How to Cut Faux Bangs or Fringe Into Your Hair Topper

Hi, Sharon Danley here with another
Two Minute Tip. This week I’m going to show you how I made a topper into bangs
now I need to make a point here those with thin fine hair like mine is
if I were to cut bangs into my fine hair they just would not look good they’d
still be too thin and sparse and that hair that I take from the sides to put
into banks I need that down the sides so this gives
me the option of having bangs or having no bangs and it’s so easy to do okay so
now I’m going to put it on this is a kind of a you know just – should I wash
my hair or should I not day so I’ve just tied it up now let me see you can see
how flat my hair is so what I’m going to do first is do this curve around the
crown of my hair bring it all up and I’m going to I’m not going to use a bump it
today I’m just back combing so I get the lift that I need and just fix out of it
and I’m gonna take the front middle part of my bangs and backcomb them back now
there’s a few different ways this can be worn for sure and I’m just I’m still
playing around with it now here it is out of its ruler I’ve trimmed it and I
open up the little clips to pay clips they’re called that’s the correct name
for them and spring them open now I’m going to place it in the center here
push it in and then the one back here and clip it down get my comb here now I’ve trimmed it and
thinned it some more and I think I think it suits me just a little bit better it
feels just just feels a little bit more like my own hair rather than wearing a
hairpiece now again because I’m gonna wear my hair up I’m not gonna worry
about the size of it but you can see how I can blend this right in with my own
hair and I can bring my own bangs into the picture too which are right here I
can put them in or not or whatever so I think that looks a little bit better as
far as fullness and length is concerning now if I wanted to wear these back back
further I’ll show you I just unclip push it back further and
push it in place and adjust it back here there my bangs are shorter so you know
you have the option so I suggest if you’re when you’re doing this yourself
you cut them a little bit on the shorter side so or not shorter side the longer
side so that you can um you can adjust if you want to so yeah I think I’m
pretty happy with with the way that looks now all I’m going to do because my
hair the rest of my hair isn’t isn’t in that great a you know it needs like I
said it needs shampooing which I will do tonight so I’m just giving it a little
bit of back home I’m gonna grab it all up like a ponytail I’m just gonna wrap
it around my fingers like that and then take a long bobby pin yes I
know I shouldn’t do that with my teeth and then just spread the topper
as I need to and then you see the bangs at the sides how they just come down and
just blend in pretty pretty easily and because it’s closing color to my own
hair it gives it you know it blends and works
great so I don’t I’m not wearing a lot of hair on top of my head or at the back
so on hot days I can you know just put it up in this role I need I’ll have to
look at it in a few minutes to straighten it out a little bit but
that’s the way I’m going to wear it for today you can also wear it in a ponytail
or let’s suppose another thing that you could do is wear it at the back like is
chignon now I’m just gonna put a simple little thing in here because I would
most likely have to add another hair piece so it can be worn down there and
little tendrils of your own hair and or plus the the topper hair can be used and
this could be like filled out or whatever so there’s lots of ways to wear
this and and blend it in and as I said now that I finished cutting it and
getting it the weight that’s better suited for for me for my hair type I
think that now I can move on to the next step and play around and figure out
styles I can wear with this so it’s fast and easy and takes me wherever I want to
go looking and feeling great here are three samples that were sent to
me by Yoona wigs and I decided on the number three and as you can see it was a
good match to my own hair I decided on the 18 inch length because I wasn’t
really sure what I was going to do with this topper so always best to have it a
little bit on the long side and here’s the underneath part of it and here is
the top it has a monofilament top that means it looks like a scalp I tried it
on top about an inch or two back from my hairline and again I was very happy with
the color selection it blended in beautifully and I’m just a happy camper
with it now a couple of the tools that you will need is a wig stand or holder
that you can clip on to any counter and either a styrofoam or canvas head that
you place on top so that you can secure your topper or wig extensions or
whatever it is you’re working on onto it next I measured my own bangs which come
down to my chin and then measured it on the topper and cut the topper
accordingly now because I decided that the topper was just a little too thick
for me I decided to remove a fair bit of it because it was just going to be bangs
and these leftover pieces I can certainly use elsewhere now in order for
this to look very natural on me I decided that I had to take some of the
weight out of the monofilament area and that meant just removing it with
tweezers just a few hairs at a time and as you can see there it is laying next
to it that was enough of the hair that I needed to take out to have it look and
feel like my own now I happen to have another set of bangs for when my hair
wasn’t as grey as it is now and I simply use that as a template now into the
fine-tuning I removed a bit more hair and remeasured a little bit and then I
turned the edges over to make the base just a little bit smaller and make it
really clean on the outside finally I sewed in three toupee combs
and I was all set to go and styling was very simple all I had to do was mist the
hair with a bit of water wrap it in a couple of rollers one roller for the
bangs and one for the back put it in the closet until I needed it
and voila whenever I need it take the two rollers out throw it on fast and
easy as demonstrated earlier and mama loves so that’s it once you’ve got it
all together the way you like and fits you the way like there’s all kinds of
things you can do with this this is just one fast and easy French roll and it’s
great for days when you how am I gonna wear my hair should I wash it or
shouldn’t I it’s just a really easy really light really comfortable thing to
do with your hair anyway as usual. It’s Fast – It’s Easy and It’s Oh So Chic.
We’ll see you next time.

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