I Bleached My Virgin Brunette Hair Icy Blonde | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I Bleached My Virgin Brunette Hair Icy Blonde | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I’ve always had restrictions on my hair. I haven’t been able to do anything fun with it because Asian moms are a little bit stricter. I’m really nervous about dying my hair because I definitely don’t want it to ruin it. Also my mom is gonna kill me, but it’ll be great. My name is Nicole and I am getting icy white hair. Before you see my hair transformation, subscribe below. When I think of icy white hair I think of Gwen Stefani and I also think of Elsa from “Frozen” and I definitely don’t want to look like that. So hopefully it’ll be a little more stylish than that. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and she literally grew up 20 minutes from where I’m from. So I’m really excited to get a look that will kind of express my personality the way that she expresses hers. When I was younger, I always wanted to change the color of my hair. I always wanted to dye it but that was not allowed in my household because my mom is super strict about hair. I’ve had this same hair for 22 years–my entire life. So it’s time to change it up. My name is Kazumi. I own a hair salon in Beverly Hills called Salon Kazumi. I specialize in color correction. That means I change the hair color completely from black to blonde. And Nicole was the perfect candidate for today. Hello! Hi! I’m Kazumi. I’m Nicole, nice to meet you. So what are we doing today? I think we’re going to do really blonde, really icy blonde. Oh my god, that’s amazing! How blonde do you want to go? As light as we can, I think. Okay, have you done it before? No! It’s gonna look so awesome on you. Give you a little edge, style. I’m so excited! Okay, great! Let’s get you started. Great! Thank you! So we are going make Nicole–she has beautiful dark hair, and we are gonna give her beautiful champagne blonde. It’ll be an amazing transition today. So first I did full highlights on Nicole. I took all, sliced back to back sections. I literally have to lift this up cause it feels like I’m wearing headphones. Okay, we’re almost done. How are you doing? Good. Yeah, you okay? Yeah. Is it really heavy? Yeah, just relaxing my head on here. It’s a lot better cause I’m not holding the weight anymore. I process about 30 minutes. I’m so glad your head is doing well. I get to do one more round of bleach. It’s pretty light but I still see that little bit of yellow. So we want to get that as white as possible. I went in and reapplied the bleach on where it was still dark. Okay, so bleach is all in. We went over the roots a little bit. And also I went over with very gentle bleach where that yellow remained. And I’m trying to get as light as possible evenly. And we are going to give you that toner, and you’ll be all done! Awesome! Yeah, almost there, almost there. So excited. So excited, me too. Right after the bleach you want to treat the hair with good keratin and collagen based treatment to repair your hair inside out before you tone your hair. And then I tone her hair with champagne blonde and left it about a good five minutes. What do you think? I love it. Oh my god. It looks so good on you. I couldn’t imagine it would look any better. This is exactly–it looks so good. You are blonde. It looks amazing. It feels like a superhero. Your dreams come true. I am in absolute awe. It looks so good. It feels really good. And it still feels like it had so much life in it. And I couldn’t be happier with what happened today, it looks amazing. It reminds me so much of Gwen Stefani and has all the sassiness and all the grace she has, so I love it. I got really lucky today with Nicole because she was virgin hair. Usually people have colored hair and that can be challenging to a colorist. Since Nicole was virgin hair, I was expecting a pretty smooth transition. I think what was so special about it was that Kazumi brought back a special treatment from Japan, so I was getting all the elite Japanese hair treatment, so it feels really good. I can’t wait to show my mom. I think she is gonna be overjoyed by the way it looks. I know she was afraid it was going to be damaged, and it’s perfectly fine, so it’s great. I guess it’s time to test the theory if blondes have more fun. We’ll see. Thank you so much for watching Refinery29. For more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here.

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100 Replies to “I Bleached My Virgin Brunette Hair Icy Blonde | Hair Me Out | Refinery29”

  1. How did her scalp feel? This was so amazing to watch! Kazumi is truly a pro!!! 🙌🏽 Also will she be able to maintain it? She should lighten her eyebrows and it would’ve be great to see the mom’s reaction!

  2. She’s so pretty with her own colour hair it suits her better to her colour skin to pull ice blonde hair you have to be pale skinned but she’s happy with it

  3. Don't believe u can go from brown to white in one sitting no way! i have bleached blond hair, and from me to go from brown to blond too over a year to get it an icy colour without damage.

  4. She's very pretty and the hair was incredibly well done, however, it makes her very pale and she looks kinda grey-isch and sick…just my personal opinion 😶

  5. It’s looks sooooo good!!

    I really want to dye my hair that blonde but I’m gonna wait until I’ve moved out.

    My parents can’t say anything then😆

  6. Any aspiring Youtubers want to help each other grow? Let's help by Subscribing to each other's Channels!! Ready Let's Go!! I'll Go First…. 🙂

  7. I'm so happy for you! It looks so good on you!!!
    Please take care of your hair so it doesn't get damaged??

  8. God is good lets pray for those unsaved and less fortunate people guys who dont have our blessings and salvation, that eternal hope 💗💪🙏He ansewered my prayer to have another chance could have accepted failure but god didn't so nah

  9. How does maintenance work? Like doesn’t ur naturally hair just start growing back in brown? Do you need to bleach touch ups every month? Does bleaching change texture of natural hair?

  10. I’ve never dyed my hair before “cough cough MOM” but my hair has went from carrot orange to for red to auburn red. I think I’ve reached the end of my transformation but I’m not sure it might go brown. My hair is crazy lol

  11. love that she took hair care into consideration instead of just putting layers and layers of bleach and shampoo and toner and completely destroying the hair

  12. question: if you bleach your hair multiple times, you know, cause it's growing, does it always look this way?

    i'm asking because one of my characters also has this like, dark brown hair and she bleaches it, but i know nothing about how it works.

  13. Jeez, she did a very great job in bleaching hair. Looks even, no yellowish color or what so ever but still looks healthy, not frying the hair or what so ever.
    Works really fast, rinsing the bottom part while the upper part in process. The point is, the hairdresser is an expert in bleaching hair.

  14. Holy crap that's a lot of foil. Worked out well though. I preferred the look of it when blowdried straight, but that's just me

  15. That’s not virgin it’s fucking ombré like mine. Mine is dyed and died. But resurrected and now it’s really long but I wanna ruin it again

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