How To Make a Jellicle Cat Wig – Attaching Kanekalon Time-Lapse Tutorial

How To Make a Jellicle Cat Wig – Attaching Kanekalon Time-Lapse Tutorial

Cut approximately 8 inches of the hair in manageable handfuls. Blend colors together by pulling parts of the hair from your handful and placing them back together. Keep doing this until the colors are blended enough for your taste. Take a bit of your blended hair and cut it down the center, creating a flat end. Apply hot glue to that end and stick it on the wig cap sideburns, (with the wig cap on it’s side) straight up. Continue on both sides. To start on the back, I pull my wig cap up so that there’s excess material at the top. This way the wig stays roomy enough for my long hair to fit under. If you’d rather, you can measure your head and sew your cap accordingly. (Keep in mind, styrofoam wig heads are not likely to be the same size as your head.) Take some of your 8 inch hair and cut it in half to form 4 inch bunches for the back of the wig. Grab some of that hair and cut it down the center. Then apply hot glue to that end. Place the hair angled down, flat to the cap. (NOT straight out like the sideburns.) *Here I’m doing the blending method again, to avoid straight edges but you could also fix that when you style the wig. Leave gaps in-between each section of hair and alternate the gaps with each row. As you make your way up the back, be sure to mark out where you want the ears to go. Depending on your wig style, you might want some straight up bangs at the front. If you do, stop laying the back hair about an inch and a half from the front edge. Use the 8 inch hair (cut in the middle) for the ears. Glue these straight out like the sideburns. Temporarily rubber band them up to keep them out of the way. Going back to the 4 inch hair, fill in the row in front of the ears, hair pointing straight up. Then fill in the bangs, pointing the hair straight up. (or however you want it to lay.) Fill in any gaps, style and secure the ears if you’d like, and trim everything up! Use some strong hold hairspray to keep everything in place and your wig is done!

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  1. a little tip with the styrofoam heads, i prefer to use the male head since it's closer in size to an adult's head. i only really use the female head for making a child sized wig

  2. Wow, I really do love your wig, it looks amazing. I have a question. I found the kanikalon hair they come in hair braids of 24" long and 100g how many of them would I approximately need to create a wig like that? I hope you can help me with this. Thank you so much in advance. Many greetings from the Netherlands….Mandy 🐱🌸

  3. Now if your Going to do a Jellylorum, or Little Joe's Mentor Mister Mistoffeles, and Brother Alonzo, then your going to bring the Sideburns up to meld into the ears, but this type of wig is good Jemima, Mungojerrie, and Rumpelteazer.

  4. I'm a little late here but I wanted to asked where you got the wig cap / what kind of wig cap it is ^^ is it just one of those basic thin caps or are there ones with the sideburns already attached? Would be really thankful for an answer ^^

  5. Hey, I have a question! How do you get the wig to stay down? Is it just with tape around the front and blending with makeup?

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