How to Draw a Portrait With Ball-Point Pen

How to Draw a Portrait With Ball-Point Pen

Hello my friends!
And welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial.
I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I am so glad to see you again. Today let´s do a portrait!
And first we mark some measurements of the top of the head
and the height of the eyes. Then the bottom of the chin, a middle line, the width of the face, the position of the mouth and nose, etc. With all these measurements we should get a correct face. I am often told that
I use very strange materials to draw with, so today
I decided to use a regular ball point pen, after finishing
the sketch with pencil. I correct and refine some features,
that´s why we should use pencil at this point. Ok good! Now we start working with pen, an outer darker line for
the iris, the pupil, leaving a reflection
of light to give some life. Don´t do the eyebrows solid,
or they will look unnatural. We do all the shadow with short lines. I love drawing with pen,
it is such a pleasure! To do the hair we do need
some patience since it is a lot of work! But nice work! We darken some areas
of it, to give it volume. Here you have some shots at normal speed. I´ll erase the pencil to clean it up. We do the last touches
and it will be ready. I would like to thank
my gorgeous model Marta, who in addition to beautiful
is also an excellent photographer, I’ll leave you the links for
her websites in the information bellow the video so you can see her work! If you enjoyed it
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and I´ll see you on Tuesday 🙂

100 Replies to “How to Draw a Portrait With Ball-Point Pen”

  1. I would appreciate if you added a video of the normal speed shots in your videos. But regardless your amazing and an inspiration.

  2. @Fine Art Tips hey , Is there any chance in your next video to zoum your camera a bit more? and also do it more slow? xx 

  3. i like your drawings so much , you are my master i have learnt many things from you , thank youu 😀 … can i show you some of my artwork and you tell me your opinion about them please 😀 ?

  4. This was the first of your videos that I have seen. Like all the others I've watched, its excellent. Thank you for posting. Its inspired me to draw again, this time with a ballpoint pen.

  5. leonardo please could you make a side face profile it is difficult to have it look beautiful , we are waiting you , hope u best

  6. Amazing, I love drawing peoples with pencil, now I will try with a pen, thanks for this video

  7. Mr Leonardo would you please make videos for shading it is very difficult to make a perfect shading please teach us how to shade like professional

    thank you so much for your awsome videos

  8. amazing!!
    you make it look so easy but i drew few portraits with ballpoint pen and its very hard but lots of fun 😀

  9. Türkiyedeki yetenekli insanlar çok fazla anlatımlı çizim yapmıyolar keske sizde türkçe alt yazı olsa. Çok yeyeneklisiniz..

  10. Love your videos. Very inspiring. Is there a way for me to purchase the videos at regular speed so that I can observe your technique? Thanks!

  11. u know what there is emotions in your drawing u feel like the portrait want to talk with u. u really love to paint and that obvious ..

  12. Hello. I love drawing, but cannot find good pencil. which pencil are you using? and would you draw a girl slowly? thank you ✌✌✌

  13. would it be possible to draw an angel coming Dow stairway from heaven to collect and bring souls home? As always thank you for sharing you gifts and knowledge.

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