How to Use a Wig Cap & Wig | Special FX Makeup

How to Use a Wig Cap & Wig | Special FX Makeup

Once the hair is twisted up and secured flatly
to the head, we’re just going to spray a little bit of hairspray to tame the baby hairs that
may be sticking up. So we’re just going to give it a little spritz
and then flatten those hairs down. Especially down here, she had a lot of baby
hairs, so I just bobby pinned that. And we’re going to spray that. And now we’re ready to apply the wig cap. This is a wig cap. It’s basically like a stocking and it may
be cheaper to just buy stockings than a wig cap. You can find wig caps at most Halloween supply
stores or wig stores. So what I’m going to have you do is put both
of your hands up to the side of your head and point your fingers out. Perfect. That gives me a little bit of a mount. Stick them up a little higher and I’m going
to mount this. All right. And you can release. We’re going to try to tuck all of those little
hairs up in there. All right. And then we’re going to pull this cap back
down over the back side. And then we’re going to pull this to her hair
line because you don’t want this showing through the wig. Should secure all of those hairs. We’re just going to make sure all of the baby
hairs are tucked up into the wig cap. Now we’re ready to apply the wig. So I’m going to apply this from the front. So I’m going to put it on her forehead and
then pull it back and then adjust. We can see the wig cap poking through here,
so we want to pull the wig down to hide that. You’re just going to smooth it out, any flyaways,
and you’re ready to go.

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  1. Cornrows would have made this process a lot easier than twisting. The hair is still very bulky under the wig cap. Doing cornrows would have made it lay flatter

  2. Pin curl the front sections of hair and then get the back of the hair and separate into two sections, cross it over and wrap it round the head and pin. The use you stocking cap. That makes it flatter but gives you something for the wig to grip on to. 😊

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