ENG✔SCALP SCALING & Derma Roller System (M.T.S.) Role play sound

ENG✔SCALP SCALING & Derma Roller System (M.T.S.) Role play sound

Please, Turn on CC(English Subtitles) Hello. Nice to see you again in a month. How’s your scalp ever since we last met? At first glance, your hair color changes and looks healthy. Then can I check right away? OK Let’s use the tail comb to look inside your hair. This comb has a metal handle so it doesn’t get tangled in the hair and it’s easy to use. Then I’ll check it. You’re definitely in a better state than you were before. I can’t see dandruff or redness at all. I feel good because you seem to have been working hard on your scalp. I don’t see any particular problem right now, but I think it’s a good idea to keep getting care to maintain this condition. As I highlighted before, let’s start with scaling, which is the basis of scalp care. yes. Today, I’ll clean your scalp using a scalp-only emulsion. When I choose cosmetics, I look carefully to see if they are marked with ingredients on the back Please check carefully and make sure that there are no harmful ingredients in the cosmetic box. Now, evenly apply the emulsion for your scalp and wipe it with a big Q-tip. It’s like a transparent gel? It has a refreshing and subtle scent that is incomparable with water-type cleansers. Then I’ll wipe with a big Q-tip. So far, it’s the same way we’ve done before, but there’s one more thing left to do after that, to put a shower cap on and soften the dead skin. yes. If you don’t have a cotton swab, you can massage your scalp gently with your fingers. Is your scalp fresh already? Oh that’s great. However, in order to expect a definite scaling effect, it is advisable to wear a shower cap and heat treatment it. Then I’ll shampoo. Yes. Would you please use a shower cap? I’ll put a hat on head. This is the heat treatment equipment to be used on the shower cap. This is what you often see in beauty salons.? The inner heating wire warms the scalp to soften the dead skin. Yes, let’s start the heat treatment. Please wait 3 minutes. If you do not have a heat treatment tool in your home, cover your scalp with a hot towel for a while. Is the temperature okay? Ah, you can expect enough effect even if the temperature is not so high. If you feel the scalp warms up, that is enough. I often use this method to dye my hair and clean the remaining dye from my scalp. I heard that the dye left on the scalp causes dryness on the scalp, which can cause hair loss. That’s terrible. right? Um, it’s just three minutes. I’ll take off heat treatment cap. I’ll get rid of old dead skin by shampooing it clean when there’s heat left in your scalp. It smells good in your head and your scalp is refreshing, right? I’ll give you another care to nourish you in the scalp where the dead skin has been removed. The method is the Derma Roller System. Also called M.T.S. It is an abbreviation of (Microneedle therapy system) and a surgical tool used in dermatology. It is a treatment method using the human response that responds to the wound that is caused by rolling the fine needles on the skin. In order to function properly, one roller is not enough and you can apply special cosmetics and roll them on. Let me give you a detailed explanation while introducing the cosmetics to be used together. Ampoule refers to a medical device, but when it comes to cosmetics, it means liquid cosmetics that contain strong aesthetic ingredients. It’s for skin care. It’s not medical supplies at all. If you open it, there are five kinds. Now just after scaling, the ‘waterin ampoule’ that soothes dry scalp, And ‘Peptide ampoule’ that will make your hair healthy, I’ll use these two to care for you. I’ll apply the ‘waterin ampoule’ first. (I will use a syringe to make it easier to apply to the scalp.) I’ll roll it with a roller. Oh, the needle length of the roller I’m using now is 0.25mm, and I hope you don’t use more than this for the scalp. I started from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock, so next I’ll roll an oblique from 5 o’clock to 11 o’clock. Do not roll more than 5 times per place. Derma rollers are easy to use at home, saving you money and time, but they should not be used every day because they have a needle. Please be careful when using. And the rollers must be disinfected and not used with other people and used twice. It looks like it’s going to hurt because it’s got a needle on it, but it’s a pain you can endure, right? I expected it would be fine if the needle length was this 🙂 Yes. Since I applied the first ampoule, I’ll apply the second ampoule next. I’ll apply the second ampoule without a roller and massage it with my hands. This is a ‘peptide’ ampoule. Oh, if you feel like you don’t have enough rollers, you can do it again in a vertical direction (from 6 to 12 o’clock). Derma Roller also find the strength and speed that suits you and adjust the number of times by watching it once a week or over time. Yes. You suffered a lot. How did today’s care feel? It’s hard to keep your scalp and hair healthy. But when your scalp is healthy, your hair is naturally healthy, I hope you continue to care in a way that is easy at home. Yes. If you have another scalp problem, please come. Thank you for watching :))

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