How to Regrow Hairs in Thinning Areas | Hair Loss Treatment

How to Regrow Hairs in Thinning Areas | Hair Loss Treatment

things I did to regrow my lost hair one
head massage unlike many people think a head massage is not polished or rustic
and massage is one of the most important rituals for a healthy hair and scalp
improves blood circulation and drains toxins from the scalp you can massage
the head without using oil but I prefer to do it with oil the best oils for hair
loss are coconut sunflower olive ghee evening primrose avocado and castor
diluted with other oil how to do apply oil of your choice evenly on the scalp
and massage gently with your fingers finished by running your fingers through
your hair it should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes leave it for an hour
before washing it or you can also store it overnight for a better conditioning
for healthier and stronger hair massage the head at least once a week to use an
Urban’s packed with plant nutrients an herbal rinse is the perfect way to
nourish and condition your hair after washing my shampoo I usually follow up
with an herbal infusion my favorite is the reassess shy cuca I rinse but you
can create your own according to the needs of your hair you can choose one or
more of the following nutritional herbs for hair chamomile and blah
chiku Chi hibiscus rosemary caligula lavender Sonia Greek methi lemon orange
and blue sage Vyasa horse tail nettle and mint 3 stay away from
conditioners I do not use conditioner after shampooing applying a conditioner
means injecting more chemicals into the scalp and hair and more chemicals mean
more damaged here hair instead use a conditioner without rinsing you do not
need any luxury brand the oils are the butters of plants are excellent
conditioners without rinsing the best oils to use coconut almonds olive oil
and jojoba oil and the best butters that work are sheet rock more aloe butter to
use take a small amount no more than one size of P of oil or butter and rub it
between your palms and apply it to damp or dry hair avoiding the roots and even
this will relieve frizz and veils and leave your hair shiny and soft for
exercise exercise is another important key to healthy hair when you exercise
you sweat in that unclogs the hair follicles which become clogged with dead
skin and fat which gives you enough room for the new hair to grow
exercising also increases the flow of blood to your scalp the increase in
blood flow brings with it more nutrients and more oxygen and therefore promotes
healthy hair growth so if you want beautiful thick hair go for a walk dance
ride a bike play run do go do cardio or whatever you enjoy get up and move move



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