Help For Thin Gray Hair with Caruso Steam Rollers: Wait For The Surprise At The End!

Help For Thin Gray Hair with Caruso Steam Rollers: Wait For The Surprise At The End!

Hi, welcome to Julie’s beautiful life today. We’re back in Julie’s bathroom today. I want to show you My hair curling stuff. I’m using a different set of rollers than anything I’ve ever had before It’s a Caruso system. I Believe they had it on QVC some time ago. I got mine from Sally Beauty and I’ve seen some of their things on Amazon and I keep this system in my little handy-dandy plastic box. I Told you before about the little Italian Company that I worked for, I worked at the store This is one of their bags that I had and I just wanted to show it. It is beautiful, all of their packaging is so gorgeous and I couldn’t bear to throw it out. So I put my rollers in it! It’s pretty; it’s getting kind of beat up though. Now, this is a steam setter. You Fill the reservoir up to this line here, which I’m doing And then you put the top in And I’m plugging it in over here. I don’t have a monitor folks So I fly blind when I’m filming. My comb and brush I’ve got my rollers. This thing is heating up, so I’m gonna get some of my rollers out and Get them ready. These are my small ones. I use all the small ones I have and then I fill in with some of the medium these are oops, these are the medium size, so I keep about six of them out on the counter. I have not used the Jumbo because My hair can’t handle jumbo. It just doesn’t Doesn’t do anything or it gives a little bend Now I get these apart because they each have a jacket you maybe see better here and the jacket comes off and They’re sponge. I Get them ready Because it’s easier for me to have everything together once the steamer is really going and You can see the steam coming out, and you do want to be careful not to burn yourself when you’re using one of these But I love the way they are with my hair they’re more gentle and my hair is it’s kind of beat-up at this stage of the game and very thin so I Don’t want to damage it Any more than it might already be so I’m gonna be very gentle with it with these rollers. I’ll take a few of the Jumbo ones apart too – you can see they’re a little bit larger, they’re a good size. I like that size quite a bit and use them in the back. My hair does not traditionally hold curl well. I don’t like to spray a ton of hair spray on my head so I Just try to make the curls a little bit tighter. Okay, I hope you can see better here. I’m scooting myself up as far as I can to the counter I wanted you to be able to see how I use the curlers first thing I do is part my hair like so and I take the Front section of my hair that one gets the first curler You can see how incredibly thin my hair is Okay, I take I put the roller on the little stem here that’s where the steam is coming out and I count to five one two three four five take it off and I put the lid on there’s a little stand here for the cap and then I Roll my hair and It is long and thin so it takes forever to get it all around there Roll it up then I take the cap Carefully because that is steam coming out of there and it’s hot and then I hold the cap in while that sponge inside expands and Then it stays where it’s supposed to So I’m going to go ahead and and roll up my hair and I’ll try to make this kind of fast, okay? That’s it I’ll leave these in for a little while and I’ll come back with my final look okay, guys, we are back in my bathroom and I am ready to take my curlers out Guess we’ll start where we started before in the front Take the clip off It can stick a little bit to the sponge sometimes See the pretty ringlets you get. I just don’t have a lot of hair so You know, I don’t get a big beautiful curly look there’s just not enough hair there to give me that But That’s all we can do, see that one didn’t didn’t get super curly because I can still feel the you know, these are steam so they get wet and They make your hair wet. So I try to remember… I used to count to seven but my hair Was still wet When I took the rollers out, and so now I count to five But that one was still a little wet This is what I got and I usually turn myself upside down, but I don’t think you’ll be able to see that I just kind of get in there and shush, what do they call it shushing it Editing Julie here. I believe they call it shjuging it and I generally get in underneath with a little what do they call that… texturizing spray underneath to give it a little lift – I have my Bed Head masterpiece hairspray that I got at t.j.maxx for $3.99 and my sample of Oribe dry texturizing spray Which I am really liking. This one I like. I haven’t liked a lot of the Oribe stuff but I really do like this and It’s nice. It just gives you a little lift And it smells really good It’s unfortunate that I can’t see what’s going on back there But this is nice and just gives you a little bit of lift so now ya see I look ridiculous, but What happens is this will this will fall So I don’t mess with it too much I’ll pull this around to the front a little bit and Voila I’m going to go back into my other room where we can see better and finish this up Well, that’s what I do when I curl my hair it Gives it a little more life and a little more bounce Generally I do turn my head upside down and spray it with hairspray and then let it tame down a little sometimes I use like a pic to just kind of gently move things around where I want them to be and cover some thinning spots because I definitely have I’ve lost a great deal of hair and I’m basically just trying at this point to cover the thin spots until I can get to a hairdresser and See what magic she can perform with this thin mop of It’s it’s like straw these days Which is why I like the steam rollers. They are a lot more gentle on your hair They’re not incredibly hot. I mean they’re hot They give your, they curl, but they’re not searing hot and they’re not metal. So they’re not it’s not like a curling iron they are much more gentle on my hair which is already really fragile and So I need to really be careful with it because it breaks very easily so There’s my hair. We’ll talk in another video about thinning hair and what you can do what your options are and I’ll see you in my next video. Life is so precious, don’t miss a minute of it. Go out and live your beautiful life.

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  1. Hi y'all! I hope you'll let me know what tools you find best for your hair. I certainly didn't appreciate my voluminous, beautiful hair until it started falling out! Now that it's so thin, gray, and dry my options have greatly diminished, so I'm making the best of a bad hair situation!🌻

  2. I LOVE the cut!!!! Your hair looks so healthy and bouncier. My daughter has fine hair, not thining, and with a shorter cut, you would never know how fine it is. She likes the Oribe, too, and uses it every day. Cheers!

  3. hi Julie, really enjoyed your video. I love steam rollers, just dont have time to use it, always so in the hurry in the morning…just use a strainer and go go go 🙂 The rollers did a pretty good job, you look gorgeous! Thank you so much for review and demo, really enjoyed it.(omg the hair cut look amazing)

  4. Hi Julie, you look gorgeous! I used to have a set of those rollers and I did like them. But, where are they? Julie, honestly, my hair is thin but, it was much thinner. I have been using the nutri ox trio from Sally’s. I believe it is like $38 and lasts a long time. I use the one for extremely thin color treated hair because I was told, color or not, it works the best. Of course I do color. I love the new do! Gorgeous! Love and hugs, Susan

  5. Hi Julie I heard great things with the steam rollers🌸I use velcro roller , the rollers done a fantastic job you look gorgeous, have a lovely rest of the week my friend, xoxo Karen

  6. Hi Julie, I loved your video, have you ever thought of maybe getting the ends cut to make it look more voluminous, just looking at your hair with what I’ve got meaning my iPad it would appear that if you had those ends cut to a shorter length it wouldn’t drag it down so much….it looked So Pretty with the finished results, I’ve never seen those type of rollers here in Australia 🇦🇺, I just use my curling iron if I want some curls…Much Love 💖 Janelle xoxo 😘……(there’s a Youtuber called “Lisa101” she damaged her hair and has been taking these vitamins and you can surely see the difference in her hair length, she did a measure test and the results even Amazed Me)…🤗🤗

  7. Hey Julie- thanks for addressing the dreaded thin hair issue! I thought it looked great after you used the steam rollers. I used them years ago when I had more hair. But I love your new shirt look! Mine is short too! When I tried to grow it out, it seemed to drag down my hair, making it look even thinner. Ugh! Anyway I appreciate your addressing this. I also read the comments and found a couple hints there that might help me! Thank you, my friend!! 😊💕

  8. Never heard of steam curlers before. Looked easy to use. I’m pretty sure I still have my hot rollers from high school in the dresser. New haircut is killer!

  9. Oh my goodness! I had a set of these years ago and I loved them! I used to set my daughter's hair in them and she loved it, it would hold a curl for a few days

  10. Just found your channel, and already love it. Subscribed and looking forward to see more from you! Hope we can maybe support each other! 💙 if you can pls subscribe back to my channel

  11. Hi Julie great video sharing what you use -so many have thinning hair at this stage of our lives. I love how your hair looks after you curled it – so pretty. I also love your makeup today – you look fabulous💖 Did I see on IG you cut your hair? Very sassy too – love i!. Have a wonderful week Julie hugs and xx Jackie🌞😘💖

  12. 👩🏼
    👖Your hair is very pretty…very pretty curls,..I find a little grey never hurt anyone…👍🏻

  13. My hair is so thin and dry from all of my thyroid issues. It's so frustrating. I typically use a curling wand, but I try not to curl it too often. I hardly ever use a blow dryer if I can help it…just to save it from that extra heat damage. I pull my hair up a lot, just so I don't have to use heat tools on it, but I really do love wearing it down. These look awesome! I've never seen these before! These would be awesome because I could put them in and then do my makeup and take them out when I'm done with my makeup! That Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is a total game-changer for thin hair, isn't it?! I love that stuff so much! I just wish it wasn't so expensive, because it's kind of not realistic for me to be able to spend that kind of money on a hair product. Your new haircut looks amazing on you!!! I bet you are so excited about it! You look great, Julie!!!

  14. Hi Julie! I love your new do!!! This style will be so easy to manage in the summer months, for you. Yes, I know about thinning hair! So annoying! I massage my scalp with an oil mixture, take collagen, internally, which seems to help hair and a lot of other complaints as well. I'm still blow drying. But using brushes that are gentle on the hair. Lots of lotions and potions to protect and keep the hair as conditioned as possible. These are all working for now. Yay!Blessings and have a great day!

  15. Your intro is so relaxing, Julie! I love it! I've heard of these curlers! My hair is getting so gray and I rarely use hairspray either. Wow! Those work GREAT! I actually think the lighting was nice toward the end of the vid. Wasn't too dark at all! LOVE the haircut, my friend! Looks great on you and so youthful!!!xoxoxo💛Bren~

  16. I wasn't getting notifications 🙁 for some reason the bell was turned off.. I fixed that!! I really enjoyed this video.. I love how you did your hair!! SO pretty! Have a great day my friend xo

  17. Julie, your hair and makeup look beautiful! Thank you for sharing this hair styling process — I wasn't familiar with that roller system. Always so nice to watch you!

  18. Xem cách cô nói chuyện và giới thiệu rất chuyên nghiệp. Tuyệt vời 👍👏🤝🔔☝️

  19. You’re so pretty!! I love this video so much 🤩 new subbie! I’d love to support each other and become YouTube friends ❤️💛

  20. You seem like the sweetest person! Enjoying your videos! Just subbed and would be honored for you to return the favor 🌼 wishing you all the success 💗

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