Hairstyle For THIN HAIR: Updating a PIXIE DIY HAIRCUT while Growing it out into a SLANT BOB

Hairstyle For THIN HAIR: Updating a PIXIE DIY HAIRCUT while Growing it out into a SLANT BOB

I love a good pixie haircut I think it
works especially well for very thin hair like mine and it gives the appearance of
more body and volume and I think it works really well for any facial shape
from around like Ginnifer Goodwin to rectangular like pink and even more
heart-shaped like Amelia Clarke’s . The one thing I don’t love about pixie cuts
is that awkward growing out stage and I think that’s what keeps a lot of women
from getting the haircuts. In my opinion the best way to deal with that awkward
growing out phase is keeping the nape of the neck short. I showed you in my last
hair cutting video how I did my own DIY haircut with buzzers at home and the
goal with that haircut was to provide a sleek transition from the short all-over
pixie cut and eventually end up with a super short layered slant Bob. let me
show you how I did the final transition step between these haircuts and I have a
little fun while I do it too; yet another DIY haircut, this time without
even looking. hope you enjoy. I have a Night too Shine event tonight to go to and I just want to trim it up and look better. hi I’m Amy over at and this is my friend Kaite. if you
remember my cancer survivorship video she’s the nurse that asked me to do that
painting for that. thank you for inspiring me to do that and for being
here today. she’s here to actually help me today because I made a silly bet with
myself that I was looking in the mirror and I just was not happy with the way
this is looking and I just said to myself that you know I bet if I cut my
hair with my eyes closed it would look better than this. so she’s gonna help me..
are you done laughing? Kaite: “but I have no hair experience just to let everyone know”
I’m not gonna be looking at any mirrors so she’s gonna be my accountability
partner make sure you know that I’m not looking at any mirror while I cut my
hair and obviously I can’t cut my hair blindfolded but I’m not gonna be– I can’t
see the back of it –so it is gonna be what it is and I’m not gonna have time
to fix it before this night to shine event tonight . So she’s gonna be my eyes
for me she’s gonna be my lifeline. I might need to phone a friend and ask her
how I need to fix it and I’m just gonna go with it and we’ll see what kind of
haircut I end up with but thanks for being willing to do this with me so
first of all you can see that there are no reflective surfaces where I’m going
to be standing and Katie can you verify that I am NOT looking at a
as I’m cutting my hair okay so while she’s in the peanut gallery I’m going to
be cutting my hair and she’ll be giving reactions and I’ll keep turning around
so she can tell me how it’s going so once again I’ve got my astronaut thing
going on and I’m pretty confident that I can do this without seeing it because I
need it to be a slant Bob it has grown out at least an inch since the last
haircut a couple months ago I just know that I need it to be slanted so from
here I need to go up a little bit and trim from here down so I’m just gonna
get started and she’s gonna tell me if I’m really butchering it or not it’s okay what do you like about your
job I just like meeting different people you are a people person I like about you okay the skin buzz level so so I’m hoping I got the little fuzzies I’m gonna choose a size four okay so
first of all reaction does it look really bad now or it’s probably and I
forgot to say I’m trying to do this quickly because we only have like 20
minutes before my husband brings back my daughter and I think this just broke
we’ll make it work though and she fixed it so thank you so I found my number
four and I’m gonna try to buzz it on the lower part to just give it a gradation I
guess okay so does it look like I went to
somewhere and got my hair cut though does it look like a complete haircut do
I still have work to do very good for doing it with the telomere
and okay so do you think that I shouldn’t continue updating it to make
it a slam pop keep going to try to make it look more like a slam pop or do you
think that it looks okay so you think I should quit before I do any more damage okay better so here’s my other question
for you if if I don’t cut it again at all and it grows out do you think it
would look like I have this funny little loop at the bottom of my hair if my goal
is to have a slant bob I don’t mind going like super short if it means that
I’m not gonna have to cut it again for it to grow out and show us a mom I think
I mean I think that’s short enough I think about textures like at the bottom
and then you have one side it’s got a little bit of going on it’s just a
little longer like you didn’t shave that part oh yeah I’m not touching right for
it yeah so you’re saying like maybe this side is a little bit too long here no
it’s like against your skin against my skin here yeah okay so I need to go back
to the skin jar yeah all right so you would quit here
you have like one little straight piece that I would cut yeah I mean there and
then a little bit like you I can’t see either
what do you think did I get it not completely even okay well is it gold
yeah so you mean on the neckline use this more until it’s complete leave him
cut this part yeah like get spots that I should okay so
what about the layering here does this look like a natural layer or should I
try to fix it I’m scared you don’t want me to check well does it look bad this
way or does it look like I got my hair cut at a salon okay she did not say at a
salon yes it does look like I got my hair cut okay so what there doesn’t need
to be a little bit of a dusting to layers like radiation so I found the three and
I’m gonna just write it even it out based on what she’s telling me and now
I’m feeling a little less confident a little more nervous we’re gonna go for
it okay and in the future I’m not gonna make
such stupid best with myself but but that was kind of fun and um sometimes I
like to challenge myself to be brave my dimension before that sometimes I
struggle with anxiety so a lot of times I will give myself a task to do that
will get me out of my comfort zone so thank you for helping me sure
so once again for comparison here’s the before and here’s the after
I definitely feel more confident without the long stuff on the neck so my hope is
that this video has given you the confidence to try to update your own
hairdo again I was doing this without even looking and it wasn’t that bad so
if you have a pair of buzzers and you start around the level 4 you can
probably do a decent job updating your hairdo without creating a hair emergency
and if nothing else I hope this video has entertained you well thank you so
much for joining me for this kind of crazy random video and thank you for
joining me if you enjoyed this please be sure to give the video a thumbs up click
subscribe if you haven’t before and hit the notification belt so that
you’ll know when the next video is out I’ve got a lot more content plan about
intentional creative living and I hope you have a great day

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  1. Looks like you have decent shears, but I noticed that as you were cutting your hair that the blades were pushing the hair before they cut. So I would say that they need to be sharpened as you weren’t taking an excessive amount of hair to cut. My husband has the good shears that have the knob like yours, and he uses a flat hone to sharpen his. I know that it is expensive to get the good shears with the convex blades sharpened, it is over $20. You are definitely brave cutting your own hair without looking, especially as your friend said she has no clue how to cut hair, so she probably would not be much help in fixing your hair. The final results did look good, so I would say that you were successful. While you made it look easy, I certainly won’t try to cut my own hair, thankfully my husband is good with the shears and always does a great job cutting my hair. He gets nervous when he sees me with the shears just doing S&D on my split ends.

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