How I Set my Hair and Love Style and Planet Hair Spray First Impressions

Hello welcome to JoJoBeautifullyMe
the place where I, Jolene or Jojo share with you things that I am loving and
enjoying and today’s video is going to be a hair setting video. I’m showing you
how I tend to set my hair on the average day and then my brush out and then this
hair do and so if you’re interested stick around
I’m also trying out a new hair spray in this video so if you want to skip
towards this time mark (9:16) to see my kind of first use of hairspray and then how it
actually works throughout the day you can jump to that it is the Love
Beauty and Planet coconut and white jasmine hairspray. You can see my first
reactions to using it. So the first thing I do after washing my hair is I dry it.
The back of my hair takes the longest to dry so the front of my hair is already
dry yeah logic
I’m just going to work on patting it, trying to get as much water out as I can. I find that if my hair, especially the back of my hair still pretty damp when I set it The curls tend to never actually set in properly they tend to be very loose if they show up at all and they’re the first to fall The setting lotion I’ve been using is lottabody I actually have mixed in with water inside of an old travel perfume bottle from Bath and Body Works I just found that I was
easiest and cheapest and recycling so good for the environment using it more before I discard it, right now I don’t have a lot left in the bottle
but it should be enough to do this one set with my hair so what I’m going to do
right now apply this, especially to the back of my hair that is already damp that way the setting lotion will be in there already I’m working through right now a few
different techniques of both just sprang a a little bit on it when it’s still kind of damp all over the hair then on specific sections like this section and then spray the Lottabody toward the bottom. Then brushing to make sure it’s all throughout the hair and then I take my curling rollers, I use these, they are like the pillow. They have foam and wire on the inside and I take this front section
and wrap-around towards the front and up . Rolling the hair under and around the roller then twist shut and that is my front bangs fringe
section I repeat that around my head in sections about this
size like the size of my first knuckle so half an inch sections
brushing spraying setting lotion if the area needs if the area is too dry I have another bottle
that has water in it and I will spray that section with water but as I just
showered and my hair is drying I don’t really think I need to add too much more
water to my hair that’s like I said sections are still a little damp I tend to just always roll under Just keep rolling under I do this front section because the back of my hair is still damp. I work in sections instead of rows Need to make sure that the ends of the hair are underneath the hair that is being rolled Because it helps to ensure a nice finish with the brush out and that the hair doesn’t get massively tangled I find that it helps to create less pain during brush out and less hair loss because that happens I apologize if there’s any
background noise the kitchen is on the other side of this wall. my hair right
now is still pretty damp so I am going to let it dry a little bit more and then
I will do a time-lapse which is basically the the same the same concept
of rolling under small sections of hair I’ll do a time-lapse of that and then I
will show you how I tie my hair scarf around my head to get ready to sleep. okay so got all of the rollers in I actually have two extra which normally I use all of them
so we’ll see what tomorrow looks like I have this hair scarf this was my
grandmother’s inherited from her and basically what I do to protect my
hair at night is I put it over my head like this and I tie it I tie it like that then I tuck this back
over I leave the top the first roller that I put in out so that it’s not being
pulled by this so I leave it like that and then I tie the ends and tuck the ends in the scarf I’m ready to just chill out and go to bed we will see what it looks like in the
morning good morning so I just finished doing my makeup, kinda I think I forgot to put mascara on, oh well I am going to undo all
of my rollers I am sorry about the changes in lighting! so once you have all of your rollers out
I just run my fingers through my hair to like to separate the curls the Lighting is also different because
just this time of day it’s better from using my window rather than my chair
which is over that corner and then I start brushing I do like a very
over-the-top brush the top part just to see how it’s sitting and then I go and I
start with the bottom curls just brushing under and I sometimes just
brush the hair over my hand that helps it to get all the curls to form to shape
together it kind of just you work with what your
hair is doing so now move on to hairspray this is one that I am trying
it’s it is the Love Beauty and Planet coconut milk and white jasmine hairspray powered
by air I’m excited to try this out we’ll see how it works today and we’ll put in
a little video clip towards the end of the day on how it actually is working on
my hair and how my hair is holding. my hair usually falls in general just because of like natural humidity but it
usually Falls it smells great so we’ll see how this
works because I think it’s more of a water based yeah the first ingredient is
water we’ll see if it actually holds the curls in or if it just causes them to
fall I will see I have found so far I like the finish my hair right
now it feels great but it hasn’t dried yet so we’re gonna we’re just gonna see
how that works so basically gonna be putting this around the hair tucking the ends of the hair into the hair net and then I am going to use bobby pins and I am going to pin the hair net to my hair that way it doesn’t slip off I am also going to add a bobby pin here to keep that in place so hopefully this will also help to keep
something curls for later in the day I am doing some traveling today I have a couple different hair scarves taking my hair scarf start on the top of
the head right there it’s about two inches back from the hairline wrap it
over the hair underneath the hair that’s in the hairnet I find it’s a lot easier
to tie knots underneath the hair when the base of the hair is in the hair net because the hair doesn’t get caught in the knot also it’s a lot more comfortable that way and then
you take the ends of the scarf wrap them back up to the side and tie it in a knot okay to these two things which you can then tuck into the rest of the scarf and there it is my hair for today okay
so I am back it is about five o’clock it’s been a busy day and so far it’s
been holding her brother nicely I don’t have any flowers so that’s a really good
thing I’ll check back in again before I go to bed alright so it is 8:06 now and I am getting ready to go to bed. I still have to take my
makeup off but I thought before I did that I would show you right now they
haven’t fallen down too much I think that’s partially thanks to the fact that
I had them in a hair net but they look pretty good the hairspray did a pretty
good job of keeping down flyaways so overall I am happy with how the
hairspray is turning out for a first try it’s pretty good I’m really happy so
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