Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis II सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस -उपचार II

Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis II   सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस -उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home Today we are going to talk about Psoriasis or scalp Proriasis Psoriasis is a skin disease what actually happens in this, skin cells rapidly growth. Commonly skin cells growth in 1 month But when you have Psoriasis then the growth of skin cells become rapid. Due to this rapid growth your skin get thick scalps And these new cells even create white patches too Normally its a non contagious disesase And generally it began from elbow , knees & scalp Scalp too is our skin, I often receive mail from people saying that we have dandruff and getting layer of dandruff They are basically suffering from Scalp psoriasis When you have such dandruff that when you have itching then the layers of dandruff are coming out. Then you should understand that its not dandruff else this problem is called scalp psoriasis. If your nails got affected by psoriasis.then its color got changed even. Similarly if you have problem of psoriasis and you are doing itching In case you are itching in your head or to any other area which is affected by psoriasis it can even bleed sometime too Now, let me share the reason. normally its reason is stress, anxiety, infection. It can even happen due to any skin injury as well Your family history could be the reason too, you can even call it hereditary Why am I saying because , in case any one is suffering from psoriasis Since, you also live in the same environment, stress Then there are maximum chances to you to get affected by this disease Apart from that there are lots of reason just like, poor diet or immune disorder. Deficiency of Vitamin D, Sunburn or genetic problem With all these reasons also one can suffer from psoriasis if it is not cured at the right time then you may caught with anxiety, depression & other infections. Now let us talk about its treatment. See, you can very simply do its treatment No-wherever you have the problem of psoriasis even if you have it in your scalp Then take a fresh leave of Aloe Vera , take out its gel and apply that gel daily If you started applying this gel then slowly you will start getting relief in the problem of psoriasis Along with this you can do one more thing, if you are having too much itching in psoriasis just like itching on elbows, I have often seen people with itching even you have itching in scalp then what you have to do Take some Baking soda mix it with some water & prepare a kind of paste you have to make a thin paste rather thick So, make this paste and where you have itching just like in elbow because generally psoriasis develop from here only, then apply this paste over there After applying let it dry, when it comes dry then wash it off with water with this you will not only get relief in psoriasis but you will also get relief in itching too Along with this you must consume garlic Eat 3-4 raw cloves of garlic as it strengthen your immune system And since immune disorder is one of the reason behind psoriasis So, by when your immune system will be strong then you will start having relief in psoriasis Similarly, those who have very severe problem of psoriasis they must do this remedy Put the garlic under sunlight, with this it will turn yellowish and it will release its ol, then grind this oily, yellowish garlic put this mixture in a cloth and squeeze out its oil you have to mix Aloe Vera gel in the garlic oil and apply this to your affected areas If you have scalp psoriasis then apply this to your scalp too and after applying, leave it for 1 hour & then wash it off later on. with this also you will start getting relief in psoriasis Along with this there is a very simple remedy that also you can do Apply coconut oil , rather massage with light hands to the affected areas of yours if you have scalp psoriasis then nicely apply coconut oil on your scalp ot at your elbows, knees or wherever you have psoriasis apply coconut oil & leave it for 2 hours. Take bath after 2 hours. By doing this remedy also, slowly you will start getting relief in psoriasis Along with this there is a very easy and effective remedy is there. what you have to do take a banana leaf and to your affected area, suppose you have psoriasis on your elbow there you have to wrap your elbow with banana lead and let it be till the time you can manage with this with this also, you will notice that you will start getting relief in psoriasis Similarly if you got Avocado oil, since its available now a days in the market Then apply Avocado oil & after application let it be for 20 minutes & later on wash it off With this also you will get so much of relief in psoriasis Now these were all to be applied on the body in case of psoriasis or scalp psoriasis. But what you have to take orally so that you can prevent from psoriasis or scalp psoriasis That all i will tell you in next episode Presently, our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home So don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. Thank You…

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  1. Dear sir
    Main psorises se pidit hu 3 saal se or kafi preshan hu muje is deasis se bahar nikalna h ap koi behtrin sa ilaaj bataye jis se ye deasis khatam hojaye
    I am 30 years old woman

  2. sir i m suffering from navel disbalancement from last 3 year …can u please give me any parmnent solustion of this problem.?

  3. sir i m suffering from navel disbalancement from last 3 year …can u please give me any parmnent solustion of this problem.?

  4. thank you sir. this information can help us get cure from home remedies instead of using medicines which may effect our other parts of the body

  5. hello Sir im have a scalp psoriasis i've seen ur video u said so many remedies can u tell me an effective remedie that i can try im frm south india please suggest me in english in my comment i wish to try it Sir

  6. hi sir I have proasis in sclap too much I have too much itchy flaky sclap or some on my body but I am concerned about my scalp. I lived in usa doctor try different medicine on sclap but still no cure doctor recommend me biological treatment but I am trying to get pregnant so he told me to try laser treatment but I am not very convinced about laser. tell me please very good thing thanks

  7. one more thing please tell me any thing how many times I should use any treatment I tried baking soda paste.and I use alo vera too on my scalp.

  8. Sir mere scalp me psoriasis hai bt no itching sometimes I feel itching…choto choto scalp me hai kaya koro me…plz help me…

  9. sir thanks bheem seni kapoor or nariyal ka peryog kare senda namk ka peryog ker . suger or salt ko tyaag de thanks neeraj apple vinger ka peryog kare itching m

  10. sir mere poore sir m psoriasis badta ja rha h treatment bhi liya koi fayda nahi mil raha h kya kru

  11. Dr. g muze sorises pure sarir pr he acha treatment btao 3year se arurvad ki duwai kha reha hu ek bar thik ho jane k bar phir ho jati he plz sir.

  12. salam, men aapke sare videos dekhti hon bht hi usefull hote hen aapki remedies mera ek problm he umeed he k aap zaroor reply krenge mene last year apne baal colour krwaye the saloon se last 6 months se meri scalp men bht pain hota he khas kr jb men brush krti hon plz btaen k yeh kia he or treatment bhi btaen or men hr din oil massag krti hon or morning men baal wash krti hon mgr last 6 months se mere baal bilkul nhi brh rhe jb k itni care krti hon or scalp pain bht hota he shayed harsh cemical ki wajah se koi infection hoa ho plz must reply.

  13. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that usually starts by a leaky gut syndrome and a Vitamin D3 Deficiency. By adopting a plant based diet, and supplementing with adequate amounts of vitamin D3 You can reverse Psoriasis in less than 2 months Learn More Here ->https://plus.google.com/118311219309371282268/posts/Gzk8c7tBoaC

  14. Sir bolu iya dr
    mujhe psorish huya hai 15 year pahele avitak mere mathe por or puro bodime hai
    pl sir mejhe help kore mayne bohutsi dr ko dekhaya usne bola aise rog sugar presar tara hamari sath rehegi kovi jayega nehi
    mujhe dr se bohut rupaya kharoch ho gayi but ab mey keye koru sir
    pl bata do mujhe
    aapka contack no nehi paungi jo aapko may rog ke mareme bataungi
    pl sir help me pl

  15. I am using cod liver oil capsule( omega3's+ Vitamin D) and juice of(Lemon + Karela+Amla) for last 3 days ,,Feeling much better.

  16. Better to Make a group on WhatsApp to discuss best solution.Messsage me on 7827125583,I will add you in Group.

  17. sir how to cure for scalp acne/pimples….please answer or make a video…plz
    sir main 5years se suffer kar raha hun air iske bajse bahat hair fall ho raha hai…plz relpy for scalp pimples

  18. sir ji mujhe 4saal se psoriasis hai sir Mae specialist do se dikha raha tha magar dawai chalta hai tab tak thik hota hai dawai band huwa waese teji se badhta hai sir plz help mi sir

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  22. Sir please change your channel name .The reason for saying it bcoz while searching your channel it is very difficult to find even if you have subscribed.

    Make it Ayudveda home remedies by …

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