HOW TO CUT A Boy’s Mohawk / Fohawk Hair CUT Tutorial Fauxhawk

Hi my name is April and i’m going to show you how to cut a fohawk on boys hair we’re going to start with a zero clipper blade so it’ll just be whatever your clippers are without the guard on it and take it up into like a really short
mohawk if you don’t want the sides to be really really short, you can put maybe a one or a two on the sides just keep in mind, the longer you have the sides the longer the mohock will probably end up being cause you’re going to be blending them from nothing into the mohawk my sides are long we’re going to go ahead and start on this side so when you’re cutting hair you’re going to want to stand in front of where you’re working, you’re not going to try and stand and cut where you’re not looking we’re going to start right here on the right side you’re going to take it and flip it up so we’re going to start blending it in this area where the head starts to roll that’s where you’re going to have it where you flip your wrist up just take out that and that’s okay to have that line right there. we’re going to take care of it with the scissors so after you do that little section usually go back here did the same thing around now if you want a mohawk go all the way
down the back you’re just take this one right here and
just and blend it in and leave the section right here if you just want to be the top you can
take that off it’s up to you Zade do you want your mohawk to go all the way down the back or just on the top? all the way in the back so just blend that in and then on the other side we’re going to do the same thing I like to start at the ear so when you go around the ear you can follow the shape of the head to make sure you get all the long hairs right down in here then we can go back through with a little T-edger and get anything else that’s been missed his hair grows this way so if you go up and down it’s harder go against the way the hair grows there you go so you can angle your clippers back and forth to blend in different hair patterns look down. there we go ok so that’s pretty good you want these edges to blend in and push the hair you want to get it to where it’s not super blunt now that that’s done we’re going to take a little T-edger and go around the edges of and get all the long hairs out does it tickle? ok so now we need to blend this top in we’re going to take this spray bottle and spray it alright so after you spray the hair and comb it up a little bit I start on the right side and blend from the shortest up. so we’re gonna this is going to be cut as short as my fingers can go and you don’t want to cut once again you don’t want to go past your second knuckle you’ll probably start cutting your own hand and you’ll do this till you get back to the mohawk part and from here I will go up and you lift the comb up into the hair and pull it over direct it over a little bit you’ll be able to see your guide you can blend it in that way ok so you’re going to blend it in with the scissors alrighty then just do the same things up on the sides here because your fingers are too long to blend that little piece so this is a good way to do it if you don’t want to use the scissors you can also use the clippers and you can hold the hair out like this and go across it this is a little bit faster sometime whatever one you prefer they both do the same thing just a little different way of working just don’t cut past that second knuckle okay so now that the sides are pretty much blended in we’re going to go up here to the top and shorten the middle section now i’m going to go for this hair cut i’m going to pull it up so there’s an inch underneath my fingers and then i’m going to point cut we’re going to point cut off half an inch and about an inch and a half from his head ok so for the back if you’re cutting from a normal haircut growing out you should already be done shouldn’t have to do anything back here if the hair was really long when you started you might have to blend it in his blends already once you get the top mohawk part the length you want and you’re going to go back and join these two sections join the length of the mohwak to this shorter piece connect the dots and use your thumb to palm or hold the comb down cutting at an angle from the short length eventually you be blending it and it will blend into the back it’s easier for me to cut short along
so i’m going to come out here in front And you have the angle right and you don’t have to try to twist your wrist then i come back and then forward to get it into my hand back a little bit and then forward and you should be palming your shears just stick it on this finger so when you’re not cutting you can use the thumb to grab the comb just practice doing that You shouldn’t have to put your comb or your scissors down at all while you’re cutting hair ok so now’s my favorite part this part is fun going to take thinning shears they have a tooth on one side scissors on the other and you go through cut through the mohawk part This is going to blend in any little pieces don’t quite fit in It’s going to make the mohawk look really professional and clean and soft. ti’s going to give it texture and easier to do you can even do this in the top to give it more texture anywhere where you think it still looks a little bit too thick It just needs a little bit more blending in these are great these blending shears You can find this at Sally or any beauty supply They make a big difference so they are definitely worth the investment so now you have a nice fohawk that’s not too crazy i like this a little bit better than the stripe all the way down the side. this is more subtle It’s really easy to style you just grab a little bit of palmade or dry wax and dig out soe and manipulate it in your hands and then go in and rub it in make sure you get some in the back here so you can stick it out you look handsome Zade then i like to push forward a little bit of Palmade on the sides and then if you want you can finish it up with a little bit of hairspray Because these dry waxes aren’t very stiff the don’t have a lot of hold more texture make sure it doesn’t go anywhere while he’s at school. then you’re done thanks

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