How To: Curl Your Hair with a Straightener/Flat Iron – EASY Tutorial!

How To: Curl Your Hair with a Straightener/Flat Iron – EASY Tutorial!

hello gorgeous I’m so excited because of another hair tutorial for you guys and I haven’t done one of these on my channel for a few weeks now I do them a lot on my Instagram and if you’re not following me on Instagram go follow me over there because I do a few a week first of all make sure you’re subscribed to my channel alright so this is one of my probably most requested hair tutorials from you guys you want to see how to curl your hair with a straightener yeah I’m going to show you how to do it so let’s get started so I have two different straighteners here with me today and this one is the Ferrum and this one isn’t the one that I’m going to use because it doesn’t get super hot on the outside it gets warm but not super hot you want one that’s going to be ceramic and it’s hot on both sides because you want your hair to curl all the way around it so I’m using my nume for this and it’s turned up to 450 and the first thing you want to do is make sure that you keep protected on your hair I actually always apply heat protectant to my hair before I blow-dry it I use um Kerastase and I’ll link it below the exact one that I use because I don’t even know how to pronounce the name and but today I’m going to use a little bit extra spray because I’m going to be doing even more heat on top of heat because I dried my hair I’m using the Paul Mitchell hot off the press the thermal protectant hairspray and I’m just gonna start by sectioning my hair just like you would when you’re curling your hair however much hair you would typically curl around a curling iron is what you want to use think about it this way when you’re curling your hair on a curling iron when you take a thicker piece of hair it takes longer to curl um with the straightening iron it’s different the thicker pieces of hair just aren’t going to curl at all because you’re moving it through it’s not gonna have time to heat up so you want to try you want to keep center pieces of hair when you’re doing this so think of it this way and I know I’ve said this in other videos that when I first lis wear my hair parted down the middle but any hair that’s framing my face i curl away from my face so think that you have your hair and it’s completely parted all the way down the back so all of your hair on this side of your head is going to curl towards the back of your head all the hair on this side your head towards the back if you get up here and you kind of get to that section of what I don’t know which ways gonna pull and curl all the way back clamp it up towards the base of your hair twist hold your hair out and just pull down kind of twist as you’re pulling down and give your hair enough time to get warm on the outside and there you go you kind of have to have a little bit of patience when you’re doing that because you need like I said the outside of this gets super super hot so you need to allow the hair on the outside that’s touching this to have enough time to get warmed up to turn to curl clamp I’m going to twist it once pick this hair out hold it and just work my way down and kind of twist a little bit as you’re going down not a full twist but you know just kind of to keep the curl going there you go so sometimes when I get to the end of the curl I like to just roll it back up and hold it there in place for a few minutes because are not few minutes a few seconds just so that it gets really good and heated around all around the straightener and it gives you just a really great structure to your curl because it’s its own it’s almost acting as though it’s curling up iron or curling rod as you can see it just gives you a really really nice bounce to your pearls so like do that all right so I have all of my curls done and as you can see it rigged the straightener does just as great of a job with curls as a curling iron does I mean really I would add a little bit of my favorite hairspray it took me a while to understand that what the way of the flipping the hair and having the piece hang out and pull it down I kept trying to curl like twist it and it was getting caught and it was like what am I doing wrong but yeah I think that once I it clicked with me that I’m like no you just wrap it once and pull down just a little bit of a just a little bit of a twist it’s really a cool technique and it’s really I don’t know it’s easier than it looks so give it a try if you haven’t already and if you have and you failed try it again watch watching I’m doing step by step and mimic copy that that little twirl thing right there let me know in the comment section below do you prefer this style of curls of you prefer using a curling iron and I’m going to list for you below my nume straightening iron that I used and my dryer or I’m sorry my hot off the press Paul Mitchell hot off the press the thermal hairspray as well as my this is my new favorite hairspray it’s the fave for textured takeover it’s the east mmm enhancing hairspray I am such a dork guys let me know what you think I really really like this I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have any come or requests for any tutorials or or videos or reviews or anything like that in the comment section below as well come visit me over on snapchat I saw a lot of you guys were asking what my snapchat is it’s just my name Angela Lanter I love talking to you guys over there I’m doing a lot of recipes daily and fun things like that and let me know what my next video should be because I have no idea I thought about doing a contouring and highlighting of your boobs to show how to you know get the girls lifted a little bit if that’s something you want to see let me know in the comment section alright guys thank you so much for watching today and I love y’all so much or what very simple

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100 Replies to “How To: Curl Your Hair with a Straightener/Flat Iron – EASY Tutorial!”

  1. I just have to thank you for this tutorial! I have watched soooo many of these "curl your hair with a flat iron" videos and i just couldn´t do it! i was so frustrated and this was the last one I watched before I gave up. I really got the hang of it so quickly! So thank you so so so much for helping me out with this!

  2. I understand the whole part of the curl but I don't understand how to section off my hair because I can never get all the pieces curled. I never really do anything to my hair but I want to start so please someone respond or can you make a video explaining curling or straining your hair for like beginners or something please and thank you! Loved this video ❤️

  3. I have really crazy hair. It's supposed to be curly but instead I have some curls and some waves and even some curly/wavy parts so I love this technique because it just helps even it out and make it all the same.

  4. After watching a hundred tutorials and still not being able to do it right, I FINALLY did it right after watching this! You do such a great job explaining! 😀

  5. Omg, I did it! This is the first time I actually succeeded! My curling iron is way too small for the amount if hair I was using, but now I did it! I'm graduating university on Friday and my hair isn't able to co-operate with people… It's slippery and thick… I thought I'd just curl it and that would be it…

  6. My curls turned out ugly as fuck (not your fault, my hair is a pain in the ass), but thanks anyway, I'm going to go and find something else for my graduation…


  8. I can't tell you how many videos I've watched trying to learn how to do this! This is the first one that worked!!! My daughter is so excited! Thanks!!

  9. This technique I guess works if you have the time to keep practicing it. I managed to get four really nice curls but it got to the point where I couldn't get any more to curl. My hair is really thick so just getting four was an achievement. I gave up and decided I'm going to buy a curling iron haha

  10. I've been trying for hours and watched the video like 20 times and still can't get it MIGHT just be that my hairs really long and when i try it with a curling iron and my curls never stay i thought this would work but i guess not. DAMN IT.

  11. I have looked at so many vids and none of them worked but I tried yours first time and I am sooo happy! You explained it really well. Great video!

  12. OMG this legit is the ONLY video that ACTUALLY WORKS!! I’ve been searching YouTube to find a good video for 2 DAYS. THANK YOU 💕

  13. Ok I just want to say thank you. I tried this technique it was literally the first time I have ever even tried to style my hair and you made it so easy and I feel beautiful so thank you so much

  14. I used to curl my hair with my Chi straightener when it was shorter and i haven’t been able to get the hang of it now that my hair is long! I can’t wait to try this way, thank you!

  15. Thank you so much for this video! I've always been so frustrated that I couldn't curl my hair and make it cute, but this actually worked for me!

  16. Yes queen. I’ve had my $500 straightener for 2 years and your video was the first one that actually gave me that bouncy curl THANK YOU and mine has temp control so knowing the setting changed everything

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