I Got My First Wig From Rihanna’s Hairstylist | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I Got My First Wig From Rihanna’s Hairstylist | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

Hi, I’m Rissa and today
I’m going to be getting my hair done by
Rihanna’s stylist, Yusef. Before we get into the
transformation, please subscribe below. I love my hair. I really do. But my hair is super curly
and super dry. I think I had a stylist say
to me, “Oh, your hair has like
beautiful curls, but then it dries into a
bush.” And I was like, “That’s true.
That’s true.” I mean if I could have my
hair like flash frozen when I get out of the shower,
I’d be like all the time. Like, “Look at me!” I think that I could really rock
a wash and go if my hair kind of stayed
wet. It sounds weird, but girls
you know what I’m talking about. I’m really excited for Yusef
to bless my head. I want him to oil my scalp
and I want him just like revitalize
my look. No, I’m not nervous at
all. I cannot wait. Yusef, I trust you
completely. Honestly, I want to be
Rihanna but that won’t happen overnight. But if I can have like
her hair. Plus we both have big
foreheads, so I know that I’m going to be
safe. He’s talented, I’m cute,
like it’s gonna work. Hello, my name is Yusef,
celebrity hair stylist here in New York City. I just think we should do
something a little sexy. Something away from
the face. So am I gonna look
grown at the end of this video? Yeah I think so. Okay. So it’s very important
when you’re doing wigs that your foundation is
very tamed. I always like to braid my
foundation down as small as possible just so the wig can
be flat and secured. I’ve been doing hair since
I was 13 years old. I was in the music industry
and hair was something that I always did you know,
on my down time as a hobby. I was doing a lot of fashion. I didn’t realize it was
happening, but before I knew it I was
doing actors and musicians every day. I never had a wig before because my mom doesn’t
wear wigs. I grew up in a majority
white community and wigs weren’t
the norm there. I just feel like wearing a
wig is an easy way to change up my look
without having to cut my hair, grow out my
hair, worry about the health of my hair
on the daily. I started working with
Rihanna in 2009. A long time ago, wow. My first time working with
her was Paris Fashion Week. I’m supposed to be with
her for like two days and I wind up staying for
the whole week. She just kind of let me
go which was an amazing process
because it allowed me to just do things
that I saw her having like long before
I even worked with her and it just turned out to
be like magic. I don’t have baby hair. Is there a way to get that
look or should I just like give up? Well, most baby hairs are
just broken hair. Okay. Let’s be real. Have you ever thought
that it looks like bacon? Just as a thing. I’d never ever, ever thought about that,
but you are so right. Alright so I’m using a little
of the gel just to give this a more of a flatter
surface. And when it dries it also
helps the wig stick to her head. How far in advance do
you plan out looks? Like the night before, or
sometimes on set. We don’t like to feel trapped
in a look. We just go with the flow. What do you think is
gonna be the newest hair trend coming up? Other than wigs? Nowadays people want to
feel a little bit more like tamed. I feel like that’s really
something that I’m seeing a lot. Not the kind of like messy
hair and things like that. I feel like women are now
like doing their hair, making sure their hair is
in place. Do you think it’s part of the
whole self care movement? Please, the world is so
crazy right now the last thing you want to do
is get lost and be a part of the screaming nonsense. I mean hair plays a big
part of that. Beauty plays a big part
of that. So I’m using a stocking cap
and I’m gonna use this as the base for the lace front. Will this make my
forehead look smaller? It’s just a question. I mean that’s if you want to
bring the wig down here but I don’t recommend that. I always say, “Follow your
hairline.” If you’re gonna not follow
your hairline, just go a tiny bit above it. Just to protect your
hair. So now I’m going to cut
the perimeter of the stocking cap. I know Rissa talked about
making her forehead smaller but I love a good
forehead. So I’m just bringing it down
a little bit above her natural hairline. There’s a wig behind you. I think that Yusef is very
inventive with his hairstyles. I loved Rihanna’s hair on
Ocean’s 8. I thought the really thick
locs were really cool and amazing. And kind of like paid
homage to Caribbean culture. I think he really works with
his clients to find styles that work with
their face and their features. So it’s not trying to match
a style to a person but it’s creating a style around
the person which I think is very cool. I always love this hair. It’s something that you can
do formal, you can dress it up. I’m just gonna go in and
do like some messy layers. Nothing too contrived. What I’m gonna do is just
take these extra long pieces of hair and use a razor
and just kind of like erratically cut them. And that’s how we’ll create
our gorgeous little baby hair drama. Alright Rissa. Do you wanna
see what we came up with? I look so sexy. Is that just me? No this was the idea. You look cute. I mean, you were cute
when you came in, but like. You look good, girl. You look good. Also first time in my life
having baby hair, you guys. Babies, no bacon. The wet look, who would’ve
thought? Wet and go, wet and go. So this is our finished look. Hope you guys like it.
Do you like it? I love it. I love it. Please let us know what other
videos you’d love to see in the comments below. To subscribe to Refinery29,
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100 Replies to “I Got My First Wig From Rihanna’s Hairstylist | Hair Me Out | Refinery29”

  1. Nah this ain't it. He would've been better off not doing it if he was just going to halfway do it. I would never book him. I can get a better wig installation sitting on my cousin's kitchen floor for $60. 💀

  2. Oh hunny NOOOOOOOO😮💀💀💀💀😱😱😱😱😱😱🤗😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🥴🥴🥴🥴🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 THE LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSS🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 You should have come to me Babay! I.G @candyapril ( bespoke wig maker) I never comment on people’s work… but this was not something RiRi would have been proud of my friend …

  3. So he put a beautiful long wig on her only to cut it to be almost identical to her real hair. And I’m not even gunna mention that wig line

  4. It just doesn't look that good to me. That's just my little ole opinion. Now, I've not ever owned wig. The most I've done is tried one on just playing around. That's all to state I don't know ish for my opion to really count BUT it seems we're ALL on the same page. I hope Rissa found products that work for her and has a good stylist helping her take care of her hair.

  5. Going natural is so motivating for me ,I would like to watch more videos of girls going back to embracing natural texture of hair

  6. I have laid and slayed wigs better than this, and I'm white. He lost all length in her face when he botched that wig cap. Also, who doesn't pluck a lace front wig? This is the worst wig video on YouTube.

  7. When you go to the stylist and look worse than you did when you got there… This was so horrible. I feel like this was a set-up. 😜

  8. Waaaaaaaaait. Them damn braids are too damn big to be under a damn wig YET he said his braids tend to be small 🙄

  9. No girl. This was not the look. That install was trash. I've seen better from the girls here on YouTube in their bathroom mirrors. Here's the tea, there are products out there for porous(dry) curly hair. Do your research and find them.

  10. Curly hair is just naturally dry because it doesn't retain moisture that well. She should be using products that help her hair hold moisture. And it seems like she uses a lot of heat which doesn't help curls either

  11. Girl, you need to learn your curls more, no curl hairs are effortless. You need to put a lot of efforts to get those healthy curls

  12. Hi , with this kind of thick African hair, cornrows look great. As a white person my hair is soft and delicate like silk or like a baby ' s . Greetings Conny

  13. Now yall know good and well that wig wasnt it. I can see the little holes everywhere which is creepy, and also, he didn't even give her no part or nothing, 3rd the baby hairs are ugly🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. There are so many products out there for her to achieve the look she wants with her natural hair, that wig was terrible and she didn’t need it.

  15. Even Peakmill Tiarra Monet Ericka J and Laurissa Andrea who aren’t “celebrity” hairstylists would definitely kill this look 🙄🙄so its a no for me 👎🏽


  17. Y’all got it mistaken she wasn’t saying she didn’t like her natural hair she was saying it’s hard to work with and I think she just wanted a new look. The wig fit her well even though the hairline was bulky

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