Film Theory: We FOUND The SIMPSONS!

Film Theory: We FOUND The SIMPSONS!

[Ding a ling] Moe’s Tavern, Moe speaking. Hi, I was hoping you could tell me what state Springfield is in? Listen you! When I get a hold of you, I’m gonna’ use your head for a bucket, and paint my house with your brain Well that escalated quickly. [Theme] Hello Internet, welcome to Film Theory! The show that proves you can turn watching Netflix reruns into a job. And while reruns are the only way to enjoy most of our favorite shows from the 90’s. Unless, you know, someone is eager for a quick cash grab based on brand awareness. There is one show that has hung on… The Simpsons… “The Simpsons” came out in a simpler time A time when cellphones where the size of bricks, and the word “fleek” hadn’t earned itself a place in the dictionary. Speaking of the dictionary though… Homer’s catchphrase of “Do’h” was actually added a few years ago! And it’s the common usage of the word ‘meh’ comes from. Crazy, right? From the Kwik-E-Mart, the prototype of internet trolls… The Simpsons is truly, a cultural icon. And yet, after nearly 3 decades, of one HUGE mystery about the series remains unanswered… Where, do the Simpsons live? We all know they live in Springfield, that part’s obvious. But the state, has always been a question. And this isn’t by accident… The show has taunted viewers for YEARS… By giving information that would make it virtually for anyone to determine exactly where Springfield is. Notice though, that I said, virtually impossible, because after sifting through the evidence, there is more than enough proof to deduce where the Simpsons actually reside. Today we’re closing the books on one of prime time’s longest running riddles. Now hold on to your comment hand all you walking Simpsons encyclopedias, i’m sure you just waiting to point out that there are tones of jokes and references in the Simpsons that contradict each other. What about that time in the Simpsons movie for instance when Flanders says that the 4 states that border Springfield are: Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky. No such states does or ever could exist. Well stupid sexy Flanders, that’s a fair point, but here’s the thing. The running jokes on where Springfield is are mostly there to throw off would be theorists. So if we wanted to determine where Springfield really is, we need to look for evidence for when the show isn’t joking about the impossibility of its location. Preference also goes to episodes that are older, both because they are less likely to present Springfield as a place that couldn’t exist, and because many die hard Simpsons fans consider episodes after Season 9 to be non-canonical, because the show changed executive producers. Got all that? Good. Because we have a mystery to solve. Hehehehehe! Since the Simpsons takes so much pride in never revealing its big mystery, [Nelson] Ha-ha! Our best tactic to prove where Springfield is, is to work backwards, and eliminate where it isn’t. 50 states is a lot to cover, so let’s knock out a bunch right off the bat. In Season 5, Bart wins a call in contest in Springfield’s local radio station, and gets to choose between a grand prize of $10,000, or an elephant. Bart picks the elephant, high jinks ensues, and Homer gets stuck in the La Brea Tar Pit. So what’s this have to do with Springfield’s location? Well, the radio station Bart calls is named “Vagina farts”. And it’s referenced in a number of other Simpsons episodes, from the first several seasons. So we can say that it is indeed a permanent fixture in Springfield, and not some one off joke a random writer came up with. Why does this matter? Well, in the early 1920’s, the Federal Communications Commission established a system for radio station call letters. All states east of the Mississippi River would have call letters which started with W. Like NBC’s New York radio station, WNYC. And stations west of the mighty Mississipp, would start with the letter K Springfield’s KBBL thus, could not be in any of the 26 states that are completely east of the Mississippi river. Minnesota and Louisiana are the exceptions. With stations starting with both K and W, so they’ll stay for now. But still, there goes HALF the country in one fell swoop! How has no one figured this out yet? Seriously people! Do your research! Then again, maybe i’ve spoken too soon. because from here it gets a lot tricker we get some good geographical clues from the Season 7 episode “Bart on the road” Bart manages to get a fake ID rents a car for spring break and ends up getting himself and his friends stranded in Knoxville, Tennessee on the road from Springfield to Knoxville the group drives through Branson, Missouri stopping to listen to the smooth crooning of Andy Williams. If you are wondering who Andy Williams is don’t worry people watching that episode at the time it was aired probably didn’t know who Andy Williams was, such a random old reference. Anyway, let’s take a look at the map Branson is in the Southwest corner of Missouri And Knoxville is in eastern Tennessee Bart would of had to take a pretty major detour To get to Branson If their point of origin was in Louisiana, Arkansas, or Texas, So we can eliminate all of those. And unless the rental car is one of those Duck Boats ™ that goes from water to land, They ain’t (southern MatPat?) driving to Tennessee from Hawaii! No big surprise, Hawaii is off the table. In the same episode, We see a map of all the nuclear reactors in the United States Above Homer’s work station When the camera zooms in, We can see California, Nevada and Utah completely And none of their reactors are labeled “Springfield”. Another three states bite the dust. Now we need to think about the topography of Springfield. We know Springfield has mountains, From episodes like Mountain Of Madness, Mr. Plow, And King Of The Hill, Not to be confused with, uh, this one. DAMN IT, BOBBY! Sorry. I swear my New Year’s Resolution is to stop doing impressions. In the Simpsons episode “King Of The Hill” Homer gets in shape, And gets hired by a protein bar company To climb the Murderhorn, the tallest mountain in Springfield. In one scene, we see Homer sucking on oxygen tanks, which his guides packed to prevent Altitude Sickness. According to WebMD, Altitude Sickness is extremely rare below 8,000 ft above sea level. Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma All have highest points that are shorter than that 8,000 foot mark. 2.4 kilometer mark So they’re all out. That means, we are down to are final 9. Alaska, Washington , Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona This isn’t a surprise, But it’s definitely not Alaska. In the Simpsons Movie the entire family uproots from Springfield And moves to Alaska. We even see them entering the state for the first time. So Alaska, is out. we had a couple that helped us eliminate some south western states aswell in the season 5 episode boy scouts in da hood clearly i live the thug life myself bart and his junior camper troop get lost when they go white water rafting homer tries to navigate using a map of krust burger locations and sais hey theres a new mexico and in the process knocks the state out of the running now lets jump ahead 2 seasons to season sevens “king-size homer

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100 Replies to “Film Theory: We FOUND The SIMPSONS!”

  1. In season 31 there's a reference to Springfield oragon. where a guy says to homer something like where do u live. homer says Springfield. He goes oragon or something. Which ends up homer saying I don't know which reminded me of this video

  2. Did you just make fun of Australia
    Dislike video but like video because of the simpsons
    Mate, make fun of Australia and you have another thing coming

  3. If it’s in srpingfield Oregon where are all the lemon trees
    Shouldn’t there be a lemon tree growing in shelbyville?

  4. in one of the episode, they show a map of usa with all states where the simpson are forbiden to go. oregon is one of these state so they can't live in there. here is a link to that map

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasnt there a family guy episode where they go to "Springfield organ" where they meet the Simpsons

  6. I just looked up "home many stated have a town valley spring feels and it's turns out 13 don't so that eliminated 13 out of fifty so many that would have helped you to look up

  7. If springfield is in or dos that mean that kowhog is in whasington because in one episode of family Guy they travel to springfield otherwice they live in Or to.

  8. I wasn't surprised to see the result considering there was an interview where Matt Groening revealed it to be in Oregon.

  9. Lol I've always known this. raised in eugene oregon with springfield oregon right next door. Currently live in springfield now and the amount of Simpson stuff littering the town is baffling.

  10. ALSO Springfield could be in MA! I know it's not but they share similar features or "clues" that can be found in the series.

  11. i think their in Colorado because homer buys the Denver broncos and it was one of the last states standing on the list

  12. In fact Matt stated, that Springfield is not set anywhere specific but while designing it he was inspired a lot by Springfield, OR.

  13. Sir sorry to break it to you but, there is a Springfield Missouri, and yes your explanation is great, but I'm just putting it out there

  14. I think most of us knew it was real just use google and it says England but I think if you type America in it you will find it life hack

  15. I think I read somewhere that Matt Groening revealed/confirmed it took place in Oregon back in 2012 while this video came out in 2016

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