How to prevent hair fall ? – Best oil to prevent hair fall – Tamil Beauty Tv

How to prevent hair fall ? – Best oil to prevent hair fall – Tamil Beauty Tv

How to prevent hair fall ? – Best oil to prevent hair fall – Tamil Beauty Tv Hi friends you are watching Tamil beauty tv and my hearty welcome for those who are watching our channel. In this modern world world we use many styling products, shampoo, conditioner etc., but we forget oiling hair. If we apply oil for hair atleast once in a week hair root will strengthen. Hair grows faster only if the roots are strong and we should choose the best oil for hair and use. In today’s video we are going to see how to prepare best hair oil for fast hair growth at home. Essentials for this are 250 ml coconut oil, a bowl of curry leaves, 4 big onions (Cut into pieces & you can use small onions also) Pour 250 ml of coconut oil in a pan. When it starts to bubble add the cleaned curry leaves in it . Then add the chopped onions. Mix it well and let it boil for 15 minutes in low flame. Switch off the stove after fifteen minutes. Close the pan with a lid and let it sit for 8 hours. After 8 hours strain it and the colour has changed as the essence of onion and curry leaves are added in the oil. Hair oil is ready and store it in an air tight container. Hair fall happens in two ways one hall fall from the root and the other is breakage of hair. Fatty acid present in coconut oil gives protein to our hair naturally and controls the breakage of hair. Oxygen and nutrients enter our hair follicles and increases the hair growth. We all know that onion is rich in sulphur and it increases the collagen level in the scalp and triggers the hair growth. Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants and it keeps the hair root strong and prevents breakage of hair while combing. Try this tip weekly twice or thrice if you want fast hair growth. Apply oil and massage before going to bed and wash your hair the next day morning. If you have cold body apply for 1 hr during daytime and wash your hair. You can store this oil for 5 -6 months and take the required amount of oil, heat it lightly and then apply.

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  1. hii sister…. enaku hair break ayi moodi fulla utanchu kottituchu…. ithu use panna Valaruma…… hair thicken aga vali sollunga sis

  2. Thanks kanmani I have a another doubt of ur beauty tips. Every beauty tips u used and mixed of honey but when i was use my face am very fear.If honey is changed in our hair colour tats y am asked…..

  3. Hi sis what a beautyful tips to have a thick hair here I'm going to prepare the oil thanks so much GBU 👍

  4. verum onion ah matum liquid pani apy panlama sis daily pana lama china onion best or smal onion best pls rply sis

  5. Akka…..enaku hair loss iruku & hair la split ends athigama iruku…..So naa yendha shampoo use pannanum…….Suggest any shampoo names akka……plzzz

  6. Sis I'm ur subscriber hot coconut oila lemon juice mix panna mudiku damage aagum Illa aagatha plzz ans. Me Na hostel poga poran

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