hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today
I’m going to be showing you how I groom my eyebrows at home. This is a really easy and fast way to make
your eyebrows really nice without even filling them in. So first I’m going to take my spooly and just
brush up the hairs, and so basically what you’re going to want to do to decide where
you want to tweeze is to locate what general shape you want. I’m thinking kind of more of an arch for this
time around. So I’m going to tweeze all of the excess hairs
as you can see right there to make the shape. When it comes to the eyebrow hairs that are
closest to the shape, I would say be really careful with how you tweeze and not to go
overboard. It’s really easy to over-pluck, so look in
the mirror and check how it looks from far away before you keep going. It’s important to pluck not only the bottom
part of the eyebrow but also the top, so you just want to comb the hairs down like that
to see which eyebrow hairs you need to pluck, and just make sure you go in the shape you
want. Also, when plucking, just take it out in the
direction that the hair grows so it hurts less. So you really want to brush up the eyebrows
to see where all of the longer hairs are, if you have more bushy eyebrows, it’s easier
to see. So what you want to do is carefully cut off
the tops of the eyebrow hairs, which makes your eyebrows look much more sharp and it
makes it easier to fill them in too. So you want to do the same by brushing the
eyebrow hairs downward, which actually makes it easier to see how long the hairs are, and
carefully cut off the bottom of them, and this again will make your eyebrows look much
more clean and neat. So the last step is to use this little eyebrow
razor to really clean everything up, and just very gently at an angle, go with the razor
in a downward motion on the top of your eyebrows and stop right above where your eyebrow starts
and do the same with the bottom. Be very very careful with this because it’s
easy to cut not yourself, but the eyebrow hairs and you don’t want to have an accident
and cut your eyebrows off. So be really careful with this, but I think
this adds a really nice precision and a really nice clean look to your brows. If you’re worried about your eyebrows being
uneven, just look for any extra hairs that you see that might be able to come off without
it being too much of a difference in the shape. And then that’s it! So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
I hope it was helpful. If you liked it, don’t forget to give it a
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100 Replies to “HOW TO GROOM + SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS! (super easy) 2020”

  1. [TO MAKE CAPTIONS SMALLER: go to CC, click options, and you can adjust text size there.]
    i’ve been seeing people saying that they need to “have eyebrows” before they do this so here are some tips for eyebrow growth (my eyebrows used to be HORRIBLE trust me):
    1. let them grow out (no matter how bad they look). use castor oil to help both your eyebrows and eyelashes grow faster, it’s pretty inexpensive 🙂
    2. massage the area when you wash your face/ moisturize so there’s more blood flow

    let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to subscribe 💓

  2. When you try to pluck your eyebrows for the first time : after all the pain and thinking you got one only to realize that you didn’t..

  3. well no wonder-
    then I was in elementary school i shaved those ends of my eyebrows off (that go down) so ig that's the reason mine look like blocks

  4. ok so i tried this just to see am I really dumb as i think i am and I was doing well so i did every step and i can tell u it look better than i tough it will be😀

    thanks for this vid it save me, btw i love ur lashes😍❤

  5. one of my eyebrows looks slightly thinner than the other in one area and I'm not getting ANYYY hair growing there. I prefer how the one with more hairs looks and Idk what to do. I don't want to start using makeup cause it's bad for your skin but damn I might have to 🙁

  6. So people actually shave around the eyebrow area?! But, doesn't that make your eyebrows grow back as bushes? Just wondering, that's all!

  7. i have super tiny hair all over my face so it kinda hard to pluck cuz i might pluck all hair in my whole face sdfghjk

  8. I love my thick little joined eyebrows they little meet with my head hair! I feel REALLY cool! !😊😆 I just hate cutting my face hair it is my real look I love it😀😀

  9. روعة 😘 بزاف
    والله غير عجبني بزاف هذو حواجيب.
    انا اول مرة في حياتي ريحة لقط حواجيب.
    عجبوني بزاف.
    حواجب لي لقتيهمو
    روعة 😘 😍 💋 👏 👍 اول مرة أشترك في قناتك

  10. My eyebrows are looking good from the front but not from the side 😐😑 what should I do? Anyone can help me?!😕 I think it's bc they are too to get long brows??

  11. Me: (watches this vid)

    Me five mins later: (shaves off the middle part of my eyebrows and looks at them) “Hey this looks good!” (looks closer) “oh crap…”

  12. Im 16 and I don't groom myself too much. Just tie my hair to a ponytail, add powder on face then a lip tint lol. A week ago, my aunt told me to draw my eyebrows and groom them.

    That explains why I'm here XD people don't seem to appreciate what I am and what I'm comfortable with, so here I am, trying to fit their standards lol.

    At the age of 16, is it necessarry to groom yourself too much? Put on facemasks? I find the face masks unhealthy lol, could ruin your face sooner.

  13. Just a tip if it is your first time plucking your eyebrows it will hurt a little the first time but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much the next times you do it and Also you are always done before you think you are 😅

  14. It’s so irritating 😠 because any eyebrow video I watch even before they have shaped,waxed or done whatever to there eyebrows I can see the shape they will end up with !! My eyebrows are just thin and a fat mess

  15. so i have blonde eyebrows and in the middle of this video i gave up on plucking and all that and tried taking a normal shaving razor to my eyebrows and now only half is left and moral of the story is dont give up

  16. 2:08 My eyebrows can't do that. They stick up and I have to tilt my head up and look down the mirror to trim with scissors. I have a spoolie and it does not help move hair down like that.

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