstinto😔 esperemos el siguiente episodio haber si esto se aclara porque realmente quede con mucha incertidumbre

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