I Got A Lime Green Wig For The First Time | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I Got A Lime Green Wig For The First Time | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

This is like, a blooper. This sh*t hard to open! You gotta hit it with some hot water. Alright, we got it now. Hi, my name is Raven, and
this is Hair Me Out. I’m going to be getting a lime green wig. Before we get into the transformation, don’t
forget to subscribe below. As someone who is natural and has had so many
hair changes, it’s so important for me to retain the length that I have. I had dreadlocks for 11 years of my life,
so that was like, limited experimentation. I could only do so much. And then, when I was a junior in high school,
I completely shaved my head. It was just like, me taking control over how
I was expressing myself with my hair. After shaving my head, I went through all
of the weird transformations of like, having relaxed hair, wearing weaves,
wearing protective styles… And what worked best for
me was protective styles. It helped me retain my length, not destroy
my curl pattern, and not have to deal with all the single-strand knots and tangling that
most natural girls have to deal with. But once I’m lime green,
it’s a whole new bag. I’ve never had real color, and
she’s gonna get real color. So, besides the fact that I’m just happy to
be going lime green, I’m super excited that Ebanks is going to be doing it for me. Ebanks has done the hair of
some of my favorite artists… Cardi B, Asian Doll, like, I mean… Why wouldn’t I want the same
hands in my head? I’m thrilled to be getting this done. What made you wanna do a bright color? I’ve never really committed and
like, had fun color-wise. I was ready. This is the wig!
Oh my gosh! I am so excited for her! I did what most girls who don’t
understand their hair do… I put a perm in it! Perms don’t work for everybody. I ended up having over-processed hair,
and my hair started to fall out. So, coming out of that and being able to actually
grow my hair back, grow my edges back, make sure my curl pattern was still there… I’m just not gonna let my hair
be touched by anybody. So, when I’m picking a hair stylist,
like, it’s serious business. Any black woman would know that. Any woman knows that. Hair is deep. Anytime I get a new hairstyle,
I am a little nervous. The lime green has to look green. It can’t even skew yellow. I don’t want yellow on my head. I’m also a little worried about what
my mom is going to think. She’s worried about what people may think
about me when they don’t truly know me, they just see this girl with lime green hair. But, to that I would just be like, “Mom, you
know, it’s trendy, she’s living her best life. You only go around once…” There used to be a lot of stigma
around wigs and wearing wigs. Even the word “wig” like, people wouldn’t
use it. They would say “unit” or a “lace front.” Now, wigs are so trendy because all of the
celebrities are now wearing wigs. Every upcoming artist pretty
much has a wig on her head. And that’s because what’s
underneath is more important. There’s so many options now in
haircare and hair is a lot bigger. The industry is a lot bigger than it was. It’s a lot more tangible. It’s a lot more affordable. So now, wigs are like, an everyday thing. I’m about to bless her with some
baby hairs on this unit right now… Major key. Who doesn’t love baby hairs?
Right? As a black woman, I change my hair a lot,
and it has to do with like, expressing myself. But, it also has to do a lot with versatility. When you change your hair, it’s just a way
to boost your self confidence. I’m so, so, so, so excited. It’s going to be the boldest hairstyle
that I’ve had in a long time. Ready to take a look? So ready! It’s lit! Boom. Oh, my gosh! I cannot believe this. This is sickening. Wow. This is amazing. I’m so in love with this. Like, look at my… Oh! But no, I real life like, am so in love.
This was fun! This is incredible! Thank you so much! This hair is amazing. I’m obsessed with this color. The way that Ebanks installed this look, it’s
absolutely secure. I can do anything that I want with it. It is magnificent. I mean, look at my baby hairs. They are laid! My hair is daring, it’s bold, and
it definitely cannot be missed. My lime green wig has birthed
an entirely new Raven. Thank you guys so much for watching! If you have any other ideas
for videos, comment down below. To subscribe to Refinery29, click here. And to watch more videos, click here.

100 Replies to “I Got A Lime Green Wig For The First Time | Hair Me Out | Refinery29”

  1. Oo lord you mean to tell me Nikki and Cardi let him lay their wigs looking like THAT?? I knew it was going downhill when he cut the wig cap and started putting glue on her edges. OOF. Then the way he cut the lace and how exposed it looked… NOT CUTE. How you do celebrity wigs and can’t blend the lace?? That shit was a mess they shouldn’t have added those close ups because that lace was screaming at me. And then the baby hairs? Child

  2. As a non-black woman I always wonder how our black queens make their wigs look so real! I loved every second of this. ☺️

  3. Mad respect cause I never knew what went into wearing wigs. At times it looked painful! Black women are queens seriously. And she looked amazing.

  4. I used to think bright green stuff was ugly as fuck but SHIT AFTER SEEING WENDY FROM RV IN RBB WITB THAT GREEN SHIRT IVE BEEN OBSESSED it genuinely looks so stunning

  5. I’m not a neon hair color person – it’s always been “eehhh” BUT this transformation was amazing ! Well done 👍

  6. Is that synthetic or real? If u have synthetic sowed on, wouldn't it turn into a mess real soon? or it doesnt?

  7. That seems really expensive because it was so much work. How long will it last and how often does it need to be redone?

  8. Question: how long can she keep the lime green wig on? Like, does she need to take it off and have it put back on every so often?

  9. I have so much questions lmao, does she wash the wig like normal hairs ? In my country it's not really common to see so much beautiful hairstyles like this

  10. Anyone who wears wigs often… how long would this last? I saw that he sewed in the under piece and then the wig on top. What is the longest you can keep the wig on without having to remove it, wash it I'm assuming, and then put it back on? Does it start to look dirty after not washing it for awhile? How long until it looks greasy and starts to smell? I guess you have to fix the baby hairs every morning with gel? And you can't get your head wet at all in the shower either right? Does your scalp get itchy? Do some people not sew in their wigs at all or would it just slide off if you just put it on with nothing holding it to your head? Sorry for all the questions but if anyone can answer them all I would REALLY appreciate it!

  11. I think the hair is really cool, but I think the color is not right for her, it makes her look very washed out, and I think she will have to make some very strategic makeup choices.

    Neon green is a nearly impossible hair color to go with any shade of skin. She still looks beautiful and fun, I just don't think she glows like she did with the dark warm color.

  12. why are they acting like its such a big deal… its a wig if you don't like it take it off like damn it aint that deep

  13. Baby hair: the little hairs you have in the front
    Edges: styling strands of your full length hair.
    I feel like many people get this confused, there's 2 things, laying down baby hair, and laying down edges
    Those are 2 separate thingss…K? S👏E👏P👏E👏R👏A👏T👏E

  14. She had all of us going with that first wig. 🤣🤣🤣

    Terry Crews voice: “The lies! The deception!!”

  15. Omggg!!! I love it!!!! I'm wig chick so I'm obsessed!!! He did so good!! I wish I could do my wigs that good!! I'm getting a new 18" lacefront for Christmas. I'm going to have to try.this technique. 💚💚💚💋

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