Hair Loss – Cause, Prevention and Treatment

Hair Loss – Cause, Prevention and Treatment

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to
you about Hair Loss – Cause, Prevention and Treatment.
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But back to our topic. The adult scalp contains about 100,000 hair
follicles. Everyday the scalp loses about 100 hairs and they will grow back in 5-6 weeks.
Starting at age 40, the levels of by-product prolactin of testosterone of men increases,
stimulating the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that causes the conversion of testosterone
to gihydro-testosterones DHT causing our hair to grow back thinner or not grown back at
all. This causes an androgenic alopecia hair loss problem, since DHT shrinks the follicles
causing hair thins and hair receding at the forehead, crown and temple for men and thins
over the entire scalp for women. What causes hair loss. 1. The Causes of Hair Loss. a) Aging .
Human aging is the biological process that is unavoidable but controllable with healthy
diet with complex carbohydrates, green foods, garlic, onion, water and juices that will
help to decrease the aging process in some degree. It also helps to reduce the amount
of DHT produced in our body, result in postponing hair loss to our scalp. b) Mineral deficiency .
Minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, chromium, iodine, zinc, and magnesium are necessary
to maintain healthy hair growth. Mineral deficiency will reduce the chance to regulate the blood
circulation that promotes healthy hair growth and thyroid hormones that prevent dry hair
and hair loss as well as defects in hair color. Too much iron is toxic to your body. Be sure
to talk to your doctor before taking any mineral supplement. c) Oxygen deficiency .
Oxygen deficiency in your blood weakens the hair follicles, leading to dryness of the
scalp and hair loss. Uncontrolled diet that is high in saturated fat causes cholesterol
building up in your arteries resulting in less oxygen in your blood stream. Also cigarette
smoking and second hand smoke reduces the blood flow and increases the blood clotting
activity of cells which would clog the blood flow and damage arteries causing oxygen deficiency
and results in weaken of the hair follicles. d) Side affects of medication taken .
Some medications contains elements that might cause hair loss such as lithium, warfarin,
heparin, and amphetamines. When hair loss is a side effect of a medication, hair growth
usually returns to normal once the drug is stopped. e) Genetic hair loss .
Hair loss is due to heredity. It is passed down from generation to generation. Genetic
hair loss appears predominately in men, but may also appear in a few select women. 3. Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment. Here are some important minerals that may
help to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth: a) Iron .
Iron is involved in the oxygenation of your body’s red blood cells. It is essential for
normal hair growth and maintaining healthy hair. If the amount of iron can not be replaced
with food intake, iron deficiency will cause hair loss because of oxygen deficiency. b) Zinc .
It helps to secrete the scalp with much needed oil and avoid dandruff that may cause hair
loss. c) Copper .
Study shows that these tripeptide complexes may actually be able to regrow hair, even
in patients with total hair loss due to alopecia. Healthy tissue concentrations of copper lie
between 1. 7 and 3. 5 milligrams. Everything else will cause hair loss. d) B vitamins .
The deficiency of B vitamins (especially B6, B3, B5 and folic acid) in your diet may lead
to hair loss. e) Biotin .
Biotin works as an anti aging agent and helps to produce keratin in preventing gray hair
and hair loss. Sources of biotin are: whole grains, egg yolks,
liver, rice and milk. f) Vitamin A .
Vitamin A is important for over-all good health. It’s also beneficial to hair follicles, as
it keeps the hair root lubricated. Too much vitamin A might result in hair loss. g) Vitamin E .
Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that aids effective circulation in the scalp due to
increased oxygen uptake in blood, therefore it plays an important role in promoting hair
growth and preventing hair loss. h) CQ-10 .
Coenzyme Q10 (CQ-10) is an essential vitamin that provides our body with the nutrients
needed to grow healthy hair. They also promote overall vitality, and contribute to beautiful
skin and strong nails. Here are some daily foods that might help
to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth. 1. Yogurt and soy .
Yogurt and soy contain high amounts of protein that is needed to maintain hair growth. Study
shows that soy protein reinforces hair and stimulates its growth. 2. Dark green vegetable .
Dark green vegetable contains high amounts of iron that are needed to restore oxygen
levels in the blood stream as well as nurturing the body’s cells. 3. Whole grain products .
Whole grain contains zinc which is needed to maintain healthy hair. Zinc deficiency
can lead to dry hair and oily skin. 4. Essential fatty acid .
Essential fatty acid can be found abundant in cold water fish. It helps to maintain healthy
cholesterol and reduce triglyceride in result of increasing circulation of blood flow in
our body. 6. Nut and seed .
Nuts and seeds are fatty foods which are typically the best sources of vitamin E, an immune enhancing
antioxidant and nerve protector. Deficiency of vitamin E can lead to skin disorders, dry
hair and loss of hair. 7. Carrots .
Carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A. It is an antioxidant that helps produce healthy
sebum in the scalp. Having too much vitamin A can lead to hair loss.
There are many other foods that help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, such as
fruits, egg, spinach, and broccoli. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking
large amounts of the above foods. There may be side effects, such as overdoses of vitamin
A in carrot might result in hair loss. Traditionally, herbs have been around for
over thousands of years and offer much success to prevent or cure diseases well before the
discovery of western medicine. Here are some herbs thathave been proven in treating hair
loss and promoting hair growth a) Shikakai .
Acacia Concinna is a small shrub-like tree that grows in India. It’s pod-like fruit is
collected, dried and then grounded into a fine powder. It is used to cleanse hair, and
is known to promote hair growth and get rid of dandruff. Due to these benefits, this powder
was named shikakai which means “fruit for the hair”. b) Grape seed extract .
Grape seed extract is a very strong antioxidant that some use as a supplement or remedy to
various conditions. It contains high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids that
are essential for maintaining hair growth and preventing hair loss. c) Kirin Brewery new discovery .
Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido working with Kirin Brewery has discovered a unique
property of an extract of hops that can help to activate the melanocyte cells that generate
hair pigment. d) Saw palmetto .
As we mentioned in another article, Saw palmetto is the number one choice for men. Saw palmetto
helps to block the formation of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that causes the conversion of testosterone
to DHT that causes hair loss. e) Basil extract .
Basil Extract from the natural flowers of the basil plant, works to quickly soothe and
calm skin of the scalp. f) Pumpkin Seed .
Pumpkin seeds help to block DHT, which is responsible for genetic hair loss. This common
seed is loaded with zinc and magnesium that have the ability to block enzymes which yield
DHT causing damage to follicles and resulting in hair loss. g) Buddleja Davidii Extract .
Buddleja Davidii extract contain active ingredients protecting the skin against toxic radicals.
It can also help reduce skin aging and protect the skin against the damage caused from stresses
and toxins. h) Green Tea .
Green tea contains the chemical globulin that helps to reduce levels of free testosterone,
so that it cannot be converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicle.
Be sure to talk to your doctor or dermatologist before taking any herb supplement. Here are some prescription and over the counter
drugs that might help prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth. 1. Minoxidil .
Minoxidil is an over the counter drug and is a spray or lotion that you put directly
on your scalp twice a day. It is available without a prescription. It is believed to
work by affecting potassium- regulating mechanisms in the hair follicle. Study shows that it
helps to slow and stop hair loss and regrow new hair with over 60 % success rate. Be sure
talk to your doctor or dermatologist before taking minoxidil. It might cause rash to some
patients. 2. Finasteride .
Finastteride is an oral prescription medication. Finasteride is a synthetic hormone that halts
hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. It is a medication that selectively inhibits
the activity of an enzyme that converts the “male hormone” testosterone into a form that
is active in hair follicles. 3. Rogaine .
Rogaine is a clear alcohol-based solution and should be applied to a person’s thinning
area with it’s supplied dropper or spray twice a day. It helps about 25 percent of men and
20 percent of women to grow back moderate amounts of hair very gradually, mostly on
the very top of the head. They must keep using Rogaine indefinitely to keep the new hair. 4. Retin-A .
Retin-A is only available by prescription in the US. In the right doses and when combined
with Minoxidil it can be a hair growth stimulator. Studies shows that Retin- A can result in
moderate hair growth in some patients. 5. Proscar .
Proscar contains the same active ingredient finasteride. Proscar has the effect of lowering
the hormone DHT, which interacts with bald vulnerable hair follicles and causes hair
loss. By reducing the DHT in the patient’s body the finasteride in the Proscar proved
to slow and even stop or reverse hair loss in many men. Before taking any hair loss medication over
the counter, please consult first with your doctor or dermatologist. That’s it! Thank you.
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