how to use apple cider vinegar for dandruff

how to use apple cider vinegar dandruff
and roof simple vinegar massage
you will need three tablespoons apple cider vinegar or vinegar gently massaged the apple cider vinegar
into your scalp leave the ACV on for about ten minutes and then wash your
hair with a mild shampoo finished with conditioner why this works massaging a CV into your
scalp will help but penetrate your follicles removing any build-up then
also balance pH and oil production this is one of the most efficient ways to
maintain scalp health and ensure that it is squeaky clean I’m a mile T and vinegar chamomile is
widely known as the calming agent rinsing your hair with a solution of tea
and vinegar will give your hair gold and glow but also soothe their scalp no more
itching and irritation combined one tablespoon of apple cider
vinegar and one cup of freshly brewed tea wash and condition your hair as
usual and then pour the chamomile solution through your hair use this as a
final rinse and do not trance afterward allow your hair to air dry dry


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