Hair Loss: How I stopped it naturally and reversed it

Hair Loss:  How I stopped it naturally and reversed it

in about a month to maximum two months I
definitely saw a result Hi guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video I
wanted to do something that I’ve actually wanted to do for a very long
time so I had promised myself that once I started this channel I will go ahead
and do a video about hair. About two years ago I started losing my hair. My dad was pretty much bald so that was always like a fear for me. I remember as
a teenager one of my friends had mentioned “oh your hairline is receding” That may be really conscious so I was constantly looking up what I can do to
avoid to be bald so I finally got over that fear of losing hair
mid 20s because I still had like really thick hair and so thick to the
point that I couldn’t even style my my hair. I couldn’t manage my own hair. So as I got older I started noticing that my hair was thinning. And then
about two years ago I knew that I was losing hair because every time I was in
the shower there was always like tons of hair just falling out and then
especially in the crown right here. This was my problem area. I definitely felt it and I could see it in the mirror but I think I was still in somewhat denial or
didn’t really know what to do. I was over at my mom’s house and she said oh “you’re
finally going bald like your dad” That was my turning point and hair transplant didn’t make sense because I had a good amount of hair, it was just thinning in here and on the sides. And so I wanted to find a solution
what’s out there what beauty of people my age group or people that are going
through the same experience regardless of the age, what have they done, is there anything out there. And I literally found nothing. I found a lot of videos on YouTube two years ago about what you can do to avoid losing your
hair. Nothing I found back then that was like an affidavit of someone that had gone through the experience of hair
thinning, losing hair and then was able to reverse it. I looked through a lot
of different blogs and I read a lot about different ingredients and
this and that And I came across this one blog which
was pretty lengthy and very detailed. I decided to give that a try. I would
say in about a month two maximum two months I definitely saw results. So I
followed that for about three to four months and then there was like something
in my head that was still so skeptical that what I’m doing,
it doesn’t make sense. How can hair grow back? So I kind of let it go. And
then soon after I felt that my hair was thinning again. It took maybe
another couple of months or three months for it to start showing
that it was thinning again. I decided to follow this again. Additionally I
made lifestyle changes as well and since then my hair has been in the best
condition possible. That’s what I wanted to share with you guys, is what
I’m putting inside my body and what I’m putting on my hair which has made a huge
difference in the quality of my hair. The crown of my head, you can see it’s
fully thick so my hair is back. I’m definitely sticking to this routine.
I think this is going to be a routine which I follow for the rest of my life or
until I get to the point where nothing will work and I definitely
will lose my hair and I’m sure I probably will get to that point but
maybe not So I take three pills. Number one is
vitamin D. I actually discovered by accident back then when I
was doing my research two years ago it wasn’t really mentioned on any of the
blogs as far as vitamin D. I had deficiency in vitamin D that’s why I
started taking it and this actually made a big difference. The second thing I’m
taking is saw palmetto. This has also made a huge difference What I read
about saw palmetto was that it blocks DHT and I’ve also seen improvements with
this towards my testosterone level so that’s the other thing that was actually
low when I did my my blood test a while back I take a pill of
this and this is 555 milligram. You want to stay close to about 500
milligram. I highly recommend this company it’s non-gmo and organic, Solaray. You
can find it anywhere in USA. Right now I’m in Germany
so I’m recording this here and I ran out of this saw palmetto and
because we’re going to be here for another couple of months I bought this one here. Here it’s called Säge Palme.
It doesn’t say it’s organic I couldn’t really find anything organic here. I order
this on And this is what the pill looks like. It’s a capsule. And the Solaray also looks exactly the same The third thing that I’m taking is
biotin. So this is 10000 MCG, which can
be sometimes hard to find. I see a lot of 5000 so this is definitely
overdosing. I haven’t had any issues and I’ve seen really good results. So
those are the things that I actually put inside my body and I take that every
single night. For me it worked and most likely it will work for you as
well, but again it all depends on your overall lifestyle and your genetic
makeup Like I said before there are so many factors that play into this as well.
This has definitely worked for me. Now for what I do as far as topical on
my hair is very simple. The first thing you definitely want to do is get rid of all the chemicals in your bathroom. Stop using shampoo. Shampoo really dries out
your hair and for me it made a huge difference A friend of mine who has an
Instagram account and you guys should follow her. She’s actually a medical doctor but
she highly believes that food can heal our bodies. So she has an Instagram
account that she started recently and I will put that down below as well so you guys
can check her out. I was talking to her about hair and I wanted to see what she
would recommend. So she recommended that I should not wash my hair with shampoo
and only use conditioner, which is organic So the conditioner that I
started using since about a year and a half ago is Alba Botanica. And specifically this one and I
literally just wash my hair with only this. I take about a quarter size after
I’ve wet my hair and massage it into my scalp. And I rinse it out at the end
with cool water. After I wash my hair I always use organic coconut oil on my scalp. And I know a lot of people are fearful of putting coconut
oil in their hair because it smells or if it’s too oily. For my hair it works
because as much as my hair is thick, it’s also a really dry. So my hair
literally just drinks this stuff up. If you’re worried about coconut oil
smelling then you can get refined coconut oil but as long as it’s organic. I massage
this directly into my scalp and not so much on my hair but directly into my
scalp and specifically my problem areas. I don’t really use it anywhere else. The
easiest way to put coconut oil in your hair is. I wish someone had told me this before. I used to just put in my palm of my hand and kind of rub my fingers in
through my hair. So what I discovered was this. I believe this is maybe like a two ounce
bottle with a dropper and so what I do is when it’s hard like this I just put
the bottle under hot running water I then take the dropper and I kind of go
back into my crown of my head and put a few drops here and there. I would say about five drops and then a couple of
drops on this side and couple of drops on this side. The top of my hair doesn’t
really get that much coconut oil. I just massage into my scalp. What you put in
your scalp will also slowly seep into your hair which works great. And that’s
pretty much all I do for as a daily routine I do have one last thing which
I want to share with you guys. It’s kind of a texturizing cream. And this is 100% organic and it’s basically just a mix of different oils and they’re all
organic and I bought this on Amazon for about twenty-five dollars. This
smells amazing It’s called Innersense whipped creme
texturizer. You’ll only need just like a dab of it so you probably need about
just about this much. And then I just rub it into my hands and I kind of just work
it through my hair. It’s super easy and it smells great and it feels really
good. That’s pretty much all I do for my hair. Hopefully this will help someone
out there with the same issue that I had about thinning hair and if your hair is
like mine and you know you can relate to what I’ve told you then give this a try If it work for me most likely it will work for you as well. That’s it for today
and I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll
put a link down below of all the things that I’m using right now
so it’s easier for you guys to find it on or if you’re in
Germany. Okay guys, bye, see you guys next time

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