Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo| Hair Retain Shampoo| 340ml| 100% Effective.

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beautiful within and today on my channel I’m going to do a full review on Head &
Shoulders anti dandruff shampoo that is hair retain which is now available in
the market this is a new product from head and shoulder and it is specially
designed for men it is a 340 ml bottle which you can see clearly on the screen
and now it is available at rupees 275 it’s a great great discount and I’m
going to give a clear review so keep on watching till the end and Head &
Shoulders hair retain anti dandruff shampoo as you can see is for men has
been specially formulated to keep you dandruff free forever and I think if the
girls out there has also problem of dandruff they can also use this shampoo
powered by Hydra Zinc technology this head and shoulder anti dandruff shampoo
can ensure you a clean scalp regular wash with the shampoo can improve the
condition of your scalp and rescue your hair from the damages caused by these
modern lifestyles it has a formula with nourishing oil which reduces the hair
fall due to breakage and it’s very gentle enough for everyday use so I
think you can use it everyday even for color or chemically treated hair you can
definitely use this shampoo as well so if we see this is a 340 ml bottle which
is in the standard white and blue color of Head & Shoulders and the
manufacturing date as you can see over here is 12/16 and you get a three years
of usage that is the expiry is 11/19 so quiet a great amount of usage period
also so here are what are the claims of this head and shoulder shampoo is
that is that it reduces the hair fall by almost 95% now yea guys head
and shoulder is such a kind of a shampoo that once you wash your hair the first
wash itself shows you shows you the results sorry
so it shows you complete result in the first wash itself so it is a tri- action
formula which cleanses it nourishes and protects your scalp so you can stay upto
100% dandruff free so now hair style can be the defining factor guys now hair
it’s very important for your entire look having a healthy hair is thus an
asset in itself since a clean scalp is a secret behind your hairs health
obviously regular shampoo is a must for you now the growing pollution and dirt
is often the cause behind the reciding hair lines which you get which evidently
becomes the cause of concern so dandruff is a very major concern which causes
hair fall guys to a very large extent so as the dry dead cells of the scalp clogs
the pores it becomes prominent cause for the hair fall and it is if it is not
taken care of this dandruff affected scalp can lead to many other skin
related problems like acne and excessive oiling excessive oil oiliness in your
hair and have other negative effects as well
so dandruff cure is a very important one and this shampoo definitely helps it and
this shampoo gives you a complete moisturizing feel to your scalp that is
what I have observed that the shampoos texture though it is a very creamy thick
cream or liquid which I will show you the texture in some while so the texture
is very very creamy and the best thing about this is it gives you a
moisturizing effect to her scalp so after just one use I was able to feel
the difference unlike some of my shampoos the head and shoulders anti
dandruff for men this one hair retain moisturizes your scalp this is the main
effect of the shampoo why it offers um hair retain yes it is because it targets
itchy scalp which causes falling of hair when your scalp is attacked by bacteria
which causes dandruff your scalp is vulnerable as a result your hair will
lose its nutrients so consequently you will experience foul odour in your scalp
and you will experience falling off hair this I have experienced before guys so
once or twice if you use this definitely we will see the reduction of dandruff in
the first wash itself it’s very very heavy for the dandruff and it will
completely wash out your dandruff in the first wash now this is only for removing
dandruff and maintaining your hair scalp structure that your hair doesn’t fall
because of the dandruff so it will dry out your hair because it is very strong
and this shampoo also prevents dandruff from coming back which is a very good
thing because it is also necessary to prevent the dandruff yes guys so if
you’re using a shampoo you continuously use the shampoo then only you will see
the result that the dandruff doesn’t come back so it is also it also helps restore
your hair’s fullness the shine and it helps to reduce the hair fall by
controlling the itchy scalp dry scalp associated with dandruff so this is the
reason you know this shampoo works this is the appropriate shampoo for every men
I say if you have a dandruff and if the girls out there have heavy dandruff
issue and this is a shampoo for those females out there also and
now this head and shoulders men shampoos fragrance is the best thing about it
they have come up with more unique more prepossessing smell I can say the scent
is outstanding among the head and shoulders that I have tried I have tried
many Head & Shoulders shampoos this one I think is the best
it smells like clean ocean so fresh so young so refreshing just like ocean you
know the smell is just amazing and just show you the texture so if you can see
the texture it’s very very whitish a little bit of green color in it it’s
very very light and it’s very very creamy and the only point of concern was
that it doesn’t leather in your hair so much so you require a very less amount
but yet realized it was a very moisturizing cream it’s like a shampoo
yes but if you not leather like other shampoos like leathering property is
very very less in this shampoo but yes it definitely nourishes your hair it
works on your scalp very amazingly so it will get a rinse out very nicely it
doesn’t stay back in your scalp so the leathering property I felt a little bit
weak on this shampoo but the work it does is great and as you can see so a
little amount and goes very nicely so this was my review about the head and
shoulders men hair retain shampoo so if you have any concern or any point which
I have not cleared in the review if you want to ask me just comment in the down
or comment in comment section down below I will clear out your doubts and this
shampoo is mainly used by my husband not by me
because he has dandruff issues and he has a lot of hairfall issues as well so
he is using this head and shoulders from alike four five months and he is very
very happy with the product and he doesn’t shift to any other shampoo so
it’s a very good one so I gave you a review men out there is a watching this
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