How To Curl Medium Length Hair

How To Curl Medium Length Hair

this video is a little bit different
than a video that I would normally do on my channel I you’re talking about my hair because I
love you rather than asking for a tutorial on how I curl my hair especially medium length hair a lotta
the video that I’ve done we’re actually do do my hair it’s when I have my hair extensions and
and I don’t really wear hex hair extensions
a lot anymore I used to wear them all the time and I just kind of stopped
and I mentioned previously in a video about
how I actually cut my hair into a llegar
really really really sure bob about 3 years ago and this is me still growing out from band
geek highs I would wear hair extensions to make it
look longer and that damage my hair it made it really then my hair used to be a lot bigger
than it is now and so just learning from my mistakes I
don’t wear hair extensions as often as I used to and on top of that now that medium length hairstyle its
hurricane in so yeah my not for it enright still this is my hair for all time is show you
exactly how I go through it but I’m also an issue about the two of
them I you the only thing that I used to create my hair like this is just a teasing home or this is not known his nineteen com a
wide tooth comb the current one that I used to cut my
hair with if this in Noumea think this is take 10 line not the Titan 3 3 had the different attachments that you
can take off and use different sizes but this is just the original
Titan mind so I’ve heard a lot of hype about them
on YouTube in a lot of friends had tried them Sala last year around Black Friday they
had an amazing by friday deal where I got this for like sixty dollars are sixty-five
dollars a something absolutely crazy the one that
felt that the 150 and dollars and with the Black Friday deal that I
purchased at my I got it for like 100 dollars of or something ridiculous like I did get the 32 millimeter wind on which is our relieve Big Bear all one thing I really like about the wind
is that the swivel part goes all the way around which when you’re thinking about that
you’re thinking about 10 okay do do I care about that but yeah by I’m reaching around my hand like working
at different angles other ages moves and let collide to where it needs to go and you’re not
getting tangled in the port it’s not annoying so that’s something
that’s really nice about the mind the other thing is that leaves my hair
super shiny and to really notice is Intel trailer actually the previous telling
Aaron that I was using and I noticed that my hair did not look
as good and I realize it because the heck the crime by me ehrlich
sell stocks and so shiny and I didn’t change my hair products I
know that it’s from the time I which is I actually contacted New me because I
use it all the time and I figure that I could share make
information with you guys and try to get you guys some kinda colour because I noticed that on YouTube
allotted youtubers actually I am about a future breeze get codes for new products and other hair products as
well but I thought that I’m just reach out to them since that’s actually the part that I have
been using for over a year and I am so passionate about it now you guys can try to see product I’ve
been using and get up for I did cut like 17 constituted
click my link down below in the information back and
then you can put the code in there as well sell for the first one you can get the
original howling wind it’s a 160 and dollars and you’ve never
heard hours of thought sixty nine dollars plus you get free shipping CR have to pay any action for shipping
costs all free and then you get econ one for
100 dollars of the signature hair dryer that new knee has
on their website is 246 dollars and with Mako it you can get
it 457 dollars so that’s another in Thane
discount and then the last ransacked comes with like one be’s yet I barrel 21 top see you get the 32 millimeter line Inc
that to that are smaller than that and then
you get like a tapered one and then one has little circle so that you can get
different hair %uh styles two hundred eighty dollars and with my
co down below you can get it for only $99 dollars for its that is insane I wish I had my coat when
I was buying stuff because then I would got the russians that because is that was only twenty dollars more
than a key for this individual one itself cell if you’re interested in in and in the parts that I mentioned
definitely looked on glumly go back because you can get in a meeting
to: and I’m not just talking about it because you know I’m associate with them aren’t
like that honestly like I’ve been using this spring line for over a year now and I personally reached
out to Dundee Timmy cell I’m definitely check that out
it’s amazing great products cell yeah me really about this curling lined you know it’s
awesome check out their cell dorothy is actually how I curl my hair
with a curling mind and keep watching so i sat out the shower and I let my
hair air dry for the most part and I just
went through it with a blow dryer just to get dressed I just heard it in the back give me to decide completely but and how and then I work from the
back and worked for my and I don’t have any
extensions in this is my real hair it’s about sheesh this is the link my real hair so my howling wind has been sitting here for not that long like this heat up super
fast on ya know that it’s ready because the
light turns green on the pocket and right away it does
turn blue it just says of see you know and ready to go into
integrating say start from the back now hold a section about that big it is
like an a vertical section cell yeah I usually just take about that
much sometimes of split it in half and
youthful but I usually just like this something
too high not only deal she think the wind from the back you don’t wanna go forward
that’s not really what we’re going for I really like it to be going away from the base in a barely let
it down there for that long so in really quick wrap it around well that first a couple seconds and
then I like up like really fast because that Crimeline gets
really hot and if you ran too long you’re gonna
have a different look you’ll achieve something different gonna
be a little bit more but air crawl and I want more something that looks on
Matty cell me move this you can feel it that
way that is what that turned out to look
like to barely anything what she barely even left on SSI seventy
do the top piece same thing from the back for just a couple seconds in america and I like to take those names patient
back there’s peace that you messed or anything like that go back and later so cameramen just take this and repeats I don’t pressure now every PC I’m just
doing it because I have because they have may come here
and wrap it hurry may run get and if I didn’t have lipstick on a
totally be keeping these in my mouth I’m not gonna it does turn colors and medical so take my place at your own risk because are now fairly know what I’m talking
about when it comes to at by on techniques and stuff like that can just
give you lick what i do. okay sister hair I’m coming in a touch ups the ante back pieces so I’ll just take conflict that and do like cell cell this is the floor and then this is the after sell land use is
messed up gonna go N every check my hairs on the very and in usually when a guy like that I never
have anything that needs to be fixed so now for some action I am I started doing this a few months ago
and I really noticed a difference in my hair on kinda just like getting volume steeper UIUC what volume right at the
rear so I’m intake he basically rate here piece about this thick that cause from the front to the back
arrested May Cry ire and just lay its break their n you know you can move it I just thought
it fit but only for a couple seconds and look at that time there and then for the back I just along this path add you back last and miss Leah straight back through and Russian and then at the next seventy-two
as I just kinda but you that but with I don’t use
it actual teaching home anti upgrade eat new topic bottom its everything with this is so
sloppy and I see it there is no like rhyme or reason to it it’s just super
way if a curling iron or the Crime Line day I love the work for you like it’s just
it’s hot enough and it got that technology that you don’t have to
like worry about what you’re doing when you do your hair so it’s just sixty per
quick and yeah that’s exactly how I do my hair thank you so much for watching this
video I really hope that you liked it and learned a couple tips and tricks I am
sorry that I am NOT you know a meeting at here this is
honestly just like what ideal and this though if you’re gonna like learn anything from this video
definitely to get your own child because I am NOT a professional at doing hair don’t forget to click and
handling them but both you can take a mad though the coupon code that I
mentioned and you can get really good day on products that you’re interested
in getting any hurt or any news near future thank
you so much for watching out the basement out

🦋Escucha a tu corazón, no te rindas, ese dolor que hoy sientes en tu interior, se irá

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100 Replies to “How To Curl Medium Length Hair”

  1. My hair is fine and I have a lot of trouble keeping it out of my face since I let the bangs grow out; any tips for that other than a ton of hairspray which I hate?

  2. She looks NOTHING like Trisha Paytas!!Brianna is much prettier and natural looking than that trampy piece of trash.

  3. whenever I tease or brush my hair after curling it goes flat and straight again:( must either be my curler or my dumb hair.

  4. 32 mm = 1.26 inches?
    I got a 1.5 inch one and I think it's top big for my medium length hair. Makes my hair look too straight.

  5. omg THANK YOU for finally teaching me vertical sections so i don't have to do a ton. i always mess up my hair because it's randomly layered and i just want a bunch of hair all the same length and i end up getting SO frustrated and then my hair looks sloppy

  6. Just curious why you changed from the Nume to the T3? I'm currently in the market for a new wand and have heard great things about both!

  7. they get a percentage off using your code and you get points when they use it …from what I learnt …. so I hope the company is giving you points since you reached out to them ……also …use one of them cheap gloves that you can get from the dollar store that look like they are made for 5 year olds but stretch out to fit everyone …. they do make heat gloves but I find if I put both them type of gloves I can hold the hair smooth around the rod and not worry about burnt fingers …. I tell all my clients this when I sell them a wand type iron.

  8. So glad I found your channel yesterday- I think you are one of the BEST "teachers" on YouTube.. been binge watching all morning, lol! I really struggle with eyemakeup being that I have insaaaanely hooded eyes and you're the only person that was able to show me the ways in a clear way. Didn't even think I could do a winged liner, so thank you!! 🌸😍😊🦄

  9. i love how you do your hair, it's so beautiful. I have no idea what I'm doing with mine. I've got such fine hair, just not sure if it'll ever be able to hold a simple messy curl. I will keep trying though! I loved your trick on how to get more volume at the roots, such a great idea. I am subscribing, your so sweet <3

  10. Totally creeping on your videos because I want to chop my hair– I feel like we could be bff's, AND you remind me of myself but LOVING this lip/eye combo 😍 and wouldn't mind an "updated" tutorial on the colors used! 😘

  11. Looovvvvvveeeeee this video! I just subscribed. So helpful! I’m new to the styling wand so I’m excited to try this technique!

    Quick question…what temperature do you set it at?


  12. at 1:45 touching her ear when she starts telling the story of the "amazing deal". Bullshit. She is lying , it is sponsored… Touching your ear or face when you say a story is an indication of lying…

  13. I appreciate ur effort but I genuinely didn't feel like watching the video after 4 mins of u promoting products coz seriously I didn't ask for that.

  14. My goodness, you are gorgeous!! Thank you for this, I was looking at the brush straightener for my daughter (she's 13). Now I think I will grab one!!

  15. So simple and such good tips …. and volume without a teasing comb getting your hair all in knots …. oh and new sub …. for not being good at hair you were great haha

  16. Do u think u cpuld get another code. Im dying to get my hands on the t3 wands but there is no way I can afford that. Ur hair is beautiful. After curling. I'm def getting a bigger brrell. Do u know of any other morw affordable changable barrells wand sets??

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