How I Get Rid Of Eyebrow Dandruff Fast!

How I Get Rid Of Eyebrow Dandruff Fast!

hey guys welcome back to my channel this
video it’s about getting rid of dandruff on your eyebrows and yes this can happen
to anyone that has eyebrows but lucky you I got you and I’m going to show you two remedies / treatments that you can make at home at any time you see dandruff on
your eyebrows I got blank let’s get into the video
right now okay guys a very simple dandruff remedy for eyebrows is to add
some coconut oil and two drops of tea tree oil apply the paste on your
eyebrows and scrub it with a q-tip in the exact way I’m doing it I did it for
30 seconds but it’s up to you you can do it less or you can do it a little bit
longer leave the paste on and chill for two minutes then rinse with cold water
wanted to know causes dandruff when your eyebrows check out the description box I
found an article that explained very well this common problem and if you are
suffering right now with the scalp dandruff I made a video about it so
it’s right here to check it out if you want to now if you don’t want to bother
doing all these natural steps shampoo your eyebrows with anti dandruff shampoo
or a shampoo that contains salicylic acid or coal tar hopefully I said it right
okay okay don’t leave you need a few drops of the shampoo add some water and
then wash your eyebrows the same way I did it in the first process careful with
your eyes rinse with cold water at the end and that’s it I hope you guys find
this eyebrow dandruff video very helpful if you like this video give me a
thumbs up so I know you like this and I can continue making content like this
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What is dandruff knows virtually everyone. Let us now try understand the reasons its occurrence and learn most effective waysRead More КАК ИЗБАВИТЬСЯ ОТ ПЕРХОТИ / HOW TO GET RID OF DANDRUFF

11 Replies to “How I Get Rid Of Eyebrow Dandruff Fast!”

  1. This video is very close up to my dandruff so sorry if it's gross 🙁 I hope you find it helpful 🙂

  2. Issss que cejillas Doro 👌😊Saludos Doro!! Pura vida 🇨🇷👌que lindo que uses la frase que nos identifica, más ahora que es tan famosa por todo el mundo, gracias a nuestro guardameta 🇨🇷muy útil su video.. 👌

  3. Maybe I'm having brows dandruff and maybe bcuz of that my brows are falling.. is it possible dandruff cause eyebrows fall.. help

  4. Please help me I have dandruff in my Eyelashes…. So what should I do for it??? plz anyone ans me plz badly need to know

  5. definitely gonna try this, I've been using the anti-dandruff shampoo on my eyebrows while in the shower and it hasn't worked too well 🙁

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