How to Make a Doll Wig | Undercut | Mozekyto #11

How to Make a Doll Wig | Undercut | Mozekyto #11

Hey there Doll Friends, welcome back! Today’s wig tutorial has been requested several many times and I’m excited because it’s fairly easy. So without further ado, let us begin! Let’s start with a wig cap. Cover your doll’s head with cling wrap and secure a cloth over it with elastics. This time instead of brushing just three coats of white glue, make it six so we get an extra hard wig cap. This is important as we want the shaved part to lie nice and flat on the doll’s head. Also FYI, I had to wait at least two days just to make sure all the layers of glue were completely hard and dry. Once dry, map your wig like so and trim off the excess. (You’ll need 1 hank of yarn) If you have flocking powder you can skip this step, but if you don’t, we can make something similar using the fluff you brushed out from the yarn. If you’re new to my channel and don’t know where this came from, I highly suggest you check out my tutorial on how I make yarn wefts. Take a small piece of fluff and finely cut it like this. Then, glue this on the shaved area like so. If you want, feel free to take the wig off the doll’s head so you can easily clean up the edges. Don’t forget to cover the front edge too. Next, water down some glue and brush it over the shaved part to tame it down. I know it looks weird at the moment, but trust me, it will look better when it dries. See? You can add more over bald spots, but overall, one layer should be good enough. Now start filling up the rest of the head with wefts. You can be creative on this part. Cut it short, keep it long, use different colored wefts, the choice is yours! I decided to experiment and mixed curled and straight ones because I’m trying to achieve a bold, yet feminine look. I hope you enjoyed my take on this hairstyle. I’m definitely down to do more of this in the future. If my tutorials inspired you to create your very own wig, I’d love to see, so share it with me on Instagram and use the hashtag #MozekytoLook Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe. Tap that bell button too so you don’t miss out on my future uploads. See you in my next one, bye!

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100 Replies to “How to Make a Doll Wig | Undercut | Mozekyto #11”

  1. This is probably my favorite doll wig at the moment! Definitely enjoyed making this one and I'm thinking of experimenting with other/more styles! Suggestions? Tweet me pics @mozekyto!😉

  2. Hey Mozekyto, I need your help with a doll I’m working on. I’m making a geisha and want her hair up in that fancy geisha style. But I’m not sure how 🙁 can you made a tutorial for me?

  3. I don’t know if you do requests but could you do Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson? I love her and my friend would die to see that!!

  4. hii there, first of all thanks for share all of your knowledge with us in this cool professional way, i have a questión, how u fix the final wif to the MH head? i hope u can help me

  5. I could NOT make a wig cap for the LIFE of me, it took me so long until I got it (after watching many of your vids, thanks!) Did it take any of you other doll makers lots of practice to get good at it?

  6. Wow this is amazing! I've been watching a ton of these videos because I'm just starting out and figured that making my own wigs and clothing would be cheaper than just buying them. As I was watching this video, I couldn't help but get Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 vibes! Will definitely be making a wig of her hair using this tutorial!

  7. Omigosh I have this haircut I have to try this on a doll one day also repaint my own dolls face😄😊

  8. what sort of fabric do you use for the wig cap?? and how do you get it to lie so flat? I tried this but my fabric kept winkling and folding around the head 🙁

  9. Thank you thank you thank you this is exactly my haircut and I couldn't seem to make the wig right thank YOU

  10. What glue is this to glue the hair into the cap? glue all, superglue? sorry i’m new and making my first wig

  11. Can somebody let me know what she says at the beginning when doing the wigcap? 'cover your doll's head with …' ??? I can't understand it. Thanks beforehand!

  12. Hi I’m new here. Also another method to dry the layers of white glue use a fan. The glue dry very easy with your average normal glue. I test it trust me it works ;3 anyways I love your wig tutorial

  13. OOF
    I sort of did this?
    I did a half reroot and then, covered the other side with cut up faux fur to give the illusion XD

  14. Will this undercut technique work with hair wefts made of Saran hair?

    And do you use tacky glue or some other glue to keep the undercut in place, and will it work for flocking?

  15. Thanks for sharing your knowledge <3 I am new to OOAK. I'm wondering why everyone does wigs rather then sticking straight onto the head. Is the a reason other than it being more perminant?

  16. I love using flocking, I made a Deathhawk wig for one of my dolls, and a mowhawk that was really fun to do, you should try it. I used spray starch to set the wig. If that doesn't work, as it depends on the fibre your using then midge podge or PVA glue is brilliant for setting the hair into the hawk or spikes.. Love this wig series youre doing or have done. I know what would be useful to a lot of people who have BJDs or alter dolls etc.. Male wigs… I still struggle and help would be appreciated..

  17. I can't even make a wig cap and my wefts won't dry on my plastic thing I make em on I can only fit three and it takes all day to dry so I'd only get six wefts in two day I honestly need help

  18. I watch these videos because i want to make dolls as a hobby and yes both mozekyto and dollightful are REALLY help full

  19. oi, flor! Amo seus vídeos e quero muito fazer uma peruca. Gostaria de saber que tipo de cola você usa 🙂 Gratidão e beijos

  20. Do you use an eyebrow trimmer to cut the straight strands??? I think that's what you're using but I'm not sure.

  21. I love using yarn hair for stop motion puppets as it looks very soft, (it is) but it can still hold a position.

  22. That is such an adorable hair style i defently want to try it…. the problem is i only have one doll, and that doll is customized intact its my first custom mh doll 😊

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