hey guys welcome back if you’re new here
my name is Smitha welcome to my channel in today’s tutorial I’m going to be
showing you a super easy colorful wearable look for pohela falgun if you
didn’t know pohela falgun is the first day of spring and it’s celebrated in
parts of northeast India as well as Bangladesh and speaking of spring we
think of flowers and butterflies and birds and colors so I’ll show you how to
pick a couple different colors out of your outfit and how to incorporate that
and match it with your makeup and I’ll show you how to do it in a very simple
way make it fun colorful but at the same time wearable, so if you’re ready let’s
get started oh and yes I’m going to be using only
drugstore products in this tutorial let’s start with the base makeup first
for my lip I’m going to be using the Physicians Formula
24-karat lip serum I’m just applying a good coat just to keep it soft and
supple and ready for the lipstick for the face I’m going to be using the brand
new prime focus primer serum from wet n wild this is a super lightweight
ultra hydrating water-based serum and it preps and Prime’s and refines your skin
for a longer lasting makeup and it also blurs and softens the imperfections and
talking of new products from wet n wild I’m super excited to try the new foundation this is the photo focus
dewy finish now they’ve always had the photo focus foundation but the one
that they just launched has the dewy finish which i absolutely love it comes
with a spatula so I’m going to quickly dot it around my face and neck and to
blend it out I’m going to be using a kabuki brush from Real Techniques and
the shade that I’m using is desert beige and for reference I’m an NC 35 in Mac
I’m really enjoying the glow on my face I don’t know how much the camera
captures but the skin looks like skin but it looks so flawless I’m
going to very lightly contour just to add some dimension and for that I’m
using the Wet n Wild contour stick in call me maple I’m going to
blend it out with the same kabuki brush that I use for the foundation so
the residue of the foundation can mix with the contour and give me a more
seamless finish to conceal my dark circles some dark
patches and do some spot correction I’m going to be using my favorite concealer
Milani concealer in 145 which is warm beige this is a long wearing concealer
and has an extremely creamy formula so when you apply it you feel like wow this
is so creamy how can it give me full coverage its creamy so it’s very
blendable once you blend it out and it settles down it’s full coverage I’m
going to blend it out with a damp sponge and whatever residue is left on the
sponge I’m going to use it on my lids as a base for the eyeshadows
I’m loving my dewy face but there are areas in my face where the concealer
might crease so I’m going to use some airspun translucent loose powder to set
in those areas I’m going to dip the same sponge into the powder and gently press
it in those areas and whatever residue is left on the sponge I’m going to use
that to set my face and neck and now let’s go ahead and seal this
base using the Rose addiction for the focus setting spray from wet and wild
just so the base doesn’t move & it stays in tact to fill in my brows I’m going to be
using the Milani precision brow pencil this is in the shade 140 which is medium
brown as always I’m just going to look for those bald spots where I don’t have
hair in my eyebrows and I’m going to only fill in those sparse areas and then
use the spoolie to brush my brow hair a couple times just so the color spreads
across evenly before I start the eye makeup let’s look at the outfit/
sari that I’ll be wearing obviously this has so many different colors then I’d
want to pick a couple of different shades from this which are dominating
and for me as soon as I look at it I look at pinks and yellows if you’re
wearing an outfit which has two or more colors you can do the same but if you’re
wearing an outfit that is monotone and has only one color then you can use that
color in the outer crease and for the inner corner you can pick more like a
shimmer gold or silver or something that highlights the inner corner I’m going to
be using the wet-and-wild limited edition pac-man palette first for the
outer corner I’m going to pick a shade of pink I guess I’m going to mix a
little bit of pink with a little bit of purple and I’m going to use that in the
very outer corner as well as to define my outer crease the brush that I’m using
is a tapered blending brush from Coastal Scents it’s kind of like a flat blending
brush so it fits very well into the crease now that it looks pretty soft at the
crease I’m taking a little bit of my airspun translucent loose powder with a
flat brush and I’m going to use it to clean up my lid you can also use a light
color eyeshadow and for the inner corner I’m going to pick my second dominant
color from the outfit which is yellow I’m using a small blending brush this is
from the earthy ways and I’m going to first lightly buff it out in the inner
corner and slowly build up by using more color
I think I’m happy with that it looks subtle but at the same time
colorful and now to line my waterline I’m going to be using the Maybelline gel
liner and now to define my lashline I’m going
to be lining it using the superfine liquid liner from focallure and I’m going
to be extending the outer wing as well as in the inner corner and then I’m
going to soften my lower lash line with the same shades that I used at the
crease and the brush that I’m using is a pencil brush from do color let’s finish
up with some mascara and lashes for mascara I’m using the highly rated
mascara from Milani and for lashes I’m using pixie from kiss so that’s pretty
much it with the eyes when you have multiple colors that you have to choose
from just pick a couple and put it in the outer corner inner corner and do a
beautiful wing and you’re pretty much done with your eye makeup let’s finish
up the face as well I’m using the Milani bronzer just to bring in some warmth
into the face and every time I apply the bronzer I feel like oh my gosh I should
have taken a little bit less because this is so pigmented so let’s go ahead
and buff it out so it blends well and looks more natural for blush I’m going to be using this
blush bot from Coastal Scents called heartfelt and for a subtle glow I’m
going to be highlighting using master chrome by Maybelline on my lips as well
I try to go with something that is dominating in my saree so I decided to
go with nice to fuchsia from wet and wild you can most definitely wear any flowers
that you like I love mogra so I have mogra in my hair and I’m done with my
makeup jewelry outfit and here is the completed look I hope you enjoyed this
video comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed it please don’t forget to
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brand new video bye guys!


  1. Hi dear.kya aap mere liye ak eye makeup creat karoge please?usme aapko pink light green ang golden use karna he..iske ilaba aap outer v ke liye koi v dark shade le sakti ho.

  2. Wow you are really great .. I love your every kind of makeup.. you are the inspiration of mine .. love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and Canada 🇨🇦..

  3. Hi, smitha. I have a problem with my foundation shade which is fit me 215. But I have yellow fair skin and the foundational is for the pinkish fair skin. Now which shade should I use?? (In fit me brand )

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  7. I am from Bangladesh &
    I am your big fan from here….& I am super happy that you did this tutorial for us…Thanks Apu ❤️💕

  8. Mrs.Alam here, thanks for creating a look for falgun , love from Bangladesh. I'm following you for quite a long time now, one thing that I really like and want to buy one is your neckpiece. Can you please tell me where is it from?

  9. Hello Smitha Ma'am, I am truly very inspired by all your makeup and skincare tutorials. I would like to ask if you run any makeup teaching school or so, since I am really interested in learning the skill professionally from you. Thank you

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  12. Pohela Phalgun is not celebrated in northeast India. We have spring festivals like Bohag Bihu in Assam. Please do not ever mix Bengali and Assamese culture, we the Assamese people find it highly offensive.

  13. আমি জানতে চাই তুমি কি ইন্ডিয়ান নাকি বাংলাদেশী?

    lots of love From Bangladesh 😍😘😘

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