Eczema Scalp Treatment – 3 Shocking Eczema Scalp Treatment

Eczema Scalp Treatment – 3 Shocking Eczema Scalp Treatment

eczema scalp treatment hi it’s Clinton
Conley from I experienced debilitating eczema
for years and just like you I’ve tried all the recommended lotions and steroid
creams on the market but none of them ever improved my eczema they all made it
worse the following treatment greatly improved my eczema on my scalp let’s get
into it number one aloe vera aloe vera possesses
antibacterial antimicrobial and wound healing properties aloe vera gel is
derived from the Leafs of the aloe plant people have used aloe vera gel for
centuries to treat a wide range of ailments aloes wound healing properties
will soothe your eczema and promote healing
number two apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar has antibacterial
antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties it helps alleviate itching
due to dry skin fill a spray bottle up with apple cider vinegar and spray your
entire scalp leave the apple cider vinegar in your hair for one hour then
rinse and wash your hair with natural shampoo this technique greatly improved
my scalp eczema and dandruff issues number three natural hair care most
people are using toxic commercial brand shampoo conditioners that are packed
with toxic chemicals that pollute the body and irritate and dry the skin
switch to natural shampoo and conditioner that contain botanical oils
like coconut oil olive oil that moisturize and revitalize the scalp
those are three easy scalp eczema treatments that have helped me overcome
eczema when nothing else worked if you would like assistance and healing your
eczema I have put together a 100% free step-by-step guide on how I got rid of
eczema naturally you can get my guide eczema freedom for free just type into your browser right now and hit go listen you don’t
have to suffer from eczema any longer again to get rid of eczema fast go to right now or click the link in the video description below
to learn exactly how my name is Clinton I hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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you have any questions I’m always happy to help I’ll see you in the next video

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