How I Cured My Eczema

what’s up YouTube welcome to my channel
as today’s video is on how I cured my eczema. I’m going to share with you guys
exactly what I did to the products that I used to cure my eczema, so first off I
suffered from eczema for eight years of my life and I had it all across my lower
legs my lower back my elbows and of course all over my face, so honestly
surprisingly enough the most frustrating part of it all was that I spent so much
money on products that claim to cure or relieve eczema and which did nothing at
all like literally tried all the different lotions at your local stores
to prescribed ointments from my doctor and matter of fact some of these products
actually made my skin worse as it thinned out my skin and cause more flare-ups, so I
became as you can imagine beyond like I was just beyond frustrated so I decided
to take matters into my own hands do my own research and I was adamant about
finding a product that was completely natural so as I’m searching for a
natural home remedy I soon discovered castor oil guys this stuff is absolutely
amazing period, ok. so first of all it’s all natural
you get no side effects from using it whatsoever and the bonus is that it only
costed me that seven dollars so it’s extremely affordable so I would use this
every single night before going to bed and whenever I was itchy and I notice
honestly guys after a week huge improvements within my skin and so I
continue to use it for another week and I kid you not after two weeks guys my
eczema was completely cured this stuff is absolutely amazing for you and I swear
it worked so before I let that go I just want to
quickly mention because this is another very important step is that I also use
raw apple cider vinegar this is my break it’s complete
unfiltered and it’s raw I bought this for six bucks at healthy planet and so
what I would do with this is that first thing the morning when I would wake up
on an empty stomach I would just take a straight shot of this.
About a tablespoon, it sounds kind of gross but eventually you kind of get
used to it. And so right after after the shot of
course I’ll just chug a whole lot of water.
And one I felt so amazing after a couple days of doing this and two episode
vinegar period is just really good for you. Because one it removes toxins and helps
with digestion, alongside with so many other things. So I’m so convinced
and I believe that these two in combination helped cure my eczema. I
notice again like even after a week of just using these two like really great
results and then again after two weeks my eczema was completely cured. So give this a
shot guys and if you guys to give it a shot,
comment below and tell me how it goes and I pray that it works for you as it did for
me and of course if you enjoy this video please subscribe to my channel if you
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passionate about it, and there’s so many things I want to share with you guys so
yeah, stay tune and take care and God bless guys

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