How To: Easy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial | Medium Length To Long

How To: Easy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial | Medium Length To Long

hey guys today I have this kind of messy
wavy undone look that I did with my hair and I really like it it’s just kind of
big and it kind of reminds me of just like a beachy kind of wave which doesn’t
really make sense to do in winter but I really like it because this is the kind
of hair style if you do for one day and it will last you for like the next few
days or until you wash your hair again people told me before that they really
liked my natural hair and they’re wondering how they can kind of achieve
that kind of look so I like this because it caromed it’s going to let the rock
and waves yeah I hope you guys give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy and
definitely subscribe because I put new videos every Monday Thursday and
Saturday but yeah let’s go ahead and get started so this is my hair after I
usually get out of the shower and style it it’s kind of straight and wavy the
first thing I’m going to do is grab some heat protectant and spray it all over
and then brush it out of course just to get out the tangles and nastiness and
whatever so then I’m going to put up my hair kind of like ariana grande’s just
to section it off and separate it and it’s going to be in little buns and I’m
going to step this section off the section on turning set and then I do
this because my hair is really really thick so if your hair’s like mine
working in sections is golden that is the way to go so now I’m going to grab
my flat iron and I’m just going to rotate my wrist forward and backward and
this is going to create those waves and the key here for this this kind of wave
is if you keep your flat iron more horizontal to the floor
as you can see I kind of have like a twisty going on but the more you keep it
horizontal to the floor the better that’s going to create this kind of wave
so these are actually called rocking waves and I learned how to do this at
Paul Mitchell back when I went to school there a couple years ago and yeah I’ve
loved it ever since then but I realized I never really made a tutorial for these
kind of waves so here I am and I think it’s just so pretty so I’m just going to
move on down to the next section and I’m just doing this throughout my whole head
of hair plus if you guys would like to see a
Dita Von Teese who have inspired vintage waves kind of look I would love to make
that actually would like to break that up into two different videos I think a
makeup look and also a hairstyle with the finger wave so if you guys like to
see that comment down below or give this video a thumbs up but yeah I’m just
moving on towards the other sections of my hair and spritzing it with some
hairspray going forward and a quick tip for this is brushing out the section
before you use your flat iron and I like holding the ends of my hair I think that
makes it a lot easier if you hold the ends of your hair while you’re pulling
the hair down so every time I’m rotating my wrist I’m really just pulling that
section of hair down as I’m going back and forth so now I’m at the top section
my head just doing the same exact thing and I’m going to finish out off course
with some more hairspray and I really like this look without a part I also
like to wear with the part but I think this kind of reminds me like Kristen
Stewart’s kind of look when you just push your hair back and you add a little
bit more hairspray let me know which way you guys like I kind of like this this
looks bigger but I’m going to go ahead and add a couple more products this is
some argan oil and I like adding this to the ends in my hair because it just
makes it so shiny and pretty and then I have a product from big sexy hair I’ll
put the product links down below in the description bar but this is like a root
lifter it makes your hair look even bigger so that’s kind of cool but yeah
this is the finished look okay so that’s it for my hair tutorial
if you guys liked it let me um let me show for a minute let me know how you
guys like it down below the comment section and you guys would like to see
more hair styling tutorials I love to film goes along with makeup videos this
is actually a makeup look that I did today and I’m like I kind of want to
filmed the tutorial for it so if you guys let’s see that letting them damn
Alou oh yeah that’s if for this videos you
guys again liked it and I will see you guys on the next one alright bye

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100 Replies to “How To: Easy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial | Medium Length To Long”

  1. This hairstyle is gorgeous! And you are absolutely beautiful, I'm so glad I found this tutorial! I look forward to checking out more of your videos! XO

  2. Omg never knew you can curl your hair like this…. Learned sth new!!!! Big thumb up for you!!! Thanks

  3. I'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow, and I was looking for different hairstyles and this is by far the best hairstyle video I've seen! love it !! 😍

  4. Awesome like its different hairstyle usually i have watch a short hair straight but it is like different ok?lop it😉

  5. My hair is naturally wavy but I hate it cuz it's so poofy. I'm trying to straighten it but it only lasts for like an hour cuz of how poofy it is. 😡😡

  6. I want to get a haircut like yours ! I love it !!! can you tell me what I tell the salon lady so I can get the same haircut as yours 🙂

  7. I feel like if I tried this on myself I would mess up ahah. The video was super helpful though and I can't wait to try it out! Thanks!!

  8. I tried this but the effect wasn't waves… when I tried it the only thing it did was straighten my hair but maybe it's bc my hair is naturally straight?

  9. I have natural wavy hair… But at first it was really straight but then when I cutted it really short it turned wavy…

  10. Thank you!! in fact my hair is how you got it at the end of the video, and you gave me a very good idea of how to manage it, 😀 thanks!!

  11. I have frizz problems with my hair so do you have any tips to get rid of my frizz? Also, I have a part and I've had it so long it doesn't really go away. How do I get rid of that so it can just fly and still look good?

  12. I loved this video sooooo much!!!!! It is gonna be soooo helpful when I go to the beach! Thank you soooooo much! New subscriber♥️!

  13. I've tried this 3 times now and my hair looks awful and "bent". I have a Wal-Mart straightener. do you need a nice one for this?

  14. Hi Sarah,I couldn't comment on your how to get Twitter follows video so I'll say it on this one, So one thanks for the advice I don't know if it will help me but it's worth a shot, two I just subscribed to your channle and I am following you on twitter sooo please follow me back 🙂 and three you are the BEAUTIFULIST women I have ever seen fr….but thanks again for the advice and keep up the good work Peace

  15. That’s my natural hair but mine is a bit more flat and I don’t like it on myself put on you and other people in looks good

  16. Finally I found someone with natural thick hair, every one else has thin hair and it's different when you style

  17. I dont want to burn my hair anymore. I did that hairsyle for so long. My ends are so done for. I have to get medium length hair now because of it. Irons are so bad. Just look up how to get waves like that heatless. What I do is I look up how to get heatless waves and I usually just get my hair I French braid it and put it back and that works but also my hair is super shiny it grows 10 times faster it grows a lot more thicker and my ends are so beautiful I don't even have to worry about washing my hair more than once a week

  18. LOL, Rockin’ Rocksdale! A pretty do on such a pretty gal! Just got my long hair cut into layers, so I’ll have to try this one! 😎

  19. Ok but my hair is frizzy and like 2b 2c 2a curly/wavy and I can’t find anyone on YouTube who has my hair type 🙁

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