HOW TO: Cut Layers in Long Hair | EASY DIY Tutorial | KayNaturals

HOW TO: Cut Layers in Long Hair | EASY DIY Tutorial | KayNaturals

Hey Everyone welcome back to my channel today, I’m gonna show you how to cut and Maintain layers in long hair this was actually a question that was in the comments section of one of my videos So I’m glad I’ll be doing this video for you guys so the first thing I like to do before cutting my own hair is I like to wash blow dry and straighten my hair Which I just did and the reason for that is because you want to have all your hair as flat and straight as possible So you can cut it properly and you’ll be able to also see the layers in your hair a lot better so Let’s get started ok so this is how my hair looks right about now It’s kind of long so it’s hard to get it into the frame But what I wanted to point out is that the ends, This is how I know That I need to cut my hair is because when I run my fingers through my hair I can feel towards the end that it feels rough It feels like I have split ends And if I look closely I know that I have split ends and it’s about time to give my hair a cut okay, so you’re going to need a few items only three you’re going to need two headbands a hairbrush and Some scissors they don’t even have to be like the haircutting scissors. Just get some scissors that are sharp It’ll do alright, so first step. You want to brush all your hair back and give yourself a high ponytail right about here Tying your hair up like this will keep your hair in place and you’re going to do the same thing at the bottom, the bottom Is to hold the hair that you’re going to cut off and feel free to adjust it to the length that you desire And you want to cut right above it Try to cut it as even as possible I cut it a little slanted cuz I wasn’t looking directly at the mirror, but it’s fine It’s really not a big deal. I fix it after And then go ahead and just dust off some of the hair Next in order to soften that blunt cut What I like to do is just cut little bits of the hair at the end and that will Soften the look for you Once it’s done just Push your hair back and brush it out and voila that is how I cut layers into my hair Okay, so here is the result of that cut my hair ends you can already tell the difference like you see how like silky and Smooth and straight it is like it’s a lot lot better than it was Previously the ends feel a lot healthier if you look up close. I don’t see like any split ends so Yeah, that is the main role I wanted to achieve with that if you want to see like the actual layers You can see like this is the front layer Middle layer middle to like back layer So yeah you got your layers here and I love how my hair feels now like when I run my fingers through it. It’s like very Flowy like smooth silky. That’s how I like to see it, and if you curl it even that much better, but yeah So this is how much I cut off. Okay, so that is pretty much the end of the video I hope you enjoyed that if you did then you know what to do if you have any comments concerns questions all that good stuff Put it in the comments section. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible Other than that. Thank you so much for watching, and I will catch you in my next video. Bye.

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40 Replies to “HOW TO: Cut Layers in Long Hair | EASY DIY Tutorial | KayNaturals”

  1. Omg sis your gonna get more split ends from using regular scissors.No! You need to buy some professional shears you can buy a pair of cheap ones at the beauty supply store of sallys. Nobody please use regulars✂ when you trim dust ends or cut your hair. Iam a cosmetologist and have been for 15 years and Iam all about healthy hair. Yours ends will grow back rough esp if the scissors are dull. Just tryna help. Not tryna be negative in anyway 😊

  2. DISCLAIMER: Professional hairstylists do not recommend using regular scissors as it could possibly lead to more split ends, especially if dull. So if this is an issue for you, don't be like me. Go and buy shears lol, they really aren't expensive. I was just using what was available and I should have thought beyond that. 🙂

  3. YAY YAY YAY! So glad to see a new video from you! Been stopping by and waiting for more videos! This totally made my day 😀 Your hair is GORGEOUS! OMG. This is an awesome tutorial too. Super helpful! Been thinking about trying layers.

  4. Thank you!!! This video just helps me cut my own hair for the first time and it turned out perfectly I cut 9 or 10 in off and it is perfect thank you ❤️

  5. Quick question: with this method, is your hair a “v” shape in the back, or is it straight across? Lovely job!

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