Home Hair Treatments : How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Home Hair Treatments : How to Get Rid of Dandruff

This is Lauren on behalf of Expert Village
and we have part three of at home hair treatments. If you suffer from dry, flaky scalp and deal
with dandruff issues all the time, there’s something that you can do that’s available
right in your kitchen actually to help take care of this problem. Take a little bit of
baking soda and massage it into your scalp. The baking soda will actually absorb some
of the excess oils and help loosen up the dead skin with the massaging action. Your
hair may seem a little bit dry at first but a few days after the treatment you can follow
it up with a moisturizing treatment and it will help take care of this problem and kind
of get your scalp back on track. Stay with us for part four about home hair care treatments.

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81 Replies to “Home Hair Treatments : How to Get Rid of Dandruff”

  1. Hell, I emptied a whole box of baking soda onto my head. I let the whole pile sit there for three hours. My thinking was if a little works then a whole lot must be even better. Who wants to guess whether this worked or not? The answer is that it didn't work. I know that must be surprising to some but its true.

  2. i am really angry with fucking dandruff i'v gone through bottles and bottles of anti dandruff shampoo's and i sick of it. everytime i play sport or go in the sun it itches like a bitch and1 got a treatment?!

  3. i had bad dandruff for YEARS…. i had tried all of em… yes.. even head N shoulders crap.. almost all of em.. but like 2 weeks ago i bought the EQUATE" version of "selsun blue" and on my second day i saw all the dandruff fall off(so dont worry if u see a lot of dandruff on the third wash or so cuz this mean its falling off ur head)

    4 days later i had no dandruff whatso ever… and i had HUGE FLAKES ALWAYS…

    I even hated cutting my hair cuz of all the fcking flakes… but now no more..

  4. hi, just was wondering was it equate or selsun blue shampoo u used to get rid of dandruff.
    thanks, emnilivedeht

  5. i have not tried selsun blue but im guessing it should work too since im guessing it has more of their added ingredient than equate.. but like i said.. ive only tried equate not the other one

  6. i got dandruff on my face and hair:(
    head and shoulders didn't work at all.
    but now, i'm trying clear

  7. I know this sounds kinda stupid but…….How i got rid of my dandruff is: I wet my hair (just dip head in sink or something) then i covered my hair in some baking soda, then i stood in my bathtub and poured vinegar over my hair, it fizzes up and burns the dandruff, after that just rince ur hair out for 5 mins

  8. SO APPEARENTLY (looking through the majority of comments)…THIS DOESN't WORk!!!…SO IM NOT DOING IT!!!…AAAAHHHHH!!!!

  9. What if your scalp is already dry what do you do then because my hair stays dry even when i put moisturizers in it, i think i have a condition with dandruff… a robot with dandruff is unheard of.

  10. Thanks, but i have no idea what your talking about i'm not trying to be a smart ass but what is EVOO??? i might look in to that if it works, and lately my dandruff has been under control strange how that's happening now all of a sudden but i know it will come back so i will look into the oil stuff. =]

  11. I'm sorry it stand for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also coconut oil works GREAT!!! you heat both oil up NOT together which ever treatment you wish to do anyways you warm them up and apply all over hair focusing a-lot on your scalp, wet a towel put in the microwave for a few minutes then let cool to the touch then wrap around your hair and you have now done a deep hair treatment, your hair will be soft and your scalp moisturized, you can also use coconut oil on your skin.

  12. okay……um yeah, oh huh thanks =] for your help hope it works for my strange spiky hair. does it work for itching too? because maybe now i can stop banging my head agents the wall, to make it stop itching. XD

  13. but dandruff is a fungus not a dry scalp issue. So why put oil in your scalp that does not solve the Fungal problem,

  14. i feel ur pain .. i had it since i was 10 actually .. and i'm 12 now …. it sux hard .. i don't even remember how it feels like to have a healthy scalp . ­čÖü

  15. i'm not sure how good this works but i remember tryinging it a long time ago for about 3 days in a row and after the third day i notice that when i brushed or scratched my head i saw little to NO dandruff falling but for some reason i stopped doing it. I will start again dandruff is annoying.

  16. me nether this dandruff shit is stupid it wont go away,and you gurl get in the shower and show me how it works.

  17. i try it and it work but the next day dandraff came back it get rid of it for 1 or 2 days then come back that suck

  18. no. HELL NO! Screw head and Shoulders.. that crap makes it worse…
    what ya wanna do is use a shampoo and conditioner that has natural ingredients … like tea tree shampoos…

  19. im only getting dandruff now. i get oily hair and shower (&wash my hair) every day. i think the dandruff started when i began using a different shampoo&conditioner (last weekish). most of the time you cannot see it but when you lift my hair up, you can and it's gross. the dandruff also seems to make my hair look oilier? idk, its really annoying. HOW DO YOU GET RID OF IT ?!

  20. @crazydancerxox Haha no need 2 worry. I'm 12 also, but i've had it 4 who knows how long. B glad it's not life threatening. (Sort of).

  21. small suggestion – if you use baking soda and notice itching, may want to also put in ACV – Apple cider vinegar, which can help

  22. @HardCoreKilla241 like 3-4 times a week, put it on ( around 8 o'clock) and keep it over night. dont drown your hair with it though. and use shampoo cause if u dont rinse your hair good some oil will stay in your hair

  23. coconut oil is the best to get rid of your dandruff…Its better than any leading brands dandruff shampoo. 100% dandruff free if you use it & massage it onto your hair for 3 minutes & rinse after you massage…

  24. @iSarah95 Dandruff is not just due to dry skin, it's also caused by oily skin on your scalp! Baking soda is good, as well as vinegar, but you can also crush up regular aspirin and add to your favorite shampoo! The salicylic acid in the aspirin will slough off the dead skin cells and regulate the oil production in your scalp. Hope this helps!

  25. Do you think there is any possible way to get rid of dandruff for good? Or at least make it not visible? What if it was on the front part of your head and it is slightly visible, what can you do?

  26. 1. You don't even mention how to work it in your scalp, wet? dry? while shampooing?
    2. You know nothing about dandruff, that it's actually a fungus, which Baking Soda kills.
    Not very informative at all, are ya.

  27. all you do is put the powder in your hand rub it in your hair massage for about 2 min and then take a shower and boom your itchyness is gone 

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