How to Know If You’re Going Bald | Thinning Hair

How to Know If You’re Going Bald | Thinning Hair

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41 Replies to “How to Know If You’re Going Bald | Thinning Hair”

  1. this jackass owns a hair transplant clinic and supplies propecia/finasteride/minoxidil too…obviously people need to understand that even if get a lot of hair fall, your hair will grow back and if it's not growing back please don't listen to doctors, they will fill your head up with theories such as DHT, MPB and make you buy their pills. 
    people have cured themselves of cancer by only believing it, so the cure for hairloss shouldn't have to be expensive or very complex, its upto us to cure ourselves because all doctors never cure your diseases, they hook you up with pills for the rest of your life and no matter what it doesn't get cured. 
    these doctors are smart not to take those pills because they know about the side effects but won't tell you the whole story or they will run out of business

  2. Superhairfood hair loss shampoo a wonderful product exspecialy for those with thinning hair I noticed an immediate diffrence in fullness with the first use.Recommend

  3. Im an idiot when i was young i ripped off half my fringe now with the half fringe i have left i spread it out equally to make a full fringe but its so annoying because yu can see through it and when its windy it messes up my hairstyle

  4. Help.. I don't see much hair on my pillow or my towel or my comb. But I think my hair is thinning like a small patch at my hairline. It's like a gap with less hair

  5. havent moticed any hair shedding but my temples look a bit off… anyway, if i am going bald ill shave it all and start working out again so ill look like mr clean

  6. I'm convinced im going bald. my crown has a noticeable bald spot. I told my mom to take me to a doctor or wherever they check hair and shes acts like I'm crazy even thought i have the same or worse seen on google images. sadly I'm only 17 and I cant deal with this myself so i hope i don't bald anymore within the next 10 months.

  7. when I ended watching this video I realized that all my hair fell to the ground, now I am bald and 16

  8. Anybody know what is Rozefatrun Method about? I hear a lot of people cure their hair loss and regrow it safely with this hair loss home treatment.

  9. I read lots of great reviews on the internet about how Rozefatrun Method will help you cure your hair loss and regrow it naturally. Has any one tried using this hair loss home remedy?

  10. I read a lot of people keep on speaking about Rozefatrun Method. But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever try this hair loss home treatment?

  11. I'm 13 and I always get lots of hair stuck on my comb, in the sink, in the shower drain. Even if I run my hands through my hair, some comes out.

    I don't know if hypothyroidism affects this… any help?

  12. Has anyone used the Rozefatrun Method to cure your balding hair and regrow it safely? Just do a search engine search. On there you will find an awesome tips about how you can cure your balding hair and regrow it safely. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  13. Wow very insightful mr doctor man thank you so much for this knowledge.. I will now count all hairs I lose everyday in fact I will sit in a bucket for no less than 24 hrs everyday making sure no hairs go unaccounted for.. no problem sir thank you for this excellent advice.. your gorgeous hairline assures me that you have the best strategies for catching hairloss early thank you doctor man sir thank you..

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