How I style my Curly Hair/LCGO/Denman Brush/Highporosity

How I style my Curly Hair/LCGO/Denman Brush/Highporosity

whats up yall welcome back to my channel in todays video im going to be showing you how I style my hair using the LCGO method which is the leave in the cream the gel and then an oil I’m going
to be using curls blueberry bliss collection already washed my hair with the
reparative hair wash and the reparative hair moves just to start off with a nice
clean base make sure that you guys like comment and subscribe follow me on
instagram at curly.glorii with two ii eyes I do questionnaires on there I also
like to reply to my comment so make sure that you guys follow me on there but
let’s go ahead and get right into this video of how I style my hair okay so
this is my hair freshly washed I did use a purple shampoo because my hair was
getting very yellowy I hate when my hair gets like yellowy
like that I can’t take it and I have the use of her bleep go to bed so it didn’t
it took pretty well though my smells like blueberry this smells so good so
the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get my spray bottle I mean every
what my hair because it’s always good to style your hair honestly not soaking wet
hair but very damp so go ahead and do that all this spray bottle has leave-in
conditioner was just not the one and I’m ready for spring and I’m feeling very
positive this month February if like February has been so much better than
January my hair is now wet pretty wet it’s pretty damp now so the first thing
I’m gonna do it I’m gonna go ahead and with a leave-in conditioner just to give
my hair some extra moisture this is the blueberry blissed reparative leave-in
conditioner I love this conditioner it smells so good if you haven’t checked
out my favorite smells really hair products go check that out now I’ll have
a link somewhere around here this is a reparative leave-in conditioner I’m
putting this even in basically as my base to tell me what’s a person taking
hair and for just some moisture so this one I don’t I don’t apply leave it in
sections I kinda just wearing the fenty beauty killawatt
highlight and wattabrat I believe and I’m wearing fucking on my little sense you
beauty such a beauty I already know you follow me on Instagram brushed so the
next thing I’m going to section my hair off no my hair is sectioned off in half
in the back and then here in the front I’m gonna go ahead and use the blue
bellies twist and shout cream basically what
this is gonna do is it’s going to help to form my curls and also it’s going to
add in some extra moisture rush to style I’ve got a new finger
pointing but it takes too long so I’m just gonna go ahead and use my Simon
brushes he hasn’t eBay cyclists aim results I felt like finger coiling is a
lot better but I like my result see the way I like to do is look at my hair and
how where it betweens going so you see that I just repeat that each section add
a little more product wherever I feel like the twist and shout cream is mostly
for twist outs or braid outs for washing it’s really good also I do do the Deming
trick where you take out the three rolls it’s only have four rolls and that just
gives my hair bigger clumps if it has the other pieces Annette I can’t between
the through my hair my hair is just too thick like I said it’s just repeating
the same thing in the other side I get more volume more definition on top
because like I said the back of my head is a problem area since my hair is
getting longer my hair just Falls so I’m trying to section so the front of
my hair curls much easier mostly because I’m always cutting the front of my hair
at the top for my layers I’m gonna just finger coil in front of where my beans
and then the rest I was gonna use it just the direction that my hair likes kind of away from my face the cream
and I’m gonna go ahead and use my microfiber towel to go ahead and sponge
out any excess product and then we’re gonna go ahead and with the gel now
after very less curl control jelly and I’m just gonna take some of this product and I’m gonna do pre enhance this I like
to use it because and it just creates like a cast over the styling products so
it gives it a nice hold and then I just take it and scratch so now that all the products in here I’m
gonna go ahead and defuse then when we come back I’m gonna go ahead with the
last step okay so now my hair is nice 5 to 100 percent dry the first thing that
I’m gonna do is I’m going to take blueberry mint tea stop treatment I’m
gonna use this as my oil to break down the cast a bit and also to take over
some of the curl clumps that are going on and I love this this is the best up
treatment or oil like I use it in the night before go to bed
it also helps promote hair growth and it smells good it gives that like cooling
sensation so like if you’re somebody who has a very itchy scalp that’s perfect
for you like if I got my ear this I can
definitely get it thank you guys for coming on watching this video with me
make sure that you like comment and subscribe and stay tuned for the next
video love you guys

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