How to Get Rid of Dandruff for Men | Head & Shoulders

Hey, guys. So dandruff– it’s a real pain. Right? And let’s face it. Most of us have had to
deal with it at some point. But it doesn’t have
to be that difficult. I’m going to take you through my
simple techniques to get rid of it in just two minutes. So here goes. First, shampoo. Choose a proven anti-dandruff shampoo. When you’re in the
shower, get your hair wet, and really lather it
in well at the scalp. That’s the key. Don’t run it along the hair. Go straight into the scalp, because
that’s where dandruff starts. As you rinse, you’re going to
clean the rest of your hair. So don’t worry about that. Treat the scalp, and
you’ve done the hard work. Next, style. When you’re styling, try to
avoid using the hairdryer. That heat can really dry out your scalp. So try to gently towel dry. And let the rest dry
naturally if you can. OK. There’s a couple of
other things to mention. For starters, use it regularly. Dandruff is impossible to cure. So use your dandruff
shampoo every time you wash, or else it will always come back. And don’t mix up shampoos. Grabbing your girlfriend’s
posh shampoo and using that will just wash away all the
good stuff fighting dandruff. So stick to your dandruff
shampoo, and you won’t go wrong. And there it is. It’s easy. Just find the right shampoo. Use it regularly. And stick to it. And you won’t see those
flakes coming back.

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