Goku Black: The Story You Never Knew | Dragon Ball Super | Treesicle

Goku Black: The Story You Never Knew | Dragon Ball Super | Treesicle

Goku Black. He’s not a live action Goku played by Will
Smith. He’s evil Goku! gasp And he’s taken quite
the toll on the future. It’s like rural Connecticut but worse! Hartford was lovely though. (…well, most of it) But this Goku Black
guy sure isn’t. And we’re going to get to the bottom of
him. In a non-sexual way. We’re going into his mind, his story and
most of all…his story you didn’t know. Don’t worry that’s not the schick. Not yet. But it’s why you’re here isn’t it? Indeed Goku Black is the main antagonist of
the Future Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super and his most powerful transformation is Super
Saiyan Rosé. Which is pretty bougie. He’s the kind of pretentious, elitist douchenozzle
you don’t want wielding Goku’s body and power…and yet here he his. I’ve already dropped some mild spoilers
but beware…they get ..more. Are you ready? Goku Black is Zamasu’s soul in Goku’s
body. This green, bouge-maximizing, wine-sniffing,
reluctant tea-pouring supreme kai apprentice who is green stole Goku’s body because he
has the biggest balls in the universe. The super dragon balls. By the power of the divine dragon who dwarfs
galaxies, our green, soon-to-be black literal backstabber got his dainty, uppercrust hands
on one of the strongest bodies in the universes! You’re just a dirty ladder climber who wears
ascots in Aspen over his $1000 cardigan you fuck. Akira Toriyama, you’re a master at creating
villains. Cause this guy SUCKS! He’s prepared, willing, and trying really
hard to kill all gods and mortals because he thinks he’s smarter, nicer, and more
deserving of obedience than everybody! He’s gunning to be the god of a universe
by his design. And that’s a ridiculous thing. So if you’ve ever wondered what makes the
biggest, most-neon most false-justice-wanting creep tick then prepare yourself. For the story of power assumed with power
itself, for the story of a god who forgot he was mortal…EVEN WHEN HE WASN’T! THIS GOKU BLACK…the story…you never knew. That was the schtick In order to understand someone you must first
understand their motives. That’s not really true or anything but it
transitions well into what we’re gonna talk about first. Goku Black errr Zamasu’s motives. From his earliest appearance, this supreme
kai apprentice disagrees with his supreme kai master about…the usefulness of humans
and anything like us. Zamasu hates us highly-evolved monkeys because
the Gods “graced us” with intellect.. intelligence…yet all we can seem to do is
use this gift from the Gods to enact our selfish, violent plans. A CYNICAL PERSPECTIVE. But the perspective of this self-proclaimed
god nonetheless. This hatred of any mortal that reminds zam-bam
of humans is made obvious when he and his yellow-elder watch over planet Barbaria and
the “human-like” species that lives there. They’re more like 15 foot reptiles than
humans but we’ve just gotta take Toriyama’s word for it that the minds of these creatures
are extremely similar to those of the cavemen way back in the day here on Earth. No doubt these club-wielding, violence doers
on planet Barbaria are a Barbaric bunch. Get it? You get it. Indeed these lizard peoples’, us humans,
and those danged saiyans all fall into the same category for Zamasu. We’re all a bunch of meanies given intelligence
by the gods and we just don’t deserve it! All we ever do is destroy things and each
other with it. Understanding this idea is the key to understanding
how and why Goku Black came to be. This resentment at the simplistic, selfishness
of mortals eats away at our green antagonist. You can tell it’s really bugging him, but
it’s not until Goku pays Gowasu and his angsty apprentice a visit that these feelings
reach a boiling point. Goku challenges Zamasu to a fight and wouldn’t
you know it our golden boy ends up winning. Zamasu is helpless against the supposedly
barbaric mortal…he’s not cool with that. He’s even a bit afraid of iiiiiit. It’s after this and learning of the existence
of the super Dragon Balls from…god-tube…that our soon-to-be boi in black hatches a plan. He pays a visit to the profit Zuno who basically
gives Zamasu the lowdown on how the Super Dragon Balls work, how to summon the big,
divine dragon and even how big each super dragon ball is. 37,196.2204 kilometers to be exact. These things are the size of planets! But that doesn’t stop Zameypammy from hopping
between universes 6 and 7 to assemble these big balls and enacting his plan. Before he goes on his collection quest, however
he must first murder Gowasu, his master so that he, himself may become Supreme Kai and
use those sweet time rings for himself. ..The Supreme Kai’s each get a set of time
rings that allow for travel forward in time…but not backwards! Make sense? Great! Zamasu uses this ability to fast forward a
year when the balls aren’t inert (cause the Z fighters used them recently) and summons
that sweet dragon with those magic words…pretty peas. First things first, Zamasu wishes for an immortal
body so that he cannot be killed…or even hurt. Then he uses the time ring again to fast forward
a year, collect the super dragon balls again and make another wish. This time wishing to trade bodies with Goku. Much to the dismay of Chi-Chi and Goten…their
husband/father suddenly changes color and has a weird haircut. Then a guy who looks exactly like Goku appears
and murders Goku in his now-much-weaker body. Bad. Day. You might be wondering how Zamasu was able
to kill his old body after he’d already wished for immortality…the answer is timeline
shenanigans. It’ll make sense in a bit. Of course things are about to get a whole
lot worse! Now that Zamasu is in possession of Goku’s
body, his disdain for mortals or more specifically mortals who are smart, has the potential to
become universal law instead of mere thoughts in his head. And to make matters worse, Zamasu (with his
immortal body) has come from another time to team up with himself in Goku’s body. There’s the timeline shenanigans. Green alien-man and Goku Black make quite
the team. Teamwork is superb when the same person exists
in two different bodies. So that’s the gist of who Goku Black is
and how he came to be. Sometimes ya just gotta summarize. BUT NOW IT’S TIME TO ANALYZE! Have you noticed something interesting about
Goku Black and the soul who inhabits him? Have you noticed that in almost every way,
Zamasu is the polar opposite of Goku? Not only is Zam-bam a dick while Goku is kind,
but he’s also methodical while Goku is…forgetful. More importantly, however, Zamasu is filled
with inner turmoil, fear, and a strong desire to push his will on to the universe. Compare all that to Goku always being at ease,
filled with forgiveness, is courageous and really doesn’t care what anyone else is
doing so long as it isn’t hurting other people. These two are so polar opposite it’s almost
like…it’s fate that they would trade bodies. Some things are just so poetic that they’re
meant to be. Maybe that girl who posts marginally inspirational
quote gifs with minions in them in everyday on facebook was right…EVERYTHING DOES HAPPEN
FOR A REASON! Sometimes reality is poetry and it’s a beautiful
thing. I mean…Dragon Ball Super is fictional but
EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Anyway. Goku and Zamasu are opposites…but that doesn’t
stop our green antagonist from stealing this powerful, saiyan body to enact his justice
on the world. Now this is all well and good, but we’ve
been focused on Zamasu for too long. His motives and identity are essential to
understanding Goku Black…but now it’s time to look deep at the false-Saiyan himself. What’s important to understand about Black’s
character is that he isn’t just a foreign soul in Goku’s body. He’s more interesting than that. Because consciousness…is a two way street. Sure, Zamasu’s essence of being is the one
pulling the strings of this Saiyan meat-vehicle, but what he didn’t foresee was that Goku’s
Saiyan instincts and pride would also play into Black’s personality. Black’s appearance even resembles Zamas
slightly by being slightly slimmer, eyes more…intense? Hair noticeably darker and pointing more in
one direction instead of pointing in all of them. He’s a shinjin mind intertwined with a Saiyan
body…and so both of these species, however different, play into the character of black. They shape his body, his mind and are voices
that whisper what he should do next. Indeed, Goku Black is a bizarre combination
of monkey pride and godly entitlement. Hence…Super Saiyan Rose. BARF! It should also be noted that the Zam-bam’s
justice plays out in the alternative, future timeline that was already super shitty thanks
to the androids back in the day. He makes a cameo in the normal timeline but
quickly gets sucked back into the future cause YOU AIN’T SUPPOSED TO GO BACKWARDS IN TIME
BRO! So yeah, the Z fighters and friends use the
present as a regrouping point and make multiple trips to the future to thwart Black and Green. They seem to be able to pass between the future
and past without much hassle from the metaphysics of it all but I guess Bulma’s time machine
is better at transcending time and space than an object built by the Gods. MORTALS AIN’T SO UNIMPRESSIVE NOW ARE THEY? ZAMASU? More like ZAMASSSSsssUCK!!!?? Oh right I guess you were more worried about
us accumulating power that outpaces our wisdom…Is that a fair assessment of your reasoning for
committing galactic genocide? So I guess this time machine is more terrifying
to you than impressive? You know when you put it like that Zamasuck
doesn’t sound nearly as evil. In fact according to Gowansu, Zamasu has…a
pure heart! So either this guys a terrible judge of character
or the man behind Goku Black is more complicated than we think! Which is bad news considering I’m 3.5 pages
in and trying to keep this to a one-parter. In case you didn’t know Gowasu says several
times that how one makes and pours tea is a window to the soul. Specifically he says: “Tea made by one pure
of heart is unclouded and always the most delicious to boot.” And clearly this guy enjoys his apprentice’s
tea! But how is this possible? How can this harbinger of darkness be pure
of heart? Remember. Goku is described throughout Dragon Ball and
Dragon Ball Z as being “pure of heart.” It’s a cornerstone of his character and
it’s why he’s the benevolent protagonist we’ve come to know and love. It’s why he spared Vegeta, it’s why he
can ride the nimbus…remember Bulma couldn’t ride the nimbus in Dragon Ball? Yeah. Apparently Mr. Genocide over here is a better
person than our benevolent yet flawed scientist. WHAT. I’m having a hard time buying that. But…let’s look at the definition of “pure
of heart”. According to dictionary.com it means “without
malice, treachery, or evil intent; honest; sincere; guileless.” So Zamasu murdered Goku’s wife and child
with the most honest and sincere intentions. No hatred here. Perhaps…that’s the key to understanding
the bizarre and mysterious character of Goku Black. Earlier on we touched on how Goku and Zamasu
are opposites. Their goals in life and outlook on the world
are so ridiculously different yet they end up fighting with the same body. One is a bringer of order and the other is
a bringer chaos. Akira Toriyama, you sure know how a write
a dichotomy! Oddly enough, we can better understand Zamasu’s
purity of heart in the scene when he wills an energy scythe into existence, then thrusts
it forward to create a vast wound in the universe itself. A terrifying feat that even surpasses his
own understanding. He doesn’t even know how it happens. He has no idea what this wound in the sky
even is exactly…however he guesses it could be the culmination of his bottomless anger. So let’s get into that shall we? His anger. His…fear. Somehow, in spite of these unenlightened emotions,
our antagonist is still “pure”. You may be interested to know why. You see, throughout the Dragon Ball series
there have been villains with the worst of intentions. Frieza the arrogant conqueror, Cell the entitled
narcissist, Buu the…chaotic evil. Yet Zamasu, despite being the Z fighters’
strongest opponent EVER…at the time…he’s somehow doing all of this out of the goodness
of his heart. Perhaps the best way to describe him is as
someone filled with…righteous anger. That is to say he really, truly believes that
his desire to control the universe and rid it of mortals is what’s best for everyone. In a weird way, he’s not selfish. He fears for the safety of existence and so
he goes to incredible lengths to wipe human-like mortals from existence. Frieza, Cell, and Buu were…essentially all
just having fun. But Goku Black…he is a man on a mission. Hellbent on making the world a better place
even if he has to kill everyone who lives in it. Which is a silly thought…but at least it’s
authentic and not self-serving! Perhaps what’s most interesting thing about
this character is the insight he gives to Vegeta about his anger…and anger in general. Keep in mind that Black almost killed Trunks
right before saying this. “I now understand how you are improving
so rapidly. It’s anger isn’t it? The anger that your son was hurt made you
strong didn’t it? Now that I realize it, it’s simple….turn
anger into power. I see, anger. Anger at the mortals who disrespect the universe. Anger at the gods who overlook that disrespect. And….anger at my powerless self for losing
to a mere mortal!” He, of course, says this right before throwing
that wound into the sky. Fascinating still…is what this means for
the Z fighters and the path they were on until the start of Dragon Ball Super. Before the beginning of this installment,
every new transformation, every new attack was done with an epic yell…a shout to the
heavens…a rage that could be felt in the Earth itself. When such anger that harkens back to the most
ancient of Saiyan urges is discovered by a god…the result is existentially terrifying. You could say Zamasu’s desire for power
and it’s awful result is what would have been had Vegeta and Goku continued down their
quest of becoming the strongest, angriest fighters they possibly could. This rage was traded for godly tranquility
when Whis began teaching Vegeta and Goku and this allowed both of them to ascend to Super
Saiyan Blue. Tranquility was the key to unlocking the next
paradigm of power…the gods understood that…but it’s not until Zamasu discovers what anger
is capable of that this god understands the power it wields. I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling
of being angry. You’ve probably noticed there’s something…blinding
about it. You act without thinking, you do things you
normally never would. All the while your thoughts thrash chaotically. Do you remember exactly what you did and why
you did it? Anger…can only get you so far before it
becomes too chaotic to handle. It, by its nature, fragments the psyche and
leaves the one who is feeling it in a storm of determined confusion. Yet Zamasu…is a god…he wields in his consciousness
a deep tranquility. A tranquility that intertwines with his anger
and stabilizes it to produce power previously unseen. If you’re familiar with Broly (in the movie
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan) you know his rage pushed his power further than anyone
had ever gone…but it tore his mind apart and he inevitably was defeated. Broly lacked a clarity of mind…his anger..his
fury.. controlled him…not the other way around. It’s this ugly-beautiful balance of primal
fear and calmness of mind that allows Goku Black and his green companion to be calculating,
devious, and always in control of themselves. It’s only after Zamasu and Black fuse together
(after black had already been killed) that our double antagonist starts to lose control. Ultimately getting killed by Trunks, then
seeping his essence into the ether of the universe…becoming “justice itself” in
a cackling, terrifying, chaos that must be destroyed by the god of gods himself. Good ol’ Zenosama! Losing control is really what undid Black. He got cocky…careless, blinded by his emotions. And that’s not what he character was about
up until the end. Not at all. Perhaps that’s the most terrifying part
of Goku Black and the god inside of him. His character is one with clarity…despite
the negative emotions he feels. His divine calmness allows him to look through
furious and fearful eyes with a clarity of mind that no mortal could ever comprehend. That is to say that at every moment, when
gods were killed, when cities were leveled, entire populations murdered, Goku Black never
truly lost himself to his fear or his anger. Except right at the end there. He knew exactly what he was doing. He understood the scope of the emotional suffering
he caused, the collective misery and terror of a hundred million lives obliterated and
their loved ones left to barely hold on. And yet he did it anyway. He’s not an uncaring narcissist, he’s
not playing games…he’s just a terrified god who’s calm enough to understand how
scared and angry he is. And that’s the story of Goku Black…the
story…you never knew. And…that’s my take on Goku Black! What did you think? Let know in the comments down below if I missed
something or if you want to tell me how much you love me. Either way…comment section is open for business. That being said…I HAVE AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Starting Tuesday of this week, I’m streaming
on Twitch! Join me and Ryan from the Real Truth every
weekday at 3pm Pacific time for some mind blowing vidya game playing. We’ll even be crafting theories as we play
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process, if you want to be entertained…then come to the treesicle stream on twitch weekdays
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us at Twitch.tv/treesicle. It’s the thing to do. That’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll see you all next time. Bye everyone!

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  2. You got some stuff wrong here. Zamasu didn't wish for an immortal body first. His very first wish was to switch bodies with Goku, then he went to the future Trunks timeline recruited himself from that timeline and that Zamasu from that timeline was the one who wished for an immortal or indestructible body.

  3. 9:47
    I think that the Shinjin don’t want to go back in time, even though they could, because it’d be bad, it’d change timelines; Zamasu is even against Bulma’s time machine, so I guess it makes sense

  4. The time ring IS made by gods and therefore subject to the typical godly rules such as don't screw with time too much. Whereas Bulma's time machine doesn't have that limiter I think?

  5. Goku Black "The universe is in need of Justice, I'm the only one who knows that, at least I'm the only one with the will to act on it."

  6. One this I don’t understand is how the fuck merged Zamasu is stronger than Goku and Vegeta? I mean yeah Goku black gets stronger after every wound BUT he can still get killed off by Goku or Vegeta maybe even trunks. Zamasu isn’t even strong at all. Goku and trunks even defeated him if it wasn’t for his immortal body. So how is 1 that’s strong and 1 that’s weak make 1 that’s incredibly strong? So if Goku and the supreme kai we’re to fuse, does that mean that their fusion would be the same or higher than Merged Zamasu? The thing with DBSuper is power levels don’t make any fucking sense

  7. The first wish was to trade bodies with Goku… the second wish was used by the Past Zamasu to gain the immortal body. Good try.

  8. Zamasu, Goku Black, Zamoku Black…six ears in total…The six eared Macaque, the Fake Sun Wukong.

    That's some deep shit, ain't it?

  9. Why make such sort of videos wtf enjoy ur dislike. The video is meant to explain something about Goku Black i see from the name of it, but why make it so difficult to understand just go straight to the point, why make the video like it would be a 999999999999 iq professor making a speech to people. U know some people's native language isnt english and its hella hard to understand. Its a 20 min video with full of unneeded shit to be heard.

  10. i just watched dragon ball super and wanted to know some details but your video is flat out wrong on the basics lol

  11. This is an old video, but given the depth of it, I can't help but put forward my own opinion. In my eyes, Zamasu was right, though he acted based on selfish desires. Think about it, how many times have the Dragon Balls been used on something other than earth? Think about all the planet's destroyed by Frieza, planet Vegeta itself, all the planets Buu destroyed, King Kai's planet. None of that destruction was ever properly addressed, and the protagonists and antagonists only grew capable of destroying more and more. Beerus wasn't contributing as he should have either, sleeping the centuries away, letting the universe destroy itself. After hearing that a mortal was strong enough to take on lord Beerus, Zamasu likely saw that as the tipping point, since the Gods of Destruction were no longer powerful enough to enforce order, even if Beerus did eventually decide to do so. It's also his biggest reason for him being fearful: in order to fulfill his goal of wiping the world clean of all intelligent life, he'd have to face off against beings eons more powerful than him, fighting against what was practically the universe itself. A daunting task, even if he was immortal. Even moreso if he could emotionally relate to said beings, since apparently intelligence was an innate part of himself that mortals shared with him.

    P.S. if intellect really was a gift from the Gods, then that means that life would still exist in Zamasu's dream world, but nobody would ever be able to destroy planets ever again, since only animal and plant life remain.

  12. The thing that made Goku Black a terrifying villain for me is the fact that he is the purest example of what Goku would be like as a villain.

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  14. 15:08 heartbreak, loss of loved ones, trauma/tragedy, the destruction of nature.
    And to be honest, I used to 𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖊 Zamasu and Goku Black, but I intentions of them were merely my false assumptions. hmmmm….

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