Easy UPDO Hairstyle :) 쉬운 올림머리. 업스타일 셀프로하기 [제이헤어 유진쌤]

Easy UPDO Hairstyle :) 쉬운 올림머리. 업스타일 셀프로하기 [제이헤어 유진쌤]

(Easy Updos) Hello! This is Yoojin. In this video I’ll show you an easy updo. I’ll show you a very easy bun with some added style. You should give it a try! Before I start the video, subscriptions, likes, and comments mean a lot to me. Please~ 🙂 You need some waves to do an updo. It’ll be nicer. (Back comb about three layers in the center.) (Lift your hair and just comb up and down.) I’ve added some volume in the center by back combing. Leave out the hair that’s beside your face. Brush lightly. Tie just below the ears. Hold both sides and pull tight. That brings the elastic close to the scalp. With two fingers, insert, from the scalp, spread lightly outwards. Like so. Add volume like this. We’re gonna braid this hair. Just a basic braid. When you’re done braiding, pinch the strands to add some volume. I have lots of layers so lots of hair is sticking out. So I won’t pinch too much. Hold the tie with your left hand. Wrap around. Then, the most inner big loop should come outside. So spread it with your hands. Then, secure in 4 points. (top, bottom, left, right) (Right and left: large pin
top and bottom: U-pin
Check out my pin video.) It already looks pretty, right? I’m going to braid the side hair using 2 strands. (Just twist the 2 strands.) (You can use 3 strands if you want.) Pinch pinch. Add just a little bit of volume. This side too. It goes on top of the bun. The elastic goes into the bun. Secure with a pin as you wrap around. The end hair goes into the bun. Push in. (secure with pin) Now bring the left braid and put it on top of the bun. Secure with a pin where the bun bends. Insert the pin. Push the end into the bun. Hide the thin hair in the bottom using a small pin. You can take care of the hair that sticks out
using a bent U-pin. (Insert it where the hair is sticking out.) It looks more balanced, right? Tidy up the messy hair with spray. (Form it lightly using fingers.) (I have too much thin hair.) You can spray your palm, instead of your hair. Then tidy up the thin hair with your hand. You could end up with spray lumps
when you spray the hair. And you get lots of spray on your face. You don’t want lots of spray on your face. So style the hair that’s close to the face with your hand after spraying your palm. That was really simple, right? Updos aren’t very difficult. You can upgrade your style so easily. Thank you for watching till the end!

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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14 Replies to “Easy UPDO Hairstyle :) 쉬운 올림머리. 업스타일 셀프로하기 [제이헤어 유진쌤]”

  1. 완전 이뻐요 선생님께서 셀프커트 올려주신것대로 커트 제가 했는데 다들 혼자 짜른거 맞냐고?이쁘다고 난리였어오 이거 제가 꼭 필요했던 영상인데 잘 연습해 보겠습니다

  2. 제손은 제손이 아닌듯 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 제머리하기가 남의머리하는것보다 힘드니 ^^;;;;;;
    좋은정보 감사합니다^^ 항상 힘내세요^^♡♡

  3. 머리스타일로 사람이 확달라보여용ㅋㅋ
    유진쌤 올림머리 청순청순하다!
    오늘도 고생하셨어요♥♥♥

  4. 유튭보자마자 한번에 알아봤어요^^경리단있을때 한번인가 머리한적있었는데 엄청친절하고 그랬었어요~~결혼하셨네요~저돈대^^청주로 가셔서 아쉽네요^^글구 유튭으로 만나서 넘반갑네요ㅋ

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