How To Stop Hair Fall – Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

How to stop hair fall?
Hair fall, thinning of hair, baldness etc. Causes of hair fall
Physical trauma such as car accident, severe illness, flu etc.
* Pregnancy * Hereditary
* Anaemia * Emotional Stress
* Ageing * Dramatic Weight Loss
* Chemotherapy * Intake of Anti – Depressant & much more…
How to stop hair fall? You can get rid of hair fall by mainly 3 methods
Method 1: Herbs and supplements * Take Vitamin A, B & E which helps in producing
Sebum in scalp, stimulates blood circulation & produces melanin which gives healthy hair
colour. * Use Palmetto to reduce hair fall
Method 2: Topical Treatments * Apply Essential oils such as few drops of
Lavender or Bay essential oils in Almond & Sesame oil.
* Take hot oil treatment. YOU can use Olive oil which helps to regain moisture
* Apply Green tea as it is an anti-oxidant which prevents hair fall & helps in hair regrowth.
METHOD 3: Lifestyle Changes * Take high protein diet such as lean meat,
fish, soya or other protein. * Do not brush wet hair. Leave them until
it dries. * Avoid stress. Do meditation to relax, do
exercise, go for walk and enjoy sports etc. Hair Loss Treatment
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