Healthy Eating Ep.2 – Power Of Food #지루성피부염

Hi! My name is Sun Chung. I am the creator and host of Hungry Gopher
cooking show and The Kimchi Master Course. In the previous episode, we learned about
my journey of becoming medicine FREE after relying on steroid medicine for 30 years
to combat my chronic skin condition, Seborrheic dermatitis. Also, I shared how lowering inflammation abled
me to lose those stubborn 18Lbs/8Kgs I had never been able to shed before. If you haven’t watched the first episode
of this healthy eating video series, make sure to watch it first at As we talked about in the first episode, the
first step towards to healthy eating is understanding the value
and power of food. Let’s start with a quiz. What’s the difference between you and your
yoga mat? Last summer, I got sunburn on my shoulders
and chest. Apparently, I am a slow learner. I still got a sunburn at age 43. My yoga mat also got worn out by the sun
b/c I left it exposed to the sun on the balcony. Unlike my yoga mat,
the body is a healing machine. After a week, my chest and shoulders were
fully recovered from the sunburn and regained its glowy and
smooth skin.    So where does your body draw this incredible
energy to regenerate? There are many components to this for your
body to perform this magic called, regeneration. One of the crucial components is what you
eat and drink. You have to supply your body with nutrient
rich foods and provide proper hydration so that you can
stay healthy. You can find more information about enjoyable
ways to drink water and easy healthy recipes at If you keep interfering with your body by
making poor diet choices and drinking soda all the time. You are accelerating the aging process in
your body and put yourself at a higher risk to develop
a debilitating illness. I don’t know about you, but I want to live
fully by having a healthy mind and body. This is the very reason I take cooking seriously. Because food is the medicine and it heals. Also, food can be a poison that kills you
slowly, but surely. With that understanding, I urge you to start
cooking. No matter how much money you have,
without your mental and physical health, everything is in vain. I hope this video was helpful to you. In the next episode, we’ll learn about
three simple things you can do to build healthy eating habits. So stay tuned. Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real
Thanks for watching…. I’ll see you next time! Are you confused about what to eat? I understand. Conflicting nutritional information
and studies can lead you in the wrong direction. Today’s food climate is complicated and
it is hard to navigate. I’ve lost the 14 pounds in 12 months that
I had never been able to lose over the years. Also, I got off the steroidal medicine that
I had used for over 3 decades since I was 13 to alleviate my chronic skin
condition. Sign up right here with your email address
to find out the 5 things I did to achieve this.
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