How to Stop Psoriasis in Scalp

How to Stop Psoriasis in Scalp

hi Anika I really got something else to
share apart from the success he had with your diabetes as a result taking the
palnt derived minerals yes I was just going to mention that and
I suffered from psoriasis in my scalp actually quite a long time and usually
stress and relatedness is actually and and sort of i’ve had quite a difficult
time high level manager of don’t require long time it’s very stressful
environments are suffering from a quite large and and it was always that you
know it’s quite my scalp would get really dry and itchy and it would get
really sore be quite low and then every time you wash your hair it wouold inflame it and it would get really uncomfortable since having
started taking the minerals the psoriasis reduced massively, brilliant, and in
fact there are long periods of time now where I don’t get
any itching I don’t get any kind of and bleeding and my scalp or anything and
there are times occasionly when it’s still flaring up and more noticably just
before christmas in 2015 i stopped taking minerals for a while it’s my job just got a little bit crazy
things where I remember you know life is a little bit hectic and I noticed an
immediate difference in the fact that the psoriasis came back really quite
severly, really uncomfortable with it yeah bleeding lots and i went straight
back on the minerlas and actually within about 2 -3 weeks it got back under control,
great, so for me it absolutely enables me to manage that condition as well
bring thank you for sharing that thank you

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