(eng) #Vlog 촬영주간 (ft.다이어트 시작?!✊🏻ㅣ갤럭시 Z플립 2주 사용기ㅣ미니쿠퍼 단점(?)🚘ㅣ네모의 꿈)ㅣ예로그 hiyena 하이예나

(eng) #Vlog 촬영주간 (ft.다이어트 시작?!✊🏻ㅣ갤럭시 Z플립 2주 사용기ㅣ미니쿠퍼 단점(?)🚘ㅣ네모의 꿈)ㅣ예로그 hiyena 하이예나

Good morning! My face looks so swollen today I was really sick last week. It lasted for more than 2 weeks so I decided to eat healthy and pursue a healthy life in general yeah so I’m boiling some eggs rn I’m trying to eat more protein and less sodium Also this will help me lose some weight I get sick of eating chicken breast so I eat with this tomato sauce yeah so I will microwave the chicken breast with some sauce Putting in my microwave Warming it up I want to make these look pretty but I don’t have any veges at home I wanted to take pics of my new diet plan but they don’t look good at all They look really bad… I’d better order some salad at night The only veges I have today is this cucumber… I know I should not eat any kind of sauce But I can’t eat this without the sauce…. okay clear! I have a hair styling photoshoot so I will leave after getting my makeup done Makeup start! Whenever I have hair styling photoshoots, I use new products or products that I’ve wanted to try for my makeup yeah so you guys would ask me for cosmetics info for the makeup in my hair styling vids but I can’t remember them…. I just use random stuff I mean I remember the ones I liked tho Blush – 3CE Rose beige done with the blush and there’s something I wanna show you Look at this so cool!! Foldable! How can a phone be folded horizontally? I used to use the Color Jacket that I can change cases The folder phone was so cool back then but wow… how can a smart phone be foldable? This is like regular thin but hard glass. So it’s similar to regular smart phones! wow tech these days…. It’s Galaxy Z Flip but it hasn’t been released yet It’s gonna be released on 2/14 Thanks to you guys, I got this opportunity to use the phone before it gets released Thank you❤️ I’m using this 2 weeks before its release date I will tell you both good and bad things about the phone! Wow the world has become so much nicer to live in How can a phone be folded? Technology these days… You know how you can find a transparent phone image on the internet, right? Future phone… Like something pops up from the watch wow we might have that kind of phone soon Lips – Too faced #melted matte and Mac #patent paint liquid lacquer These two look pretty together I tried these two together when I went to the gym last time and I’m gonna try it again today The Too Faced itself is not that pretty but then if you wipe it out like this, it gets pretty It got applied on my lips like a magnet and the color is pretty and then this Mac okay done. Now I will go wear contacts and get changed I’m heading to the studio now. The weather’s sooo cold I was so surprised cuz it was so cold I’ve been driving this Mini Cooper for 3 years now But in winter, I regret buying this car… esp when it’s so cold like today It’s so cute and it was my dream to drive this The worst thing about this is that there’s no heating function inside the handle That means…the car gets really cold overnight so the handle is freezing yeah so I even thought about wearing gloves I randomly started talking about bad things about the car I felt that as soon as I got on the car It’s so cold today that I can’t stop thinking about that I arrived at the studio! (holding my eggs lol) Hello~ Mingarden’s intro was so funny lol Wasn’t that so funny? wait what did you say? I boiled some eggs! Getting ready What do you want for the background color? It’s about bangs so yellow? wow these days, we use lightings to set the color of the background Let’s get started! I mean I’m no Suzy but I want to cut wide bangs so I tried #showing how to cut bangs yeah I’m done with my first photoshoot yeah I will show you how to cut bangs and maintain them I’m gonna film 2 vids oh wow I look good with these bangs oh did you see this? what is that? It’s a foldable phone. It’s called Z flip This can be open horizontally This is a new cushion yeah it’s as big as a cushion wow so cool yeah like future tech I talked about this earlier in my vid… I said we might have a phone that pops up like this in the near future oh yeah that’s gonna be possible soon! The foldable phone I used before had a line in the middle so my selfies didn’t look that good cuz of that line but this one has a camera screen only on the top part so it’s easy to take slefies I can fix it like that and take pics at a low angle oh yeah that phone identification is really convenient oh you look so pretty today that’s cuz of my new bangs Seoulite Jyejye is here oh wow that works well (waving my hands) click oh it took a pic cuz I waved my hands lol My second photoshoot yeah if you liked today’s vid plz like and subscribe! Time to find pretty me! oh wait I got that wrong again This was Yena – time to find pretty me – bye! You don’t have any salt? Nope… forgot to bring some salt This is so cool that it has two yolks inside There’s one here and one there! your boyfriend won’t like that oh yeah right lol He only likes the white part true lol I have portrait rights too! so cute!! You’re so cute! He looks upset Plz protect my portrait rights I have another photoshoot tomorrow so I will go to bed early today I told you that I would be eating healthy from now on But my parents bought a hamburger for me so I will order some food from Emart mall for healthy diet tomorrow oh this is really nice Vege box – 5900won Got some healthy veges and salad It’s 11:15 so I will read some webtoon and go to bed early See ya! say good morning awww she’s more cute in the morning I’m gonna make some salad with the veges that got delivered I’m gonna have some healthy food for breakfast I had a greasy hamburger last night so I’m gonna haev some refreshing salad for breakfast It’s only 10:05 AM right now. so early Watching XX. I’m really into this show! I came here to film a collab vid with Daesikson but I’m gonna dye my eyebrows first I tried this popular facial mask Looks good on you oh it looks good on me? yeah I mean the color Do you think this is better than my real face? I’d better take some selfies cuz he said it looks nice on me oh I think the lighting over there is pretty Hey plz look at me WAT Had to film that but missed it. Plz do it again! WAT?! He’s Daesikson I will now go film! yeah so I just finished a collab vid with Daeskison and it was about makeup I look like a mirror ball oh and my skin looks like those skin care product ads I came to do pilates I just went to bad early last night after the photoshoot and I felt like exercising this morning I should make her look long. Where should I place this camera? Maybe right here Pilates Start This is a new equipment and I like it. It sort of looks like a bath chair tho you guys can use bath chairs to exercise! I will now go do some aerobic exercise I decide to go on a diet Hey! I’m gonna go on a diet will go do some aerobic exercise now Aerobic exercise Working hard okay done with the workout and now I will head home I cut my bangs so they are falling down What do you want to eat Yumi? We decided to order salad salad? salad…? We all decided to eat salad cuz you said you would be exercising from now on. We can’t eat yumz! salad… There’s a new pilates trainer here and she’s my…. friend one of my students is your subscriber! My friend who modeled for my hair styling vids is a pilates trainer and she moved to this gym Everyone’s like Hiyena here lol cute She ordered salad without my consent such a good friend I’m jealous that you have such a good friend! You’re not jealous, right? Yes I’m soooo jealous Getting ready for the date I will set the uploading time for this vid and go on a date My boyfriend is coming I just cut my bangs but I didn’t like them falling down so I just pulled them back yeah I’m too lazy to have bangs okay it’s done! I’ve been using this Galaxy Z flip for 2 weeks and I found a really good thing about it I didn’t find it tho The producer filmed my collab vid with Daejukson with Galaxy Flip and I really liked the vid! There’s a function called Free Stop Hinge and you can control the angle freely so I can just fix this phone like this on the desk and film vlogs at an angle that I like My camera is called Vixia Mini This got discontinued tho You can get this from a second hand shop. This is nice that it has a wide angle It’s really small so I can film vlogs conveniently and also I can control the angle freely, which is great for vlogs I can fix this Z flip at an angle that I want and vlog so it’s just like my Vixia camera! so I think those who like to vlog would love this You see what I mean, right? I can control the angle like this I can control the angle with this one as well My boyfriend came early so I will go on a date now Did I pack everything? will head out now Tteokbokki I was gonna film a healthy diet vlog Failed! Change it to yumz vlog I love using forks for tteobokki You thought these were noodles? -Those are rice cakes?
-yeah Why does a chicken place have such a good tteokbokki? (this is why I fail diet) Do you like rice cake made of wheat or rice? Wheat Nope rice Ask the tteobokki group You guys like rice not wheat, right? Then they will def say rice You almost threatened Rice or wheat? plz comment down below~ Failed to film a diet vlog Okay… guys… this is why it’s impossible to diet wow soooo good Chicken should be eaten with salt Agreed Is this…real? We came to the car movie theater but the line is… Is that a line? heard that the car theater is really popular these days…. Should we watch “The Man Standing Next” instead of “Hit Man”? why? what’s the issue? We can’t go in? Come to the second show. There’s no more seat available oki… oh I’ve never seen a car theater being this popular same here Guys… the theater is full… failed this vlog… why? I failed diet and failed to watch a movie… There’s nothing I’ve done today Everything can’t happen as planned I was gonna eat healthy food, go on a date and watch a movie Failed to be continued… Don’t your subscribers tell you to stop singing? so nice Don’t you know “The square’s forest”? wait nope dream He doesn’t know that Squared bed~ you don’t know? (don’t know lyrics) Everything around us is squared you don’t know? -for real?
-no (then I will teach you today) (know nothing besides “squared”) If we look around, everything’s squared~ we have to be well-rounded (easy going) Maybe that’s just the square’s dream you don’t know? You’re old I couldn’t see a squared screen but glad to be singing “The square’s dream” Hope you guys have a easy going day!

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  5. 전 떡볶이는 밀이요!! 마지막에 네모의꿈틀어서 기분좋아졋다고하셧는데 저도 듣는데 기분 넘 좋앗어요🥰

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  7. Z플립 넘나 궁금했는데..!!! 먼가 싱기하고 생각보다 예뻐요!!!!! 옛날에 폴더폰 쓰던 갬성,, 액정이 접히는게 여전히 신기한 1인입니당❤️ 언니 미모는 쌩얼도 장난 없음❤️

  8. Unni I really love your vlogs we need more vlogs💜💜💜🙌🙌 thanks for English sub and fighting💪💪😎😎

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