HOW TO MAKE A SMALL WIG BIGGER😱This lace frontal wig is TOO small

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL WIG BIGGER😱This lace frontal wig is TOO small

So before we get into this video, I just wanted
to address this before everyone goes crazy in the comments. My edges look a little bit shiny. I think that I used too much of the freeze
spray or I did not let my edges dry all the way but this is not my lace showing. Hey curlfriends and welcome back to another
hair tutorial. Today I’m going to show you guys how to make
a wig that’s too small, larger. You guys know that I got this unit from UPrettyHair
about 2 weeks ago and it came in the size One Size Fits All. We all know that my head is not one size fits
all. So, I thought that I would give you guys this
quick little hack. It requires very minimal sewing skills. You can hand sew this. So, if you don’t know how to sew, you might
want to learn just for this quick little tip. It’s really not that complicated. Today all that you’re going to need is some
extra elastic, some scissors, need and the finest amount of thread that you can find. I believe the one that I’m using is Polyester. It’s polyester or Nylon I think. I got these threads a very long time ago. But we’re pretty much just going to enlarge
our cap. The back of our cap has these straps. If your wig or your unit does not have these
straps this may not work for you. But, most units come with the two bra-looking
straps in the back. They can be readjusted. We’re going to go ahead and do a little surgery
on the unit. Cut it on open and just give ourself some
extra elastic that way we can get that extra stretch and extra circumference to our wig. As you guys can see, my wig is sitting honey! Like its sitting! It’s sitting so much better than it did on
my initial review video. I love this unit and I really wanted to wear
it but it was just way too small. So, If you’re ready to make your small wig
larger, stay tuned for the next few steps. Go ahead and grab your lace frontal or full
lace wig. This is a frontal that I’m going to show you
guys today. It had 4 combs total. I felt like the combs were just extremely
uncomfortable so I’ll be removing those. But most of our adjusting will be right here
in the nape where these two bra-looking straps are in the nape of our wig. They have this little elastic that gives you
extra stretch in the back. We’re going to make that stretch pretty much
permanent. In my personal opinion; the clips themselves
take up some room in the cap as well. Its a really small cap; one size fits all
like I told ya’ll. So I just felt like they were unnecessary. They were extremely uncomfortable because
the wig was already too small. But as you guys can see here, I just left
one comb. Now we’re going to go ahead and begin our
steps to add the elastic. Unhook one side of the straps. You guys will see how much stretch we’ll get
from this. We’re going to make that stretch permanent. Its going to give us a lot more room in the
wig. As you guys can see, the fabric is folded
and everything. Theres tons of extra wasted fabric because
this unit is just way too small. Underneath that strap, you guys will see an
extra piece of elastic. This is what makes it stretch and retract
back. We’re going to separate that particular strap
using a clip of your choice. You just want to separate it so that you don’t
cut the wrong thing. I’m going ahead and cutting that, splitting
it into two. I’m pretty much just going to make that loop
longer. I’m going to get a piece of elastic and add
it to both sides just to make the loop longer. We’re going to start from one side, then move
on to the other. I’m grabbing my elastic. I chose this white elastic because honestly
that’s all I had in my closet right now. I have to re-up on some supplies. But you guys can use whatever color you want. We’re going to split that into two. One for the left side of the cap and one for
the right side. I’m threading my needle so that we can go
ahead and begin sewing. But my elastic should be a decent enough size
to blend in seamlessly with the straps that already exist. The large elastic was just way too big. It wouldn’t be able to fit back into the hole. Im going to go ahead and sew down the strap
onto one end of the loop that we cut. I’m just going to go ahead and sew it down. Now that one side is complete, I’m going to
go ahead and move onto the opposite side. I just want this to lay down nice and flat. You don’t want a whole bunch of bulk and you
want to make sure that your elastic is the perfect size or else you won’t be able to
stuff this back into the little nook that it was hiding in. I’m going to go ahead and tie this off and
get rid of the excess thread so that we can pretty much create our loop now. To create the loop, I’m just going to flip
the elastic that we just added on the right side. I’m going to flip it over to the right. Lay it on top and just sew that together. Not shut, but together so that we have that
loop again that was underneath our strap. Now it’s much longer so it won’t retract super
tight on your head. It’s pretty much going to be like a looser
wig which was exactly what we were going for. I’m going to go ahead and just secure it on
both sides to make sure that everything is nice, flat and even on all sides. There we have it! We have our extended, long loop. I’m personally not one to flip my units up
or wear my hair up but if you are going to be doing that, you definitely want to get
like a black or brown elastic to match your unit so that it doesn’t stand out. I felt like the white was perfect for a tutorial
like this so that you guys could actually see the difference and whats going on in the
tutorial. I’m just going ahead and tucking this elastic
back down into the bottom of that strap; into the little nook where it was hiding in the
first place. As you guys can see, I can pull that strap
and not have a whole bunch of retraction. As you can see the left side is where the
extra elastic is and the right side is all jumbled up because it is extremely tight. I have not done that side yet. You guys can see the huge difference. The left side is much larger and longer that
the right side. I want to say that we got an extra inch or
two from this method. I’m going to go ahead and repeat on the opposite
side of the unit. I’m going to go ahead and repeat the exact
same steps, pulling out the elastic, cutting it in half and sewing on the extra elastic
to give it more lee-way. So there you have it guys! Our circumference of our unit is so much larger,
so much more open and it sits on your head a whole lot better. I hope that I helped you guys make your unit
that is too small, a lot larger. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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  1. great video. i'm just not sure if i will be able to stretch the wig enough because i need 3.5 inches extra to fit my megahead😂

  2. So glad I found this video! I recently just received a wig and it’s to small. This method should help me thanks for making this video!

  3. Wow.. what a Godsend. I use to just snip my wigs around the nape to make them fit but this is MUCH more sturdy. Thanks for this!!

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